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10 s. XIL OCT. so, 1909.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


Offices of that town. There are notices of him, with portraits, in 'Manchester Faces and Places,' vol. ii. and Momus, 5 June, 1879. C. W. SUTTON.

Crosier was for half a century a familiar figure in the life of Manchester, where he was esteemed alike for his artistic talent and for his social worth. He was President of the Manchester Academy of Arts, and died 7 Feb., 1891. Particulars of his life and work will be found in " Robert Crozier. By Thomas Letherbrow. Reprinted from The Manchester City News. Manchester : J. E. Cornish, 1891," 8vo, pp. 46. This includes a tribute from Mr. Frederic J. Shields, whose Chapel of the Ascension in Bayswater Road is one of the treasure places of London.

It has been my good fortune to know the three men here named, all in their several degree animated by the true artistic spirit. WILLIAM E. A. AXON.


I remember Mr. Crozier very well as President of the Manchester Academy in the early eighties of the last century. I think he generally painted portraits.

W. HENRY JEWITT. 38, North Road, Highgate.

Robert Crozier exhibited portraits at the Royal Academy, 1854-82 ; and Miss Anne Jane Crozier, of 47, Sidney Street, Manchester, exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1871-94. W. ROBERTS.

ARROWSMITH, DEVONSHIRE ARTIST (10 S. xii. 309). This is probably Thomas Arrow- smith, the miniaturist, who exhibited at the R.A. 1792-1829. He may have been of Devonshire origin ; certainly he lived in Devonshire Street, Queen's Square, at one time. W. ROBERTS.

WESTMINSTER WILLS : WILLIAM AND JOHN JENNINGS (10 S. xii. 224). I thank my friend MR. RHODES for his courteous allusion to myself in the concluding para- graph of his interesting note, and hasten to give the few particulars concerning these Westminster folk of which I am in possession.

In the list of churchwardens of St. Mar- garet's, to be seen in the vestry of the church, and reproduced in Walcott's l Memo- rials of Westminster' (1849), we find that under the dates 1540-42 Robt. Smalwoode, gent., and Wm. Geynynges, Groom of the King's Most Hon. Chamber, held that important position. Front this list we

now know the office he held at the time to which the note of MR. RHODES refers. I lave gone through the first register of the burials in St. Margaret's Church and church- yard, between the date given as that of the making of the will (2 Aug., 1558) and its proving in December of the same year, without rinding his burial, so can only conclude that he found interment elsewhere maybe in Lambeth, as he appears to have lad some property there, as recorded in the iote.

In the same list of churchwardens we find John Jennens and Rich. Garrard to have been in office 1568-70. This John Jennens was the nephew of the one mentioned in the note. This worthy old parishioner had his desire for burial, as set forth by MR. RHODES, duly complied with, for in the second book of our registers, under Novem- ber, 1586, the burial of " Mr. John Jennens " is duly recorded, but I cannot say in what part of the church his body may rest. His will was proved in the following month.



AUTHORS OF QUOTATIONS WANTED (10 S. xii. 288). The lines commencing,

Oh, give my youth, my faith, my sword, Choice of the heart's desire, are from ' Knight Errant,' by Miss Louise Imogen Guiney, an American writer, and occasional contributor to ' N. & Q.'


The verses beginning,

The graves grow thicker, and life's ways more bare, are in ' Lyra Mystica,' p. 287, where they are entitled ' Verselets : Easter Day,' and the author's initials are given as R. E. J. A. These initials do not appear in Julian's ' Dictionary of Hymnology,' original edition. W. HENRY JEWITT.

38, North Road, Highgate.

Perish the roses and the flowers of kings is line 980 of Book VII. of Wordsworth's



The lines,

Forenoon, and afternoon, and night, forenoon, And afternoon, and night, forenoon, and What!

are from a poem called ' Life,' by Edward Rowland Sill, published at Boston, U.S., in 1888. CHAS. G. SMITHERS.

47, Darnley Road, Hackney.

[The verses sent by MRS. SOTHEBY have been forwarded to LEZZE. Other correspondents also thanked for replies.]