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NOTES AND QUERIES. [11 s. XL FEB. 13, 1915.

further back than any with which he deals. He seems to reckon on Europe remaining morally the same after it as before. He may be right ; it is more likely, perhaps, than not. Still, there is just the chance he may be wrong. Dr. A. 8. Rappoport, in his ' Russia and Liberalism, cheer- fully suggests, at any rate, one possibility of pro- found and far-reaching change. Mrs . Courtney on 4 The War and Women's Employment throws upon a most difficult problem a very dry we by no means intend uninteresting light. We can but hope her article will receive consideration.

IN The Burlington Magazine for February Mr. Tancred Borenius deals with a portrait by Ales- andro Longhi, the first portrait painter of the Venetian settecento, the subject being an unknown Procurator of St. Mark. A large photogravure shows well the effective design and spacing of the picture, in which there is less than usual of the decadent spirit of the age. Of a more virile time is the reproduced portrait of Philip II. of Spain in the National Portrait Gallery, which Sir Claude Phillips has now identified as the work of the dis- tinguished Italian lady, Sofonisba Anguissola. A portrait of ' A Young Monk ' by the same hand, which is also reproduced, is of considerably higher power in conception. Signor Gustavo Frizzoni discusses a number of studies by Cesare da Sesto, one of the aptest pupils of Leonardo da Vinci. Mr. Martin S. Briggs has an article on the genius of Bernini, illustrated by photographs of some of his sculpture ; but we think that even ' The Transverberation of St. Teresa ' is an example of religious sentimentalism somewhat alien to the religious spirit of her time. Mr. Tavenor-Perry illustrates the interesting carved wooden door of St. Mary in the Capitol, Cologne, now on exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum without descriptive label or identification. Mr. Tavenor-Perry assigns the door to the beginning of the eleventh century. The figures a,re obviously early, and the borders of the door and separate panels rich and beautiful. Mr. Creswell concludes the article on ' Persian Domes before 1400 A.D.,' and has some interesting observations on the definite proportions to be discovered in the plans and elevations of many ancient buildings.


THE sons of the late Bertram Dobell send us their Catalogue No. 238, printed and ready for distribution at the time of their father's death. It describes a large number of interesting items, and represents, we hope, despite the misery caused to a sensitive imagination by the war, a certain amount of pleasure to the first collector of them. A copy of William Morris's ' Love is Enough,' the first edition, printed on vellum (wherein this copy is believed to be unique), and in an embroidered binding by Miss May Morris, is perhaps the out- standing treasure, and 100Z. is the price of it. The proof-sheets of the first edition of D. G. Rossetti's poems (which were privately printed in 1869), with the additions which were made in the 1870 volume, with various matters in the poet's own handwriting, form another item the interest of which can claim to be reckoned unique : it is offered for 50Z. A fifteenth-century illuminated MS., ' L'Office de 1'Eglise ' French or Flemish

work, belonging to a church of the Order of St. Francis 157 leaves, beautifully written and ornamented, would again be an acquisition to be prized despite the loss of two of the leaves (40Z.). At the other end of the scale of price, but per- haps worth mentioning, is a copy of the first edition of Richepin's ' Par le Glaive,' 1892, 2s. The collections of seventeenth- century matter in the way of broadsides and pamphlets are well worth looking through with attention, and we may mention in particular 10 vols. folio of Scudamore papers being the " original historical papers," i.e., letter-book, book of payments to the army, and many documents and treaties, belong- ing to the time of Scudamore's Ambassadorship at the Court of France, 1635 t to 1639 61. 15s. We noticed also the description of a folio containing a collection of rare seventeenth- century pieces, e.g., Waller's ' To the King upon his Majestie's Happy Return,' printed by Marriot, the ' Psal- terium Carolinum,' and Ward's ' Journey to Hell,' jor Avhich 81. 8s. is asked.

MR. MARCHAM'S Catalogue No. 34 is principally of historical interest, and contains a good propor- tion of valuable matter. Offered for 251., there, is an original deed of sale, executed 1 May, 1575, by the Earl of Leicester, to two Welsh yeomen, of premises in Tynhengron, Denbigh. Three seven- teenth-century MSS. connected with Sir Thos. Savile and Sir Randall Crew (of which cognizance has been taken by the Historical Manuscripts Commission) are to be had for 8Z. 15s. Other good items which we. marked are a folio volume containing numbers of The Edinburgh Evening Courant and of The. St. James's Chronicle, 4Z. 10s. ; a manuscript volume containing ' Letters from the Principal Leaders of the Whig Party in Suffolk, 1822 : being the answers to an invitation to attend a Fox Dinner at Ipswich, addressed to William Pearson, Esq., of that town,' sixty-one letters bound in a quarto volume, which formed part of the Dawson-Turner Collection, 31. 3s. ; a manuscript translation of the ' Mahabharata,' made for Edwin Arnold, in 12 vols., 31. ; and the particulars and inventories of the estates of the Directors of the South Sea Company and others connected therewith, in 2 folio vols., 1721, 61. 6s.

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