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NOTES AND QUERIES. pi s. xi. M AY i, 1915.

p. 669, where the following entry is found 30 Juno, 1790 :

"At Exmonth, where she went for the recovery of her health, Mrs. Elizabeth Woolmer, relict of the Rev. Joseph Woolmer, late of Keynsham, near Bath, and only daughter of Dr. John Hubbard of Northampton, one of the authors of the celebrated Berry Street Sermons. Her affable and amiable behaviour rendered her universally beloved, and her death much regretted by all who knew her."

Pp. 4-1 1 of ' Letters to Lazarus Baker ' are important for biographical details and for the connexion with the Hubbard family. There is a slight discrepancy in the name of John Hubbard's daughter. MR. LANE'S inscription says she was called Mary, and The Gentleman's Magazine says Elizabeth. She may have been called by both names.

The Rev. John Hubbard was a famous Dif - sen ting parson, and the Berry Street Sermons referred to above were delivered by Hub- bard and others in the year 1733 at the Independent Chapel in Duke's Place, Berry for Bury) Street, St. Mary Axe, where Isaac Watts was minister. The sermons were issued in 1739. Hubbard died in 1743, and elegies and funeral sermons will be found under the names of the authors John Guyse and T. Gutteridge.

The seal of " Shirley Wolmer " has given a valuable clue, because the Exeter branch of the Woolmers were Shirley Woolmers. I know no earlier Exeter Woolmer than Shirley Woolmer, who was a bookseller and auctioneer of books at Exeter. See " Exeter Cata- logue for 1787, consisting of Books in English and Foreign Languages which will be Sold by Shirley Woolmer, Bookseller in Exeter, &c. Exeter, 1787." In 1 789 Edward Wool- mer was proprietor of The Exeter Gazette ; and a later generation is Edward Woolmer, b. 1789 or 1790, proprietor of The Exeter Gazette for more than fortv years; Sheriff 1831 ; Alderman 1832 ; Mayor 1833 and 1844 ; d. at the Barnfield, Exeter, 14 March, 1856 (Gent. Mag., 1856, p. 542). In the 'Modern Domesday Book' (1875) F. S. Woolmer, living at Brighton, is given as owner of land in Devonshire. For various minor works written or issued by Shirley Woolmer see G. Osborn's ' Outlines of Wesleyan Bibliography ' and Davidson's ' Bibliotheca Devoriiensis/

The Bath Woolmers were very numerous. There is Edward Woolmer who died in 1721, and who was Mayor of Bath in 1706 and in 1720. He and Susanna his wife have monuments to their memories in Bath Abbey Church. 1752, June 19. Mrs. Susanna Woolmer.

'Registers of Bath Abbey.'

Other entries in the Bath Abbey Registers are :


1676, 7 Sept. John, son of Edward Woolmer and

Mary. 1678, 4 July. Henry, son of Edward Woolmer and

Mary. 1695, 24 May. Ann, daughter ot Mr. Edward

Woolmore. 1713, 23 Jan. Thomas, son of Mr. Benjamin

Woolmer. 1716, 19 July. William How,* son of Mr. Benjamin


MARRIAGES. 1675, 8 Aug. Edward Woolmer and Mary Parker.

BURIALS. 1706, 11 Jan. John Brishell, Mr. Woolmer's

prentice. 1709, 16 Aug. Mrs. Katherine Brown of Caughley

in Shropshire ; died at Mr. Woolmer's, and

was carried away. 1713, 12 Feb. Thomas, son of Mr. Benjamin


1714, 1 Jan. Charles, son of Mr. Benjamin Woollmer* 1720, 22 April. Mrs. Mary Woolmer.

1720, 14 July. Mrs. Jennings, carried away from Mr. Alderman Woolmer's.

1721, 9 Dec. Mr. Benjamin Woolmer.

1722, 9 May. Thomas Lant, Esq., died at Mr. Woolmer's, senr., and carried away.

1725, 18 May. Rev. Mr. Lasinbys. From Mr.

Woolmer's. 1798, 24 March. Mrs. Elizabeth Wollmer.

Some branches of the family were Dis- senters, and Theophilus Woolmer (b. 1815)

is an eminent Wesleyan minister at Taunton, 1843-4. He died Madeira Avenue, Worthing, 27 Dec., 1896 (see Times, 30 Dec.,. 1896). One or more members of the family were resident at Wellington (Somerset) between 1870 and 1880.

For recent or living members of the family I refer MR. LANE to the Rev. Charles Edward Shirley Woolmer, second son of Edward, of Exeter, Exeter College, matrie* 6 June, 1844, aged 16; B.A. 1849; M.A. 1851 ; held various curacies 1851-62 ; Rector of St. Andrew's, Deal, 1866-80 ; Vicar of Ramsgate, 1880-87, and of Sidcup, 1887 . His name disappears from the ' Clergy List ' about 1900, so I conclude his death occurred then.

Mr. Shirley Worth ingt on Woolmer is a well-known London solicitor whoso address is in the ' Law List,' and who could pro- bably give fuller information.

A. L. HUMPHREYS. 187, Piccadilly, W.

  • William How Woolmer, s. of Benjamin of Bath,

pleb. All Souls Coll. matric. 30 May, 1734, aged 17. Foster's 'Alumni.'