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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. NOV. 20,

Psalm at the foot of the Doon Hill ; there we uplift it to the tune of Bangor, or some still higher score, and roll it strong and great against the sky n (Cromwell's ' Letters and Speeches/ ii. pt. 6, quoted by Dean Church in his third notice of the book in The Guardian 25 Feb., 1846 ; reprinted in ' Occasional Papers J (1897), i. 40.

I do not know if any one has pointed out the resemblance to Tennyson's

roll'd the psalm to wintry skies

('In Memoriam,' Ivi.).

Carlyle and Tennyson were friends in 1840, and we may therefore feel certain that the coincidence in expression is not accidental. Is it possible to decide its paternity with any show of reason ? T. NICKLIN.

Rossall School.

CHARLES, DUKE OF ORLEANS : " LES DEUX S n (10 S. xii. 348). Under Visconti, Valentine (died 1408), widow of Louis I., Duke of Orleans, Mrs. Bury Palliser says (' Historic Devices,* &c.) :

"Valentine took for device the watering-pot (chantepleure) between two letters S, initials of Soucy et Soupir, with the motto,

Rien ne m'est plus,

Plus ne m'est rien.

These two melancholy lines were repeated in every part of the rooms of the duchess, the walls of whicn were hung with black drapery seme'e of white tears. After a year of sorrow, Valentine died at the age of thirty-eight."

It is evident that Charles, Duke of Orleans, accepted his mother's device.


LONDON PUBLIC MONUMENTS : THEIR COST (10 S. xii. 347). In 1862 a return was made

"of the public statues or public monuments in London, belonging to the nation, exclusive of those in palaces other than St. Stephen's Hall, in the palace of Westminster, or cathedrals, and now under the charge of the Chief Commissioner of Works, specifying the date of erection, the names of the artists, if known, and from what funds purchased or erected."

The list was published in The Illustrated London News of 10 July, 1862.


ST. BARTHOLOMEW AND OTFORD (10 S. xii. 248, 310). MR. BADDELEY ? S interesting reply to my inquiry satisfactorily disposes of my suggestion that the " cock-and-hen business " as practised here might have descended directly from the cult of -<Escu- lapius. I was hoping that this phase of the cult would have been found to be peculiar to the connexion with St. Bartholomew, and thus a direct link with pagan practices.

In reply to MR. WAINWRIGHT'S inquiry as to the source of the story about the wonderworking figure (ante, p. 313) r Lambarde is the oldest authority that I cart trace, and his account is sufficiently circum- stantial to make one believe that it wa& based upon some written record. I have not, however, yet succeeded in tracing any official papers on the point.

C. HESKETH. Otford, Kent.

JACOB COLE (10 S. xii. 129, 218, 251). Jacob Cole was a hatter at 23, Bridge Street, Westminster, 1837-60, and at 8, Bridge Street, 1860-65. The firm was styled Cole & Son from 1849. FREDERIC BOASE.

~" HOTH " HEATH (10 S. xii. 284, 351). I am greatly obliged to PROF. SKEAT for his- most instructive reply. I had not an oppor- tunity of consulting the ' E.D.D.' The statement that hoath only occurs in place- names must, I think, be modified in face of Lambarde' s mention of the " Parke and Ho the of Langley." W. F. PRIDE AUX.

HEREDITARY HERB - STREWER TO THE ROYAL FAMILY (10 S. xii. 289, 354). In the ' Calendar of State Papers, Dom., Charles II. 1660-1,' p. 31, there is a note of the petition of Bridget Rumney

"for restoration to the office of providing Flowers and Sweet Herbs for the Court, granted by the late King to herself and her late mother, who with her own two sons was slain in the battle of Naseby. Annexing Certificate by Peter Newton, that the petitioner was sworn in to the place of garnisher and trimmer of the chapel, presence, and privy lodgings, in the room of her mother, Eliz. Burgess. Sept. 11, 1647."


FIRST ELEPHANT EXHIBITED (10 S. xi, 467 ; xii. 197, 257, 317). I should have added at the last reference that the Emperor Claudius is said to have employed elephants during his conquest of Britain in A.D. 43.


" UNE CATALOGUE RAISONNEE "- (10 S- xii. 348). At any rate Brachet's ' Ety- mological French Dictionary,* Clarendon Press, 1882, gives "catalogue" as feminine, without further remark as to the gender.

H, P. L.

ROBERT TOKER OR TUCKER OF EXETER (10 S. xii. 268). The will of Robert Toker of Exeter, gent., proved P.C.C. 1546 (31 Alen), might throw some light on the subject. P, LUCAS..