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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. XL FEB. 13, 1915.

in 1662, and settled at Whitchurch, Dorset. His will, dated 1670, appoints as executors " my good freinds the wor 11 Henry Henley of Colway Esq r and my brother-in- law Richard Harrand of Musbery," and further desires " my good freinds the wor 11 Henry Henley of Leigh Esq r and my uncle Mr. Charles Ball to be Overseers of the same." Which of these two Henry Henleys was the M.P.? and, incidentally, was such an appointment of overseers usual ?

John Ball also suffered for the faith that was in him, and was obliged to live for some years prior to 1695 in Utrecht, where he took his degree as M.D. It was here that he seems to have acted as tutor to the two young men, afterwards Col. Henley and Col. Trenchard mentioned as persons of some consequence. Chamberlayne's ' Present State of Great Britain ' (1710) gives Anthony Henley, Esq., as M.P. for the borough of Melcomb -Regis ; Andrew Henley as a baronet, with the number 30 after his name, which I do not understand ; and John Henley as a Commissioner of the duty arising from hawkers, pedlars, and petty- chapmen.

Elizabeth Henley deserves mention as the worker of a sampler bearing the early date of 1664. It is hard to believe that this really beautiful piece of work could have been done by a child of only five.


HOUR-GLASSES. -Two ancient hour-glasses have come into my possession: each is apparently perfect, but one always runs 55 minutes exactly, and the other, with equally admirable regularity, 64 minutes. Are both these glasses to be regarded as admittedly bad workmanship ab initio, or are there plausible reasons for the happen- ing, in the course of long years, of the errors mentioned ? H. MAXWELL PRIDEAUX.

Devon and Exeter Institution.

EARLY ENGLISH TOYMAKERS. 1 should be deeply obi i tied if any reader of ' N. & Q ' would kind] y direct me to information regard- ing the early English toymakers, their methods of manufacture prior to the advent of machinery, and the conditions of the trade generally two or three centuries back.

C. E. T.

MATURINUS. VEYSSIERE DE LA CROZE, His ORIAN (?), CIRCA 1730. I shall be grateful for a few biographical details.

ISRAEL SOLOMONS. 74, Sutherland Avenue, W.

NAMES OF NOVELS WANTED. I should ike to know the titles of two English novels which I read some thirty years or so ago.

In one a certain family always has (in each eneration) legitimate and illegitimate off- spring, the latter serving the former, and imply altering the initial letter of the family name as " Hordon " instead of " Gordon."

In the other the heroine is a certain Lady Lesbia. She and her sister are granddaugh- ters or nieces of an earl who has enriched himself by queer means in India while a Governor there. When he is on the point of being impeached, his devoted wife smuggles him away in disguise, and, giving out that he has died, shelters him, with the aid of faithful servants, in a remote castle in the North of England. Here she lives with Lady Lesbia and thelatter's sister, Lady Mary (?), in deep seclusion. The old countess is very desirous of marrying her two relatives to good partis, especially thinking of the sup- posed successor of her husband. Lady Lesbia goes to London, where she is the beauty of the season, and causes a sensation by running away with a millionaire on his yacht, returning home in great disgrace, after having spent many thousand pounds in dresses, &c. Meanwhile, her sister had been courted by a plainly attired gentleman, who turns out to be the parti desired by the old countess. The existence of the old earl is finally discovered, but matters are hushed up, and a great box of uncut gems returned to the India Office. Lady Lesbia pines away, but her sister prospers much. I am quite certain of the main outlines of this plot, and of the name Lady Lesbia, but not of the minute details.



THE ROYAL REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY. Wanted, the date or place of death (or both) of the following officer* who served in the Royal Regiment of Artillery :

Flynn, Lieut. Charles, d. Canada, 17 Nov., 1781. Where ?

Boag, Lieut.-Col. James, d. 29 Dec., 1812. Where ?

Lewis, Lieut.-General George, d. July, 1828. When and where ?

Gilchrist, Lieut. William, d. Scotland, 8 April, 1782. Where ?

Lemoine, Lieut.-Col. Edmund. Retired on full pay 8 Oct., 1804.

Wood, Major Edward, d. 9 Oct., 1842. Where ?

La Rive, Lieut. James Richard. Retired on full pay 1 March, 1819.

Hope, Lieut.-Col. Robert. Retired on full pay 19 March, 1805.

Gahan, Major Daniel. Retired on full pay 12 Aug., 1804: