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ns.xi.AFEiLio,i9i5.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


WILLIAM HARDING OF BABASET. For some time I have had in my possession a fine portrait by James Northcote, signed and dated 1807, but I have only just discovered on the back of the canvas a warehouseman's label on which is stencilled " H. G. Hard- ing." This has suggested to me that my portrait is that of William Harding, as in the list of sitters given in Mr. Stephen Gwynn's admirable book on Northcote I find " William Harding of Baraset, 1807." I should be glad, therefore, if any corre- spondent could tell me where Baraset is, and who are the representatives of William Harding, so that I may be able to complete the identification. JOHN LANE.

The Bodley Head, Vigo Street, W.

[Bartholomew's ' Gazetteer of the British Isles ' states that Baraset is a seat at Alveston, two miles south-east of Stratford-on-Avon.]

DR. SHEBBEARE. Is there an oil painting of Dr. John Shebbeare (born 1710 near Bideford, died 1788 in London) ? A mezzo- tint, apparently by Jones, seems to have been made from a portrait in oil, which may have been by Hudson or Richardson. The engraving by Bromley in The European Magazine would appear to be derived from the same source, and is like the mezzotint, except that the face is reversed. Dr. Shebbeare 's only son, the Rev. John Sheb- beare, Rector of East Horndon, died un- married in 1794. There may be descendants of Dr. Shebbeare's daughter, Mrs. Le Geyt. All the existing members of the Shebbeare family are descended from Dr. Shebbeare's youngest brother, and no portrait earlier than the mezzotint is known to them.


PERAMBULATIONS OF THE HAMPSHIRE FORESTS. On p. 330, note 2, of the ' Origins of English History,' by O. Elton, 1890, the following statement is made:

" There are certain records of the perambula- tions of the Hampshire forests which throw some light on the matter, find support Drayton's state- ment that the road ([the Icknield Way] led from the Chiltern Hills to the Solent. Tower, Misc. Rec. 113 ; Peramb. Forest, 27 and 29 Edw. I. South. The survey of Buckholt Forest (April 1st, 28 Edw. I.) contains passages relating to the road in question. 'Begin at the Deneway....a,nd so always by the divisions of the counties of Southampton and Wilts to the Ikenilde Street, and thence by the same to La Pullc.' ' From Pyrpe-mere to the Ikenilde, and so by the same road to Holeweye.' "

I do not know whether these perambula- tions have been published. I think not ; but in either case I should be most grateful if one of your readers who can spare time would

copy them and send them to me. Present circumstances make it impossible for me to consult any library where these records (if published) might be found.

With the aid of the full perambulations, I hope it may be possible to identify the " Ikenilde Street " referred to.

O. G. S. CRAWFORD. The Grove, East Woodhay, Newbury, Hants.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION WANTED. I should be glad to obtain any information concerning the following Old Westminsters :

(1) Benjamin Godin, admitted 1724, aged 11.

(2) William Golborne, admitted 1719, aged 8.

(3) Robert Goodchild, admitted 1738, aged 7. (4) Edmund Goodenough, son of Samuel Goodenough of Cropredy, Oxon, born 19 Aug., 1802, left 1818, and entered the E.I.C. Maritime Service. (5) Edmund Goodenough, born 2 April, 1808, admitted 1820. (6) Richard Goodheed, admitted 1735, aged 10. G. F. R. B.

ISOLDA NEWMAN, NURSE OF JOHN OF GAUNT. She was granted an annuity of 10/. on 22 Feb., 1346. Is anything further known of her, her parentage, or her descend- ants ? And is there extant any earlier instance of the surname ?


EDWARD TYRREL SMITH, ACTOR. Could any one tell me whom he married, the name of the clergyman his daughter married, or any particulars of his family ? He was lessee of Drury Lane Theatre in 1852, and for a short period owned The Sunday Times.


The Vicarage, Winster, Windermere.

SHERIDAN : STELLA. I have before me a copy of the first edition of Sheridan's ' The Critic,' 1781, bearing on the fly -leaf , in a contemporary hand, apparently that of an, aged person, the inscription : "To Stella from the Author." Can any of your readers suggest who Stella was ?


GERMANIA : TEDESCO. How comes it that in Italian Germany is Germania, but German is tedesco? It would be interest- ing to know the etymology of this word. D. H. LAMBERT, B.A.

[Tedesco is the Italian rendering of the word which in German appears as "Deutsch" in Eng- lish as " Dutch "(cf. M.H.G. J>iuMsfc=belonging to the people). The base diut (cf. Goth, thiuda, a nation) has also, adopted into Latin, given us Teutonic.]