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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. NOV. e, 1900.

his namesake. At any rate, it is beyond question that he was, as I have stated in my ' Aldermen of London,' a Fishmonger.

In Dr. Sharpe's 'Calendar of Husting Wills' (vol. ii. p. 296) there is a reference to "John Michell, stokfisshmongere," as a legatee in the will of Richard Wynter (also a Stokfisshmongere"), dated 5 Sept., 1412, which is an earlier date than two of the three at which he is described as " Grocer " in the Letter-Book. This makes the explanation that he had been a Grocer, and became a Fishmonger later, hardly tenable, and adds to the probability of a mere clerical error which I have suggested above.

ALFBED B. BEAVEN. Leamington.


THERE are two entries in the Stoke Newington Registers in relation to deaths of members of the Fleetwood family which have never been satisfactorily explained by genealogists, viz;. :

1. " 1675, 12 Oct. Mr. Charles Fleetwood, the Sorie of Mr. Smith Fleetwood."

2. " 1676, 14 May. Mr. Charles Fleetwood, the Sone of Exq. Fleetwood."

It has been assumed by Noble ( ' House of Cromwell ') that Charles Fleetwood, " sone of Esq. Fleetwood " (d. 1676), was the son of General Fleetwood by Bridget Cromwell. Browne, however, in his ' History of Stoke Newington,' says specifically of this entry : " This is supposed to be a younger son of the General, but there is no proof of it." Quite apart from the fact that there is no evidence that any son of General Fleetwood of the name of Charles ever grew to man- hood, there is an entry in the Gray's Inn Registers, dated 19 April, 1671 (five years before the death of Charles Fleetwood) which describes Cromwell Fleetwood, the undoubted son of the General and Bridget Cromwell, as the second son of Charles Fleetwood of Feltwell, Esq. Who, then, is the Charles Fleetwood who died in 1676 ?

The other entry is still more perplexing, viz;., " Mr. Charles Fleetwood, the sone of Mr. Smith Fleetwood" (d. 1675). This is an undoubted grandson of General Charles Fleetwood. Browne says of him that he was probably an infant son of Smith Fleet- wood and Mary Hartopp. But three Fleet- wood wills pr.ove Charles Fleetwood to be the eldest son of Smith Fleetwood, sen., and to have survived until 1727 or 1728. The wills in question are those of

1. Elizabeth Fleetwood of Armingland Hall (d. 1728). In her will, dated 1710,

she mentions her two brothers, Charles and Smith, in the order given above, thus proving Charles to be alive in 1710.

2. Ellen Fleetwood, the third wife of Smith Fleetwood, who died in 1731, speaks in her will of her son Charles, and leaves- him his father's picture, but revokes this in a codicil owing to his death. At the same time she mentions four of the grand- daughters of General Fleetwood (viz., Eliza- beth, Frances, Carolina, and Jane) as his sisters. Ellen is clearly the stepmother,, and presumably childless. As the will is dated 30 May, 1727, and the codicil 25 Nov., 1728, Charles Fleetwood evidently died between these dates, i.e., the end of 1727 or beginning of 1728.

3. Charles Fleet wood's own will, dated 1726, and proved 1728, shows him to be owner of Armingland Hall. He bequeaths his Norfolk estates to his sister Ann, wife of William Gosney ; then to his unmarried sisters in order (viz., Elizabeth, &c., as above) ; and speaks of his late brother Smith Fleetwood, known to have died in 1726. He is thus clearly established as the eldest son of Smith Fleetwood, sen., and the date of his death is fixed about the end of 1727.

Then who can be the Mr. Charles Fleet- wood, son of Mr. Smith Fleetwood, reported in the Stoke Newington Registers as having died on 12 Oct., 1675 ? F. F. B.

[See also post, p. 373.]


(Concluded from p. 303.) I NOW give the remaining inscriptions that I copied in this cemetery last year :

41. Susan, d. of Martin Richetts, of Droitwich, ob. 12 April, 1901.

42. Emma, eldest d. of T. B. Oldfield, Esq., of Champion Hill, Surrey, b. 6 Sept., 1815 ; ob. 24 Feb., 1893.

43. Augustus E. W. Blackburne, ob. 25 Feb., 1893, a. 33. Arthur Hale Eyre,o6.7 April,1893, a. 24.

44. Julia Helen Twells, ob. 27 Feb., 1893.

45. John J. Nunn, of White House, Downham Market, b. 16 March, 1835 ; ob. 4 March, 1896.

46. Annie Emily, d. of Thos. Barff , Cliff Field,. Wakefield, ob. 8 May, 1894.

47. Capt. Matthew Campbell, H.E.I.C.S., buried at sea. Also Alice, his w., d. of Capt. Archibald Campbell, of Melfort, Scotland, ob. at Sans-Souci,. Posilipo, 21 June, 1893, a. 87.

48. Isabella Head, b. 4 April, 1841, at London ; ob. 13 March, 1900.

49. Jesse More, d. of the late Prof. More, of Edinburgh University, ob. 25 Feb., 1897.

50. A | Elizabeth H. Stewart-Craig | morta a 7 Luglio, 1894 | II marito I Contrammiraglio Marra j P. | 1895.