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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. NOV. e,

Messrs. William George's Sons of Bristol devote No. 315 of " The Library Supply Lists " to Military Literature. There are over a thousand items. We note Napoleon's copy of Bougeant's 'Histoire des Ouerres et des N^gociations que precederent le Traite de Westphalie sous le Regne de Louis XIV.,' 3 vols., marbled calf, with the Imperial eagle, 101. 15s. This copy is from the library of the late Duke of Cambridge, and was "purchased in April, 1823, having been part of the private library of Napoleon " at St. Helena. A copy of Grose's * Mili- tary Antiquities,' 1812, is ll. 4s.

Mr. John Grant of Edinburgh sends his Annual Catalogue of Books, new as published, at greatly reduced Prices. There are works relating to Africa, America, Australasia, France, Germany, Russia, and Central Asia, Fine Arts, and general literature. We just note a few to show how great is the reduc- tion in price, giving the published price first : Ackermann's 'Microcosm,' 3 vols., 4to, (31. 3s), 11. Is. Alken's 'Sports' (51. 5s.), 21. 2s. ; Billings' s 'Antiquities of Scotland,' 4 vols., 4to, (121. 12s.), 31. 3-5. ; Burns's Works by Douglas, 6 vols., royal 8vo (61. 6s.), 21. 5s. ; Reid's ' Concordance to Burns ' {11. 5s.), 7s. Qd. Butler's 'Lives of the Fathers' (21. 2s.), 17s. Qd. ; ' Calderon,' by Norman Maccoll (14s.), 2s. Qd. ; ' The Croker Papers' (21. 5s.), 7s. Qd. ; the Dalziel brothers' ' Fifty Years' Work' (11. Is.), 7s. Qd. ; Hazlitt's ' Liber Amoris,' privately printed, 1894, limited to 500 copies (11. Is.), 14s. Qd. ; 'Eliza- beth Montagu, the Queen of the Blue-Stockings,' 2 vols. (II. 16s. net), 6s.; Redfem's 'Royal and Historic Gloves and Shoes,' 4to (21. 2.?.), i8s. Qd. ; Rock's 'Church of our Fathers,' 4 vols. (21. 8s.), 18s. Qd. ; Stephens's ' Old Northern Runic Monu- ments,' 3 vols., folio (11. 10s.), II. 12s. Qd. ; and Wyndham's ' Covent Garden Theatre,' 2 vols. ill'. Is.), 5s. Qd.

Mr. Frank Redway of Wimbledon has in his Catalogue 5 many items of special interest. We note among these Lord Brougham's own copy of the first number of The Edinburgh Review. It has his signature with the date 1802 on the title-page ; he has also put the initials of the writers of the articles. The volume is bound in calf, and is priced 41. 10s. Among presentation copies are the rare first edition of Browning's ' Strafford,' 1837, 71. 10s. ; and Boswell's ' Letter to the People of Scotland,' 1783, 31. 3s. There is the copy of the first edition of

  • Nicholas Nickleby,' used by Dickens in his

readings, with his " Notes," 41. 4s. This has additional interest for ' N. & Q.' from the fact that it formerly belonged to " Cuthbert Bede." Among first editions are works of Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Whittier, Cruikshank, George Eliot, Kate Green a way, and George Meredith.

Mr. A. Russell Smith's Catalogue 69 contains Books, Tracts, Pamphlets, and Broadsides. The subjects include Trade and Commerce, Ireland, Scotland, and America. Among trials is that of William, Lord Byron for the murder of Mr. Cha- worth, 1765, 10s. American items include a fac- simile, with translation, of the Spanish letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel, 15 Feb., 1473, from the unique copy, 1893 ; also the reprints of the same date, of Hariot's 'Narrative of the First English Plantation of Virginia, 1588,' and of the 'First Four Voyages of Vespucci,' bound in the -same volume, 18s. There are some curious works on cookery, including Warner's ' Aritiquitates Culinarise,' 1791, 15s. ; and Scappi's ' Opera, divisa

in sei Libri,' 4to, portrait, and 26 woodcuts of utensils used in cookery, a clean copy, 1598, 31. 3s. Under Defoe is ' A Hymn to the Pillory,' 1703, 10s. : this edition contains thirty-six emendations by the author. Under Ireland is 'A Proclamation dis- charging Persons to travel to Ireland without Passes,' Edinburgh, 31 Dec., 1695, 3s. Under Trade are Proclamations for raising the rate of money, and for discharging English "Clip Money," both 1695.

Messrs. Henry Sotheranfe Co.'s Price Current 698 contains Publications of Several Societies and Sets of Periodicals. The sets include The Academy to 1904, 81. 8s. ; a good library set to 1907 of the Archceologia of the Society of Antiquaries, 351. ; Transactions of The Kent Archaeological Society, 121. 12s. : Book- Lore to November, 1887, 6 vols., 4tb, 21. 5s. ; Cavendish Society, 11. Is. ; Chetham Society to 1902, 221. 10s. ; Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, very scarce, 181. 18s. ; Philosophical Magazine, very scar je, 1251. ; The Portfolio, 161. 16s. ; Quarterly Review to 1898, 161. 16s. ; and Vanity Fair, 151. 15s.

Messrs. Sotheran have also just published a Cata- logue of Autograph Letters, including fine examples of Boswell, Browning, Burke, Byron, Dickens, Fitz- Gerald, Keats, Napoleon, and Pepys ; also kings and queens, statesmen, and others.

Mr. Albert Sutton of Manchester devotes his Catalogue 170 to Folk-lore, Myth, Tradition, and Kindred Subjects. There are lists under Ballads, Dialect, Folk-lore Society, &c. Other items include Budge's 'Book of the Dead,' 3 vols., II. 12v. Qd. ; St. John Hope's ' Stall-Plates of the Knights of the Garter, 1348-1485,' 4to, 21. 17s. Qd. ; a set of the Manchester Literary Club, 1875 to 1907, with extra publications, 35 vols., 31. 15s. ; Manx Society, 1859 to 1871, 31. 16s.; andRalston's ' Russian Folk-Tales,' 12s. Qd. Under Joanna Southcott is a collection of twenty-five tracts, 1795-1847, II. 7s. Qd. Under Street Ballads is a collection of 167, mounted in a scrapbook, 11. 11s. Qd. Among works on witchcraft is Hutchinson's ' Historical Essay,' containing a chronological table of the number burnt as witches.

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