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ii s. XL MAR. 20, i9i5.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


NOVELS ON GRETNA GREEN. What novel or work of reference gives a detailed account of Gretna Green weddings ? A small work on the subject by Claverhouse is the only one I have traced so far at the British Museum. N. L. P.

BEV. J. B. BLAKEWAY : BIBLIOGRAPHY. The Rev. John Brickdale Blakeway, M.A. , F.S.A., barrister-at-law, topographer, and antiquary, was, according to the ' D.N.B.,' the author of the following tracts and books :

An Attempt to ascertain the Author of the Letters published under the Signature of Junius. Lon- don, 1815. 8vo.

The Sequel of an Attempt to ascertain the Author of the Letters published under the Signature of Junius. London, 1815. 8vo.

A History of Shrewsbury. 2 yols. London, 1825. 4to. Written in collaboration with the Ven. Hugh Owen, F.S.A., Archdeacon of Salop.

The Sheriffs of Shropshire, with their Armorial Bearings, and Notices, Biographical and Genea- logical, of their Families. Shrewsbury, 1831. Folio. Evidently published by his relations and the executors, as he died in 1826.

A Tract on the Subject of Regeneration ; and single sermons.

Will any of your numerous readers who know of or possess any pamphlets by this writer kindly inform me of same ?

High Street, Walsall.



HOLBEIN. In a postscript to the first volume of Mr. A. B. Chamberlain's monumental work on Hans Holbein the Younger there is an account of a portrait by Holbein which was discovered in 1913. It represents a beautiful young woman, about 23 years of age, very magnificently dressed. There is no contemporary inscription, and the identity of the sitter is unknown. The picture is believed to have been painted during Holbein's first visit to England in 1526-8, as it is somewhat in his early manner. The only fact known about its history is that it had long belonged to the Bodenhams of Rotherwas, Herefordshire. Thomas Boden- ham of Rotherwas was a contemporary of Holbein, and the picture may represent one of his relatives. Moreover, the lady is wearing a brooch on which there is a figure of St. Cecilia, and accordingly it appears possible that the lady's name may have been Cecilia Bodenham. Now there was a Cecilia Bodenham living at the time. She was Abbess of Wilton in 1535, when she wrote to Cromwell to complain of the conduct of his visitors in her nunnery, signing herself Cecil Bodman " (Eckenstein, 'Woman

under Monasticism,' p. 441). In 1537 she surrendered the nunnery to the King. It is believed that she became Abbess in 1533 (Gasquet, 'Henry VIII. and the English Monasteries,' p. 307 n.). Is it possible that Cecilia Bodenham, the Abbess of 1535, was the original of the portrait of 1526-8 ? Might it, for instance, have been painted as a memorial for her family before she entered the convent ? I shall be very grateful if any one can give me further particulars about the Abbess's age and family. M. H. Do DBS.

Home House, Low Fell, Gateshead.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION WANTED. I should be glad to obtain any information concerning the following Old Westminsters :

(1) Robert Gale, admitted 1723, aged 9.

(2) John Galliard, admitted 1724, aged 8.

(3) David Gambier, at school 1719. (4) John Gambier, admitted 1735, aged 11. (5) Robert Gambier, admitted 1749, aged 11. (6) William Games, admitted 1718, aged 14. (7 and 8) Joshua and Thomas Garbrand, admitted 1728, aged 11 and 15 respectively. G. F. R. B.

ANTONIO VIEIRA. (11 S. xi. 109, 156, 191.)

PROBABLY few English readers knew imich of " the most celebrated of Portuguese divines, and called by his fellow-countrymen ' the Last of Mediaeval Preachers,' " till Dr. J. M. Neale of East Grinstead, who wrote the above words, included him in his ' Mediaeval Preachers ' (1856). He could only spare forty pages for a biographical sketch, and a few translations from the vast stores of sermons which had been selected by the divine himself and published in thirteen volumes between 1679 and 1690. Two more appeared, in 1710 and 1748 respectively. These were all in the original Portuguese, but, in compassion for students not knowing that language, four volumes, " in Cartusia Coloniensi latinitate donati," appeared at Cologne in 1692 ; and fifteen sermons on St. Francis Xavier, vol. x. of the Portuguese edition, translated into Latin by Fr. Leopold Fuess, S.J., were printed at Augsburg in 1701. These are all furnished with indexes and copious apparatus. They no doubt had a good circulation in Germany, and are now very scarce, as complete sets of the originals are said to be in Portugal.