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20. If you kill a toad rain will follow.
21. A rainbow with both ends on one island

is a sign of death.

Marriage Superstitions. It is unlucky

22. To marry in May or when the moon is


23. For the bride to try on her wedding

dress before she is married.

24. When the sun does not shine on your

wedding day.

25. To be proclaimed in one year and

married in the next. -26. For the bride and bridegroom to lose

their gloves. ' 27. For the newly married couple to go home

from church the same road they


28. For the bride to lose her ring or to try

on another's ring.

29. If you lick the porridge-stick, you will

have a rainy wedding-day. It is counted the best of luck

30. To break anything at a wedding.

31. To get two spoons in your teacup, or to

fall going up the stairs : you will be invited to a wedding.

General. It is unlucky

32. To have a black cat cross your path,

unless you spit.

33. To put a black cat away harshly from

the door.

34. To break a mirror : bad luck for seven


35. To look in a mirror after the lamp is lit.

36. To see the new moon through glass.

37. To change house on Saturday.

38. To wash on Saturday.

39. To turn back on a journey for anything


40. To spill salt.

41. To kill a spider :

If you wish to thrive Let the spider go alive.

42. To open an umbrella in a house.

43. To put shoes on the table : there will

be thunder and lightning, or you will quarrel with some one.

44. To pay back borrowed salt.

45. To put on the left boot first.

46. To tell Friday's dream on Saturday.

47. To cut your nails on Friday.

48. To baptize girls before boys : the girls

will have whiskers.

4 9. To pick up your umbrella yourself if you let it fall.

50. To put a garment right if you find that

you have put it on outside in.

51. To read one's own cup.

52. To see a black coal fall out of the fire.

53. To start a new piece of work on Friday :

" A crow would not carry a straw to its nest on Friday.' 1

54. To leave a pin or a horseshoe lying on the


55. To rock an empty cradle.

56. To break your shoe-lace.

57. For a dog to cross the path of a funeral

party : the relatives of the deceased will never prosper till the dog has been killed.

58. For crows to come near the house.

59. To have a minister first-foot you.

60. To get a present on the first of the month.

61. To pat a cow on the back : it takes away

her milk.

62. To see a black lamb as the first of the


63. To kill an animal when the moon is


64. For the fire to send out sparks in front

of you : you will receive a scolding from some one. It is lucky

65. To have something in your hand when

you see the new moon.

66. For a spider to crawl on you : it denotes


67. To make a cross with a spittle on your

boot when you see a white horse.

Other superstitions.

68i To let a knife fall means a gentleman visitor, a fork a lady visitor.

69. Little white marks on the finger-nails

betoken gifts.

70. If the spout of the kettle be turned

inward, you are said to be inviting a visitor.

71. To keep a visitor away for a long time,

spill salt on the doorstep as he leaves.

72. If at table you leave a piece of bread and

take another piece and finish it before you notice the first piece, it means

  • that some friend is hungry.

73. If the sole of your foot itches, you will

walk on strange land.

74. If your right hand itches, you will

shake hands with a stranger.

75. If your left hand itches, you will receive


76. If your left ear is hot, some friend is

speaking well of you.

ALEX. RUSSELL. Stromness.