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CAMOLIX. Parish History of Camolin. By Rev. Charles

Watson, M.A.

CARLIXGFORD. Legendary Stories of the Carlingford Lough

District. By Michael George Crawford.

Newry, 1914.

CARLOW. Co. Carlow, in The Beauties of Ireland, being

Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical,

and Biographical, of each County.' By J. N.

Brewer. London, 1826. Carlow : History and Antiquities of the County

of Carlow. By John Ryan. Map, 8vo, cloth.

Dublin, 1833.

CARRICKFERGUS. History of Carrickfergus. By Samuel McSkhn-

min. Belfast, 1811.


Episcopal and Capitular Seals of the Irish Cathe- dral Churches. By R. Caulfield. Illustrated.

Part I. Cashel and Emly. 8vo, sewed. Cork,

1853. Cashel of the Kings, being a History of the City

of Cashel. By John D. White. 4to, sewed.

1863. Ancient Irish Architecture, a Monograph of

Cormac's Chapel, Cashel. By Arthur Hill.

15 plates, folio, boards. 1874. Registers of Provost Winter (T.C.D.), and of the

Liberties of Cashel, 1654-7. Parish Register

Society, Dublin, 1907. The Rocks and Ruins of Cashel. By J. B. Cullen.

Catholic Truth Society, Dublin.

CASTLEDERMOT. The High Crosses of Castledermot and Durrow,

with drawings (17 in. by 12 in.) on each side of

the three Crosses. 12 plates, folio, sewed.

R.I. Academy, Dublin, 1898. Notes on the History of Castledermot. By Rev.

W. F. Vandeleur, M.A. 8vo, 16 pp., illustrated.

Carlow, 1913.

CASTLETOWXROCHE. Castletownroche : Historical and Topographical

Notes, &c., on Buttervant, Castletownroche,

Doneraile, Mallow, and Places in their Vicinity.

By Col. James Grove White. 2 vols., royal

8vo, cloth. Cork, 1905-11. CAVAN. Statistical Survey of County Cavan. By Sir

Charles Coote. Map and illustrations, 8vo,

boards. Dublin Society, 1802. Sketches of the Highlands of Cavan and of Shirley

Castle in Farney, taken during the Irish Famine.

Post 8vo, cloth. Belfast, 1856.

CELBRIDGE. Celbridge Abbey : its History and Traditions.

By Sir John Robert O'Connell, LL.D. (contains

many valuable data relating to Jonathan Swift

and Berkeley). Illustrated. Cahill & Co., 40,

Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin. Celbridge : some Notes on its Past History. By

Rev. Charles I. Graham. Dublin.

CLAXDEBOYE. The Hamilton MSS., containing some Account of

the Settlement of the Territories of the Upper

Clandeboye, Great Ardes, and Dufferin in the

County of Down. By Sir James Hamilton.

Printed from the original MSS. Edited by

T. K. Lowry. Small 4to, cloth. Belfast, 1867^

CLARE. Statistical Survey of County Clare. By Hely

Dutton. Map, 8vo, half calf. Dublin Society,

1808. History and Topography of the County of Clare

to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century.

By James Frost. Maps and illustrations, 8vo.

cloth. Dublin, 1893. History of Clare and the Dalcassian Clans of

Tipperary, Limerick, and Galway. By Dean

White. 'Dublin, 1893. County of Clare : Irish Local Names Explained.

By James Frost. 12mo, cloth. Limerick,.


CLOGHRAX (Co. DUBLIN). History and Description of Santry and Cloghran*

Parishes, Co. Dublin. By Rev. B. W. Adams*

D.D. London, 1833.


History of Clonfert. By Cooke. CLOXMACXOISE. Records relating to the Dioceses of Ardagh andl

Clonmacnoise. By Canon Monahan. Map>.

8vo, cloth. 1886. Chapter in ' The Midland Septs and the Pale.'

By Rev. F. R. Montgomery Hitchcock, M.A.

Crown 8vo, cloth. Dublin, 1908. The Memorial Slabs of Clonmacnoise, King's

County, with an Appendix on the Materials

for a History of the Monastery. By R. A. S_

Macalister. Illustrated, royal 8vo, clotlu

Dublin, 1909.

CLOXMEL. Clonmel and the Surrounding Country, including

Abbeys, Castles, &c. By W. D. Hemphill, M.D..

4to, cloth. 1860. My Clonmel Scrap-Book. By James White.

Waterford, 1907. History of Clonmel. By Rev. Wm. P. Burke.

Illustrated, small 4to. Waterford, 1907.

CLOXMIXES. Historv of Waterford, Vol. II. By P. H. Hore.


CLOYXE. Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne,

and Ross, taken from Diocesan and Parish,

Registries, MSS. in the Principal Libraries, and

from Private and Family Papers. By W..

Maziere Brady. 3 v6ls., 8vo, cloth. Dublin,,



History and Antiquities of the Southern Islands of Aran : Religion, Pagan Monuments, Druidic Rites. By J. T. O'Flaherty. 4to, sewed. 1824.

A Tour in Connaught. Sketches of Clonmacnoise, Joyce Country, and Achill. By Rev. Caesar Otway. Woodcuts, 12mo, cloth. Dublin, 1839.

Description of West or H-Iar-Connacht. By Roderic O'Flaherty. Written 1684. Edited by James Hardiman. 1845.

Sketches of the Irish Highlands, Descriptive,. Social, and Religious. By Rev. H. MacManus.. Crown 8vo, cloth. 1863.