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ii s. XL JAN. 2, i9i5.] NOTES AND QUEEIES.

though emendations are dangerous. Per- haps some contributor who is better versed in old Lowland Scottish than I am can throw light on the line in question, which, how- ever, I suspect is corrupt.


OLIVER CROMWELL OF UXBRIDGE. In the (recently transcribed) parish registers of Uxbridge there is mention of an Oliver Cromwell who, in 1551, married Alice Nuttinge. Can any genealogist place this Oliver ? The name suggests a connexion with the Protector's family, but the locality rather that of Thomas Cromwell, the minister of Henry VIII., who hailed from Putney. According to Lord Morley, it is not known when the Protector's family changed their name from Williams to Cromwell.

E. L. P.

HENRY CROWNFIELD, son of the Rev. Henry Crownfield of South Walsham, St. Lawrence, Norfolk, was baptized 9 Jan., 1745 ; ad- mitted to College at Eton, 1757, and stayed until 1765. Some verses of his appear in a manuscript Book of Declamations in the Eton library, and after his 1 ! name some one has written the comment " hanged."

Can any reader throw some light on his career, or say why and where he was hanged, if he really was hanged ?

R. A. A.-L.

OLD ETONIANS. I shall be grateful for information regarding any of the following : (1) -Kelly, Henry, admitted 30 Sept., 1759, left 1765. (2) Kelly, William, admitted 30 Sept., 1759, left 1765. (3) Keppell, George, admitted 5 May, 1764, left 1765. (4) Kerrick, Thomas, admitted 24 Jan., 1764, left 1765. (5) Kingscote, Robert, admitted 29 Sept., 1763, left 1769. (6) Knowles, Benjamin, admitted 13 Jan., 1762, left 1768. (7) Knowles, Edward, admitted 8 Sept., 1761, left 1765. (8) Knowles, Willoughby, admitted 8 Sept., 1761, left 1766. (9) Kynaston, Charles, admitted 5 Sept., 1763, left 1770. (10) Lamb, Matthew, admitted 6 Sept., 1755, left 1762. (11) Lander, James, admitted 19 Jan., 1763; left 1 763. (12) Lander, Thomas, admitted 22 Jan., 1759, left 1763. (13) Lane, Theophilus, ad- mitted 26 Jan., 1761, left 1763. (14) Las- celles, Robert Hammond, admitted 16 Jan., 1761, left 1761. (15) Lee, Albert, admitted 22 Sept., 1755, left 1759. (16) Leigh, Thomas, admitted 25 June, 1765, left 1769. (17) Lemoine, Samuel, admitted 12 April, 1763, left 1772. (18) Lewis, David Edward, admitted 9 May, 1764, left 1768.

R. A. A.-L.

".THE PIRAEUS MISTAKEN FOR A MAN." This expression is occasionally used as if it were a well-known allusion. Will one of the learned contributors to ' N. & Q.' supply the original source of the story ? Two or three standard works of reference have been consulted without success. T. P. M.

EAST ANGLIAN FAMILIES : ELIZABETH STAINTON. (See 11 S. vii. 277, 378, 477.) I have again to thank correspondents for information given. I had hoped to have taken a trip to England. Instead, two of my boys have gone to fight for the Motherland.

I have a copy of Foxe's 'Martyrs,' pub- lished 1684, in which there is a picture of the burning of John Goose or John Hus, 1473. My family, on one side, is descended from the Goss or Goose family, and I have always understood that there was a martyr among them, though this has been handed down without documentary evidence. Is there any grant of arms to any of the Gos, Gosse, or Goose family ?

I should also be glad to learn where I can obtain any information of Elizabeth Stainton, Abbess (?) of Kirklees Priory in 1247.


Hawkes Bay, N.Z.

NEWNHAM FAMILY. I should be pleased if any reader could give me a definite descrip- tion of the arms of Nathaniel Newnham (Lord Mayor of London 1782), which are dis- played on the cornice opposite the south- west corner in the Alderman's Court Room of the Guildhall in the City of London. Indeed, any information concerning the family of Newnham would be very much esteemed. A. JAMES NEWNHAM.

14, Silchester Road, near Baffin's Farm, Portsmouth.

LUKE ROBINSON, M.P. Can any reader of ' N. & Q.' give me, or put me in the way of obtaining, any information concerning Luke Robinson, M.P., born before 1730, described in a paper cutting in my posses- sion as a barrister of considerable eminence who refused a judgeship ? I am unable to trace his parentage or place of birth or burial. His birthplace, I am led to believe, was in Yorkshire. LUKE N. ROBINSON. The Small House, Sunbury-on-Thames.

WILLIAMSON OF ANNAN. Can any reader give information about the following William- sons of Annan ? James, born 1721 ; John, his first son, born 8 Aug., 1749 ; James, his second son, born 23 Feb., 1752 ; and George, born 1725 or 1726. The last joined Prince