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NOTES AND QUERIES. pi s. XL AL 21, 19,5.

Highways and Byways in Donegal and Antrim.

By Stephen Gwynn. Illustrated, crown 8vo,

cloth. 1899. -Aileach of the Kings. By Bishop Doherty.

Catholic Truth Society, Dublin. Donegal Occurrences. By Mervyn. "The Donegal Highlands. By Rev. Dr. MacDevitt.

Map, crown 8vo, cloth. Dublin, n.d.

DONERAIL.E. Historical and Topographical Notes, &c., on

Buttevant, Castletownroche, Doneraile, Mallow,

and Places in their Vicinity. By Col. James

Grove White. 2 vols., royal 8vo, cloth. Cork,


DONNYBKOOK. Brief Sketches of the Parishes of Booterstown,

Trishtown, arid Donnybrook. By Rev. B. H.

Blanker, with Notes and Annals. Front., 4 parts

in 3, cloth and boards. Dublin, 1861-74. A Historical Sketch of the Pembroke Township.

By F. Ellington Ball, D.Litt. Dublin, 1907

Contains chapter on Donnybrook. A History of the County Dublin. ByF. Elrington

Ball, D.Litt. Dublin, 1909. Part II. contains

chapter on Donnybrook.

DOWN. The Ancient and Present State of the County of

Down. By Walter Harris. 8vo. Dublin, 1744. Statistical Survey of the County of Down. By

Rev. J. Dubourdieu. Front, and map, 8vo, half

calf. Dublin Society, 1802. Papers read before the Church Architecture

Society. 4to. Belfast, 1845. (Has references

to Down. ) Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and

Dromore. By Bishop Reeves. Dublin, 1847. The Hamilton MSS., containing some Account of

the Settlement of the Territories of the Upper

Clandeboye, Great Ardes, and Dufferin in

the County of Down. By Sir James Hamilton.

Printed from the original MSS. Edited by

T. K. Lowry. Small 4to, cloth. Belfast, 1867. History of Down. By Phillips. 1874. An Historical Account of the Diocese of Down

and Connor, Ancient and Modern. By Rev.

James O'Laverty, M.R.I.A. 3 vols., crown 8vo,

cloth. Dublin, 1874-84.

History of Down. By Alex. Knox, M.D. 1875. A Glossary of Words in Use in the Counties of

Antrim and Down. By W. H. Patterson.

M.R.I.A. 8vo, sewed. 1880. Antrim and Down. By Craik. London, 1887. History of Down. By Smith.


History of Drogheda. By Barnard. Dublin, 1736-

^History of the General Rebellion in Ireland, 1641,

to which is added Tichbomne's History of the

Siege of Drogheda (1641) and Tryal of Conor,

Lord MacGuire. 8vo, calf. Cork', 1766.

History of Drogheda. By Johnston. Drogheda,

History of Drogheda, with its Environs, and an Introductory Memoir of the Dublin and Drog- heda Railway. By John D' Alton. Map and steel engravings, 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Dublin. 1844.

The Boyne Valley. By James B. Cullen. Catholic Truth Society, Dublin.

The Council Book of the Corporation of Drogheda, 1649-1804. Edited by Rev. T. Gogarty.


The History of First Dromara Presbvterian - Church, 1713-1913. By Rev. W. G. Glascow. 1914. Contains information on district.

DROMORE. Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and

Dromore. By Bishop Reeves. Dublin, 1847. See Down, s.v. Papers.


Notes on the High Crosses of Moone, Drumcliffe, Termonfechin, and Killamery. Edited by T. J. Westropp. 32 illustrations from drawings and photographs, 4to, sewed. R.I. Academv, Dublin, 1901.

COUNTY OF DUBLIN. Statistical Survey of the Co. Dublin. By Lieut

Joseph Archer. 8vo, pol. calf. Dublin,'l801-2,

^tory of Co - Dublin. By John D'Alton.

M.R.I.A. Dublin, 1838. Fingal (North County Dublin). By J. S. Sloane.

Papers in Irish Builder, 1883-4. Fingal and its Churches (North County Dublin).

By R. Walsh. 1888. A History of the County Dublin. By F. Elrington

Ball, D.Litt. Dublin, 1909. Contains much

parochial history. The Neighbourhood of Dublin, its Topography,

Antiquities, and Historical Associations. By

W T . St. John Joyce. Dublin, 1912. Cromlechs of Co. Dublin. By J. W. Poe. Crown

8vo, sewed. North Dublin, City and Environs. Bv Dillon

Cosgrave, O.C.C., B.A. Maps, cloth. Catholic

Truth Society, Dublin. Deals largely with

North County Dublin.

DUFFERIN. See Down, s.v. The Hamilton MSS.

DUNBRODY. History of Dunbrody Abbey.


History of Dundalk. By D'Alton. Dublin, 1844.

The History of Dundalk and its Environs, from the Earliest Historic Period to the Present Time, with Memoirs of its Eminent Men. By John D Alton and J. R. O 'Flanagan. Map and plates, 8vo. Dublin, 1864.


The Parish of Taney, a History of Dundrum, near Dublin and its Neighbourhood. By F. Elrington Ball, D.Litt., and Everard Hamilton. 12mo, cloth. Dublin, 1895.


Statistical Account of the Parish of Dungiven.

icTi V ' Alex - R oss. Frontispiece, 8vo, sewed. 1814.


The High Crosses of Castledermot and Durrow, with drawings (17 in. by 12 in.) of each side of the three Crosses. 12 plates, folio, sewed. R.I. Academy, Dublin, 1898.

WILLIAM MAOABTHUB. 79, Talbot Street, Dublin.

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