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ii s. XL MA*. 20, i9i5.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


THOMAS WARTON. 1. Does any reade of ' N. & Q.' know of the whereabouts of a letter from Thomas Warton to Edmunc Malone, dated 1785, described in Baigent and Millard's ' History of Basingstoke, 1889, p. 586, in which Warton discusses tht office of Poet Laureate ? The letter is not in the Bodleian nor British Museun Libraries, nor, apparently, among the War ton papers at Trinity College, Oxford, nor at Winchester. The undersigned would be glad of any information as to its where abouts.

2. Has any reader of * N. & Q.' seen the so-called fourth edition of Thomas Warton's poems, 1789 ? No copy is in either the British Museum or Bodleian Library, Where is one to be found ?


University of Illinois.

AUTHOR OF POEM WANTED. I should be glad to know the author of the poem con- taining the words,

Wait ! and the clouds of sorrow Shall fall in gentle showers.

I have not the entire poem, and should like to know where it appeared. Each verse commences with the word "Wait."


" HABBIE SIMPSON. I should be glad of any particulars of the famous piper of this name mentioned in ' Maggie Lauder,' who died at Kilbarchan (Benfrew) about 300 years ago. There is a statue of him on the exterior of a building in that village.

J. ARDAGH. 35, Church Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin.

BAIRD'S ' HISTORY OF BYE, WESTCHESTER Co., N.Y.' Has any correspondent a copy of this work which he would kindly allow me to consult ? It is not at the British Museum.

E. HAVILAND HILLMAN, F.S.G. 4, Somers Place, Hyde Park, W.

BARBADOS FILTERING STONES. These were used to filter the pipe-water supplied to houses, with the idea that the water was thus made more pure for drinking and other domestic purposes. There was one in use in my father's house more than sixty years ago. It was a block of sandstone, or perhaps limestone, hollowed out into a deep basin -shape, something like a church font, but with a strong square rim at top. The stone rested by its rim on a strong frame of wood, and all was enclosed in a little wooden house like a low bathing-box, with

a door in front, which stood in the yard. Every day buckets of water were poured into the hollow stone and the water came through, drop by drop (the stone being rounded below), into an earthenware crock which stood beneath. The filtered water was taken from the crock as required.

Are any of these still in use ? Do any of your readers remember them ? Did they come from Barbados ? I suppose the West India sugar ships might have brought them.

W. H. PATTERSON. Belfast.

Dr. EDWARD KING. Can any genealogist give me the names of the parents of Edward King (1573-1638), " a native of Huntingdon- shire and Doctor of Divinity of the University of Dublin " (Ware's ' Bishops of Ireland/ 1739) ? He was uncle to Edward King, the " Lycidas " of Milton.


OLD ETONIANS. I shall be grateful for information regarding any of the following : (1) Salter, Samuel, admitted 24 June, 1765, left 1768. (2) Saunders, John William, admitted 14 Jan., 1761, left 1764. (3) Saunders, Morley, admitted 6 July, 1765, left 1771. (4) Scot, George, admitted 30 Aug., 1759, left (?) 1763. (5) Seaton, William, admitted 1 June, 1763, left 1765. (6) Shard, Charles, admitted 7 Sept., 1764, left 1768. (7) Shard, Bichard, admitted 7 Sept., 1764, left 1768. (8) Shreyer, Thomas, admitted 29 June, 1754, left 1754. (9) Shuter, John, admitted 14 Jan., 1755, left 1755. (10) Simeon, Edward, admitted 7 May, 1765, left 1770. (11) Simmons, Henry Peter, admitted 4 Sept., 1760, left 1768. (12) Smallman, Joseph, admitted 12 March, 1759, left 1761. (13) Smart, Bichard, admitted 14 June, 1757, left 1759. (14) Smith, George, admitted 14 Feb., 1762, left 1769. (15) Smith, Bichard, admitted 25 April, 1759, left 1761 or 1763. (16) Snowden, Samuel, admitted 29 April, 1760, left 1760. (17) Solby, Bichard Heaton, admitted 5 July, 1759, left 1759. (18) Sparkes, Harry, admitted 19 Oct., 1763, left 1768. B. A. A.-L. |

PARKER AND ELLIOTT FAMILIES. Can any of your readers tell me to what family the Parkers of Exeter belonged ? Agnes, only daughter of Parker, Esq. , of Exeter, and Joan Stone his wife, widow of W. Elliott of Shillingford, near Exeter, married at Exeter Lieut. -Col. Thomas Hardy, 65th Regiment of Foot. He purchased the Hale state, near Honiton, and died 19 June,