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MR. JAMES G. COMMIN'S Exeter Catalogue 252 contains Britton and Brayley's * Beauties of England and Wales,' 26 vols., calf gilt, &. 3s. ; 'Bridgewater Treatises,' 12 vols., full calf, II. 5s.; 'British Essayists,' 45 vols., 12mo, half -calf, II. 12s. ; Madame de Steel's '(Euvres Completes,' 17 vols., full calf, 1820, 21. 5s. ; and Tim Bobbin's ' Lancashire Dialect,' illustrated by Cruiksharik, 1828, 11. 4s. A fine copy of the first issue of 'The Complete Angler' with Hawkins's notes, 1760, is 21. 12s. The best edition of Wilkinson's 'Ancient Egyptians,' 3 vols., is 21. There is an interesting series of Coleridge's Works, Pickering, 1839-50, 16 vols., 12mo, cloth, 21. 10s. ; and under Commonwealth, thirty tracts dealing with the Restoration of Charles II., 1659-67, 21. 2s.

Messrs. S. Drayton & Sons' Exeter Catalogue 203 contains a fine copy of the original edition of Ackermann's ' Microcosm, of London,' 3 vols., royal 4to, 211. ; Pilkington's ' Dictionary of Painters,' 2 vols., 4to, morocco, 1820, 31. 10s. ; and Burke's ' Armory,' 1847, 11. 10s. Under Occult occur Casaubon's ' Treatise proving Spirits,' 1672, 10s. Gd., and Sibley's ' Astrology,' 2 vols., 4to, circa 1800, 11. Is. Under Paris is the Edition de Luxe of Menpes, 75 full-page illustrations in colour, 16s. 6d. ; under George Herbert the fourth edition of ' The Temple,' 1635, 21. 10s. ; and under Harriet Beecher Stowe the Cruikshank edition of ' Uncle Tom's Cabin,' 1852, 11. 12s. Qd., and the first edition of ' The Minister's Wooing,' 1859, 11. 5s.

Messrs. Probsthain & Co. have just issued their fifteenth Oriental Catalogue, dealing with 'Chinese literature. It is well classified. Mr. Arthur A. Probsthain in an introductory note states that it contains the collection made by the late Dr. Bushell, physician to the British Legation at Peking, during his stay in China. On his return he kept up his friendship with his books, for he was a thorough master of Chinese, reading and speaking the language with fluency. Sections are devoted to Journals and Transactions ,of Learned Societies, Bibliography, Grammars, Dictionaries, Classics, Religion, &c. Under His- tory is a complete copy of the twenty-four dynastic histories of China, 126 vols., half -calf, 151. Another item is the travels of Hiouen Thsang, in the original Chinese, almost unobtainable even in China, 25Z. ; and under Chin Shin So is a col- lection of ancient inscriptions on bells, mirrors, stone, &c., with more than a thousand illustra- tions, 1821, 1QI. Among works on coins is one by Li Tso Hien, entitled 'Ku Ch'uan hui,' 5Z. 10s. The author is said to have spent untold sums upon the collection of coins known as the Weihien Collection. There is a descriptive catalogue of the Imperial Library at Peking in 20 vols., 1868, 10Z. This is a fine specimen of biblio- graphy, a history of each work being included. A complete set of The China Review ; or, Notes and Queries on the Far East, in parts as issued, Vols. I.- XXV., Hong Kong, 1872-1901, is 301. Under Art and Sciences is Anderson's * Catalogue of the Collection of Japanese and Chinese Paintings in the British Museum,' extremely rare, 12Z. 12s.

Mr. Quaritch has just issued the Third Part of his Catalogue of Rare and Valuable Books on the Fine Arts. It opens with Medici coloured

reproductions. A choice copy of Monnet's ' De- scription abr6g6e des quinze Estampes sur les principales Journe"es de la Revolution,' oblong atlas folio, with 5 extra plates, half-morocco by Riviere, Paris, 1793-1802, is 181. 18s. There are rare and curious works under Pageants. These are headed by the fine series of 37 plates (including 3 drawn by Hondius) delineating the funeral rites in honour of Charles V. The plates of the procession joined together would form one large plate thirty-three feet in length. The volume is oblong atlas folio, 1559-1619, 251. Under William and Mary are a series of large Dutch engravings to celebrate William's departure from Holland, his coronation, &c., Amsterdam, 1689, 25L There is a list of over 150 items under Palaeography and Facsimiles of Manu- scripts, followed by collections of original drawings by Phiz : ' Traits and Stories of the Irish Pea- santry,' by Carleton, 1843, 63Z. ; 'Peter Priggins,' by Hook, 1840, 261. ; ' Jack Hinton,' 150Z. ; ' The Daltons,' ' Davenport Dunn,' and ' Harry Lorrequer,' 140Z. ; ' Tom Burke of Ours,' 210Z. ; and others. Under Pinelli is ' Orlando Furioso,' with the original drawings by Pinelli, Rome, 1828 - 9, 120L Portraits comprise Guerin's ' Leaders of the French Revolution,' 24 exquisitely coloured stipple miniatures, 21Z. ; ' The Kit-Cat Club,' Horace Walpole's copy, 1735, 42Z. ; and Lodge's ' Portraits,' 4 vols., folio, large paper, proof impressions, 1821-34, 631. Of special interest to Americans are the thirteen portraits drawn from the life by Du Simitiere, including Washington, Baron de Steuben, Silas Deane, General Reed, &c., 32 1. They are very scarce ; Mr. Quaritch has been unable to trace the sale of a set since 1880. Under Niagara are Cock- burn's 6 views, 26 in. by 17$ in., 151. 15s. A notable feature of this interesting Catalogue is a superb set of the first issues of the 71 plates of the 'Liber Studiorum,' 1,5002.

[Notices of several other Catalogues are held over.]

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