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ii s. XL MAR. 20, i9i5.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


Inc il 28 years and for my part never found him (Guilty any dishonesty. My Predecessor Mr. Consul Barton gave him a very good Character."

It will be noticed that the above docu- m?nts appear to be the result of a commission of inquiry by a Mr. Purnell, acting as Consul in Cyprus. Presumably this Mr. " William " Purnell was a relation of the John Purnell who acted as Consul in Aleppo and Alexandretta between the years 1717 and (abrfut) 1750. Mr. George Barton had evidently retired for a time from the Consul- ship of Cyprus, although he did not die until 1739.

The next document in point of date pre- served amongst the Aleppo papers relating to Cyprus, and signed by a British Consul there resident, is a certificate appointing a " Cancellier " to the Consulate in 1735-6, and signed :

" We Stiles Lupart Esq. Consul for His Majesty the King, &c. in this Island and Kingdom of Cyprus."

Alexander Drummond united the whole district of Aleppo and Cyprus under one Consulate, and Irom this time onwards (1750) the island was considered as only a Vice- Consulate, as it had been at first.

An interesting copy of the will of John Baldwin of Cyprus, dated 1 April, 1771 r exists amongst the Miscellaneous Corre- spondence at the Public Becord Office. It is attested by William Bashley Turner, who styles himself

"Pro-Consul for his Majesty the Kiijg of Great Britain, &c. &c. Pro- V. -Consul for their I.M., for his Majesty the King of Denmark, for the Grand Duke of Tuscany, and for their High Mightinesses- the States General of the United Provinces of the- Netherlands, in this Island and Kingdom of Cyprus."

Seal of the British Chancery of Cyprus is attached. This Mr. W. B. Turner would presumably be the son or some relative of Mr. Timothy Turner, the Consul who seems-- to have died in 1768.


Petro Savioni, Vice-Consul (acting) Richard Glover, Vice-Consul

1626 1636

Aleppo Court London Court

B ilthazar Sovran, French Consul (acting)... Meorge Barton, Consul Wilhatn Purnell, Consul ...

1693 1730 17321733

Van Bruyn Documents

Styles Lupart, Consul


  • Wakeman, Consul

Alex. Drummond, Consul John Boddington, Vice-Consul (acting) ... Jno. Brand Kirkhouse, Vice-Consul (acting) Timothy Turner, Vice-Consul

1751 17511759 17591762 1762-1763 1763-1768

MaritiV Travels"

William Bashley Turner, Pro Vice-Consul John Baldwin, Vice-Consul Nicholas Caprara (acting)

17711776 1776-1781 17841785

Documents London Kal. P.R.O.

Michael de Vezin, Vice-Consul . .



      • Peristiani, Vice-Consul



      • Vondiziano, Vice-Consul

John Lilburn, Vice-Consul

1806-1840 18401843

LOG. inf. Tomb

Niven Kerr, Vice-Consul...



A. Palma, Vice-Consul


F.O. List

P. Wilkinson, Vice-Consul H. P. White, Vice-Consul [D. Colnaghi, Vice-Consul] T. B. Sandwith, Vice-Consul

18601861 1863-1865 18651870

F.O. List F.O. List F.O. List

Hamilton Lang, Consul .. C. F. Watkins, Vice-Consul



Omitted F.O. List F.O. List

Nicosia, Cyprus.


Curator of Ancient Monuments.

A ROYALIST CRYPTOGRAM. Mercurius Melancholicus (1647-9) had three competing " authors," who sometimes published simul- taneously. Dr. John Hackluyt, Chaplain to " Major- General " Massey ; John Crouch, the printer ; and Martin Parker, the famous ballad-writer, all professed to be the genuine Melancholicus in 1648. As a result no collection of this periodical contains all the different numbers published, for they

cannot be identified. But I think that Hackluyt alone was writing the Mercury at the time when the cryptograms set out below appeared ; and if so, he must have been in hiding, for he had escaped from prison for the third time.

In the Thomason Collection, Mercurius Melancholicus, No. 56, for 18-25 Sept., 1648, commences, like most other numbers, with a line of " printers' flower " as a heading to-