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n s. XL MAY 15, i9i5.] NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS. No. 281.

NOTES : W. H. Duignan : Bibliography, 373 Webster and

' Overbury's Characters,' 374 Alphabet of Stray Notes, 375 Seventeenth-Century Pan-Germanist Poseidon and Athene, 377 Rev. Patrick Bronte" Weather Houses" Bey, 378.

QUERIES : Bourn Bridge, Cambridgeshire Roman Legion in Livy Twentieth-Century Speech Youngs of Auldbar Arms of Hungary Author Wanted King of Poland, 1719, 379 ' Bartholomseus de Proprietatibus Rerum ' Fawcett, Recorder of Newcastle Biographical Informa- tion Wanted Bishop of Malta as Brigadier-General John Morgan Dr. Luzzato James Thomas Kirkman, 380 St. Giles's Church, Oxford Good Friday in Cambridge Sir John Garioch or Goerie : " Subinnuit " Charles, Duke of Brunswick Bishops of Church of England Work by Sir H. M. Lawrence, 381 Butlers in Bucks and Oxon Registers, 382.

REPLIES : Easter Eggs, 382 -Cromwell's Ironsides, 383 Greek Proverb Ballard's Lane, Finchley Bibliography of Gretna Green, 384 Dreams and Literature, 385 House of Normandy Image of All Saints, 386' Mirage of Life,' 387 Beards Starlings taught to Speak English Chap- lains at Aleppo " Wick "Joshua Webster, M.D., 388 Dupuis, Violinist Origin of ' Omne Bene ' Capt. Sim- monds Pevensey English Consuls in Aleppo, 389 Joseph Hill, Cowper's Friend Sir John Moore and the Gordon Highlanders Disraeli's Life : Emanuel Bishops of Belgium and Northern France" Stockeagles," 390.

NOTES ON BOOKS: 'The English Parish Church' ' Elizabeth Hpoton, First Quaker Woman Preacher '

  • L'lnteriue'diaire.'

OBITUARY :-Mary Matilda Pollard.

Notices to Correspondents.


THE following is, I believe, a complete list of books, pamphlets, &c., written and com- piled by William Henry Duignan, of Gor- way, Walsall, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, Honorary Solicitor and member of the William Salt Archaeological Society, Staffordshire, and member of the Jewish Historical Society, Shropshire Archaeological Society, Worcestershire Historical Society, and Selden Society. He was born in 1824, and died 27 March, 1914.

I have to express my grateful thanks to Mr. Carl Duignan, without whose aid this list would never have been compiled.

1865. On America. (Lecture.) Walsall News, 30 Dec.

1876. The Mayor and Mr. W. H. Duignan. Walsall

Observer, 30 May. Facts in Local History. Walsall Advertiser, 9 Dec.

1877. News a Century Old. Walsall Advertiser, 13 Jan.


On the Land Laws : a Lecture given at the Tem- perance Hall, 14 Jan. Pamphlet, 32 pp. Beached 2nd ed.

1880. Christmas in the Tramp Ward. Walsall Observer,

3 Jan. The Employers' Liability Act, 1880 : an Address

to the South Staffordshire Mill and Forge

Managers' Association at the Public Hall,

Dudley, 4 Dec. Pamphlet, 24 pp.

1881. Shakespeare on the Walsall Corporation, by " The

Man in the Moon." Walsall Advertiser, 19, 26

Feb. and 12 March. Reprinted, 1881, 8 pp. Liverpool to York by Coach. Walsall Observer,

Saturday, 4 June. Letter from a recent visitor in Ireland (W. H. D.).

Sent to The Daily Chronicle, 22 Dec., by

G. J. Holyoake.

Letter to G. Cotterell, Esq. Walsall Observer, 27 Jan.

Interesting Discovery on the Sewage Farm.

Walsall Observer, 2 May. Ireland from a Tricycle. The Wheel World, Nov.

(Also appeared in The Walsall Observer.)

1885. The Currency and Irish Questions. Walsall

Observer, 11 July. The National Debt : Lecture delivered on 14 July,

1885. Walsall Free Press, 18 July. Northern Ireland from a Tricycle. Walsall

Observer, 23 Sept. Sir Charles, Mr. Burt, and Mr. James. Walsall

Observer, 23 Sept.

1886. Why are Wages Declining ? Why is Work

Scarce ? Why do Men Starve ? The Labour

Tribune, 17 July. From Walsall to Edinburgh. Walsall Observer,

13 Nov., and following numbers. Mr. Holyoake's Lecture, Walsall Advertiser, 26 Nov.

1887. A Forgotten Patriot (Joe Linney). Walsall

Observer, 16 April.

Four Days in Wales. Walsall Observer, 11 June. The Ridwares. Walsall Observer, 30 July. Distress at Hednesford. Walsall Advertiser, 4 Aug. A Ride into Surrey. Walsall Observer, Sat., 23 Dec. King Ethelred's Charter confirming the Founda-

tion of Burton Abbey. With Introduction and

Notes by W. H. Duignan and W. F. Carter.

Pamphlet, ii+22 pp.

1888. Farmers and Protection. Staffordshire Adver-

tiser, written 14 Jan. The Corporation. Walsall, 28 Sept. (Probably

reprinted from either The Walsall Advertiser

or Walsall Observer.) The Charter of Wulfrun to the Monastery at

Hamptun. Pamphlet, stiff covers, 4to, pp. 19.

1889. Across Ireland. Walsall Observer, commencing

5 Jan.

Coaching. Walsall Observer, 8 April and 8 June. Mr. Shaw and Mr. Duignan. Walsall Observer,

21 Dec. 1796. Walsall Observer, 28 Dec,


Murder Pictures. Walsall Observer, 17 Jan. Looking Backward. Walsall Observer, 25 Jan. The Liquor Laws in Pennsylvania. Walsall

Observer, 1 Feb. 1892 Three Weeks in Ireland. Walsall Observer,

commencing 7 May.