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io'- s. v. MAY 19. 1906.] NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS. No. 125.

NOTES : Inscriptions at Capri, 381 Montaigne, Webster, and Marston. 332 -The Port man Family at Kew, 383 Norwegian Dictionaries William Symonds's 'Pisgah Evangelica,' 384 Inscriptions at San Sebastian "Muzhi- tekka": a Ghost.- Word Tom Thumb's First Appearance in London Major's 'Historia Majoris Britannia ' Sir S. Romilly, 336.

QUERIES :-Gui Alexis Lobineau's 'Aristophanes' Abigail Hill, Lady Masham Coleridge and Newman on Gibbon "Souletin Pastorale?," 387' Ln'cester's Ghost' " Satur- day" in Spanish John Caley " Cast not a clout till May be out" "Butcher": "Hoe" Scottish Newepaper Press Earthquakes in Fiction, 388 Rev. S. Marsden, of New South Wales-Kipling Obscurities Ladies' Head- dresses in the Theatre ".brock" : " Badger "Cardinal Wiseman's Tomb -Polytechnic Institution, 1833 'John Bull's Bible' Kings and Queens Compared J. F. Vigani, 389 -Abbey of St. Evroult, Pays d'Ouche, 390.

REPLIES: -Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, 390 Dickens on the Bible Waterloo Veteran -Louis Philippe's Landing in England, 391 'Cherry Ripe' " Pour "Escutcheon of Pretence, 392-Dr. Letsum or Lettsom " I expect to pass through "" Pleachy," 393 -Whitchurcb, Middlesex Suppression of Duelling in England Hair-Powdering Closets Vamphorn Spinola's Whale Cresset Stones Gallie Surname "The Coal Hole," 394 Bankes of Corfe Castle -The Gunnings of Ca'tle Cootc The Babington Conspiracy Capt. William Wade" Rebound," Verb, 395 "Diamond State" Thomas Bettesworth Party Colours Steward of the Household Bury Family, 396 - Holyoake as a Lecturer Goldsmith's ' Traveller' " Now this is every cook's opinion" Sir T. Browne's Skull " Two Sneezing Cats" Authors of Quotations Wan ted, 397.

NOTES ON BOOKS : ' Cambridge Modern History' "Oxford Higher French Series" Mackinnon's 'History of Modern Liberty' Stepniak on 'The Russian Pea- santry Wenhaston and Bulcamp, Suffolk.'

Obituary :-Rev. H. A. Walker.

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INSCRIPTIONS AT CAPRI. THE following inscriptions in the cemetery founded in 1878 by George Hay ward, of Bury St Edmunds and New York, for non-Catholic interments, may perhaps hereafter be of use to genealogists :

1. Henry^Vreford, for fifty years a resident at Capri, ob. 26 Mar., 1892, a. 86.

2. Isabella Eleanora Beauclerk, b. 28 Sept., d. S Oct., 1881.

3. Ethel Mary, child of Richard Crofts and Mary Jane Mote, ob. 23 March, 1882, a. 9.

4. Willie, eldest s. of Michael and Ada Gutteridge, b. 28 Dec., 1873, ob. 11 Oct., 1882.

5. William Wildes, ob. 8 Feb., 1891, a. 65.

6. Laura Esse Farley Paley (nee Farley). b.20 Oct., 1869, ob. 26 Jan., 1892, the adopted d. of Raymond and Annie Paley. Also in memory of Elsie Besley, b. 14 Dec., 1844, ob. 31 Jan., 1892, the devoted friend of the above.

7. Edward Gough, ob. 10 Nov., 1893, a. 56.

8. Constance Elizabeth Gough, ob. 3 Dec., 1895, a. 73.

9. Robert Swan Stephen, of Douglas, I. of Man, b. 30 Nov., 1843, ob. 17 Mar., 1903, a. 59.

10 Lieut. - General George Julius Melliss,

Bombay Staff Corps, ob. at Capri, 8 Feb., 1903 a. 74. Erected by his wife and children.

11. Rev.W. L.Lawson,o5.26Jan.,1893 a 68 o 12 'F A Q Sern n Sarfcoris ' of Warsash > Hants,'

7 13 \9 o1 ' V^erbilt Allen, b. 2 Aug., 1840 ob. 6 March, 1898.

w?ir Ma i la Shon , na ^ Ha .Ys< ^ of General William Hays, of the United States army, and w of William Wordsworth, of Sockbridge, Westmoreland, and Villa Wordsworth on this island, b in N. York, 31 May, 1854, d. at Capri, 7 Mar., 1903.

17. Elizabeth Martha Wildes, ob. 12 Dec., 1899.

18. Alfred Stanford, ob. 12 July, 1874.

19. Lorenzo Mackens, a. 20, a native of Leith, Scotland, ob. in Capri, 14 Mar.. 1875 while travelling in search of health'. (In Italian.)

21. George Hay ward, b. near Bury St. Ed- munds 26 May, 1810, ob. at Capri, 8 April, 1878

22. Maria, w. of James Cross, vicar of Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, ob. 13 May, 18/8, a. 27.

23 Maria Sal via, w. of Walter Maclaren, ob. at Capri 12 Feb., 1882, a. 28. (In Italian >

24. Arabella, youngest d. of the late William bymons, Esq. , of Hatt, Cornwall, ob. at Capri,

25 Richard H. W. Whitehead Artist of Washbrook Hollmgwood Oldham Lancashire ob 2 Mar., 1889, a. 33. (There are no stops to this inscription, and the word Artist" is so placed that it appears to form part of the name.)

26. Herbert Shortridge, ob. 18 Mar., 1890 a. 33.

ol' F a ?^> James Ja mes, ob. 18 April, 1890, a. 2o. Av.I.i.

28. John Shortridge, b. 4 May, 1887. ob. 15 Sept., 1889,-Norah Shortridge b 4 Feb 1889, o6.27 Dec 1890.-John \Vood Short- ridge, Barnsley, Yorks, England. (Date un- fortunately omitted in my notes.)

There are a few interments without in- scriptions.

The following, both in Italian, are in the Catholic cemetery :

29 Thomas BrinsleyNorton,LordGrantley, 24 j a uly L 1877 011 ' N V " 1831 ' C? " ^ W

30 MariaChiaraElizabettaFederico, widow ot Lord Grantley, a. 58, ob. 1 Feb., 1892.