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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. DEC. 4, im

goldsby Legends,' 211. 10s. ; Mrs. Browning's

  • Prometheus Bound,' presentation copy, 251. ;

' The Runaway Slave,' Moxon, 1849, IQl. 16s. (Robert Browning in a letter to Mr. Wise states : " The pamphlet was clearly a private issue for friends ") ; ' The Seraphim,' enclosed in morocco case by Riviere, presentation copy with correc- tions, 1838, 26Z. ; and De Quincey's ' Confessions of an Opium-Eater,' uncut, morocco by Rividre, 1822, 9Z. 18s. ; under Dickens will be found ' The Chimes,' 21. 12s. Qd. ; ' To be Read at Dusk,' privately printed, 1852, 15Z. 15s. ; ' The Battle of Life,' 1846, 51. 5s. (a special copy having the frontispiece and engraved title on India paper) ; and ' Religious Opinions of Chauncy Hare Townshend, published, as directed in his Will, by his Literary Executor,' 1869, 61. 6s. The literary executor was Charles Dickens. Mr. Townshend died while Dickens was in America, leaving him 1,OOOZ. Keats's ' Endymion,' 1818, is 32Z. 10s. ; George Meredith's ' Poems,' 1851, 19Z. 19s. ; and Thackeray's Christmas Books, complete set, 1847-55, 42Z. 10s. Under Scott are the author's copy of ' Border Antiquities, 'con- taining notes and illustrations in Scott's auto- graph, 4to, levant by Riviere, 1814, 30Z. ; and ' Guy Mannering,' original boards, 3 vols., 1815, 75Z. Shelley's ' The Cenci,' clean copy, uncut, in original boards, enclosed in morocco case by Riviere, is 95Z. ; Tennyson's ' Poems,' 2 vols., original boards, 1842, 18Z. 18s. ; and his ' Ode on the Opening of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 4 May, 1886,' 4 pp., 4to, in levant covers by Riviere, 52Z. 10s. Manuscripts include Swinburne's poem to Victor Hugo, 210Z., and

  • The Triumph of Time,' 210Z.

Mr. Albert Sutton's Manchester Catalogue 171 contains Wither 's ' Miscellaneous Works,' 6 vols., Spenser Society, 1872-8, 1Z. 10s. ; Ainsworth's Novels, Cruikshank plates, 3Z. 12s. 6d. ; Jane Austen's Works, memoir by Leigh, 1Z. 10s. ; and a set of Bibliographica, 3 vols., half-blue morocco, 3Z. 10s. A fine collection of fifteen hundred book- plates, loosely hinged and mounted in four quarto albums, is 251. Among catalogues are Bohn's, 2,000 pages, 1841, 6s. ; and that of the sale of George Hibbert's library by Evans, 1839, when among the 8,726 lots were Shakespeare's "* Venus and Adonis,' 1636, sold for 1Z. 14s., and the * Poems,' 1640, 6Z. 6s. A first edition of Pierce Egan's ' Life in London,' half-crimson morocco, 1821, is 6Z. 6s. A portion of the Cata- logue is devoted to Scottish Topography and Literature.

Messrs. Henry Young & Sons of Liverpool have in their Catalogue ccccv. works under Arctic Regions, Ballads include the first edition of Percy's ' Reliques,' 3 vols., full calf, a fine copy, 1765, 3Z. 10s. Under Binding is a beautiful specimen of the work of the Guild of Women Binders, Campbell's ' Poetical Works,' first edi- tion, Moxon, 1837, 7Z. 7s. Under Chaucer is the fifth edition, small folio, 1602, 12Z. 12s. Books on the drama include Mrs. Centlivre's Works, with Life, 3 vols., original edition, 1761, 2Z. 10s. Under ' Flanders Chronicle ' is the first edition, which has always been a favourite on account of its well-drawn pictures : it contains about 200 large woodcuts, small folio, 1531, 8Z. 8s. Under France is a perfect copy of the large original edition of Mze"ray's ' Histoire de France,' 3 vols., folio, 1643-51, 51. 15s. Qd, Under French is the

first edition of La Fontaine with the 25 fine plates by Moreau le Jeune and Schroeder, original boards, uncut, Paris, 1822, 5Z. 5s. Under Fuller is the original edition of his ' Church History,' red morocco, folio, 1655, 6Z. 6s. A set of Grose's ' Antiquities,' including Scotland, 10 large vols., full calf, 1779-97, is 6Z. 6s. (cost 381.). Under Old English Poetry and Prose are ' Archaica, a Reprint of scarce Old English Prose Tracts,' and ' Heliconia, English Poetry of the Elizabethan Age,' 5 vols., calf, 1815, 4Z. 4s. Under Richardson is the first complete edition, 19 vols., half -calf, 1811, 5Z. 15s.

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