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us. XL MAY 22, 1915.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


Hellbroke loose (' N.E.D.' 1600). As oft as euer

hel brake loose. V. 97. Home-come (' N.E.D.' 1000-1513).

For commonly at their home-come they pay

The debt whych hangman claimde erst many

a day. P. 131. Pinch, the (' N.E.D.' 1681).

But when it came vnto the very pynch. V. 154. Plump, a blockhead.

O drunken plumps, I plaine without cause why.

V. 129.

a. 1577. ' NOTES OP INSTRUCTION ' (ditto).

Emphasis (' N.E.D.' 1612-13). In your verses remember to place euery word in his naturall Emphesis or sound, that is to say in such wise, and with such length or shortnes, eleuation or depresion of sillables, as it is commonly pro- nounced. D i.

InJchorn, smell of the (' N.E.D.' 1587). The more monasillables you vse, the truer Englishman you shal seeme, and the lesse you shall smel of the Inkhorne. D ij.

1612. ' NEWES FROM BARBARY ' (printed 1613)

Larbie. His " chiefest force Larbies of Sahara. Side-note : Larbies are the country people dwelling in tents. Sig. B.


(R. Brathwaite). Derrick (' N.E.D.' 1600-8, 1656).

[They] Are forc't in th' end a dolefull Psalme

to sing,

Going to Heauen by Derick in a string. P. 151. Frolic, adj. (' N.E.D.' 1593).

Inuentresses of pleasures, pensiue still To doe whats good, but frolike to do ill. P. 32. Purprise (' N.E.D.' 1531).

For gorgeous Roomes, the purprise of the field.

P. 18. Retching leather.

Nor is his conscience made of retching lether.

P. 60.

1617. ' THE IRISH HUBBUB ' (Barnaby Rich).

Ale-dagger, Ale-house dagger. [He] had a short sword, like that which we were wont to call an Ale-house dagger, and that was trussed close to his side with a scarf e. P. 36.

Dainty. Mee thinks they should not sweare an oath but by Gods daintie. P. 8.


(R. Brathwaite). Cerusing. Painting, purfling, smoothing, cerus-

ing. K 3.

Chalk, v. (' N.E.D.' 1597, 1704). You keepe the score, and chalke from day to day, While I run on in debt, and will not pay. A 3. Contemplator (' N.E.D.' 1611, Cotgrave). Making our thoughts Contemplators of him Whom if we get we haue sufficient gain'd. K 4. Deblaze (' N.E.D.' 1640).

I 'me prepar'd

Here to deblaze them briefely afterward. F 3. Foot in the grave (' N.E.D.' 1632).

[They] now through age haue one foote in the graue. E 8.

Points, stand on.

So as it may a Caueat be to such Who vse to stand vpon their points too much.

D 4.

Under-body, a petticoat.

Downe fell her vnder-bodie from her hipps- D 4.

(, v. Thus helter skelter drunke we vpsefrese. M 3.

1628. 'AVSTINS VRANIA' (printed 1629). Be-ink.

My mouth and quill

Are both alike beeinked ore with ill. P. 7. Passionary, adj. Thus passionary eie, I 'ue- shown to thee, &c. P. 33.

RICHARD H. THORNTON. 8, Mornington Crescent, N.W.


IT is well known that in many odd volumes of the registers of various parishes have been lost. Sometimes they have been destroyed altogether ; but as a rule it may be hoped that the miss- ing volumes are merely hidden, and will,. in time, come to light again. According to J. Henry Lea's ' Genealogical Research in England ' (1906, p. 55, note), there are some registers in the Public Record Office; and,. according to the Record Commission (First Report, 1912, I. i. 9, ii. 24a), a recent exami- nation of the Chancery Masters' Documents disclosed " the earliest parish register of a, London church and other parish books.'* I am informed, however, that when such books are discovered at the Record Office they are returned to the parishes to whick they belong.

Appended are particulars of several original registers :

In the British Museum. Alderbury, Wilts, 1606-48, with later entries.

Add MS. 27,441. Dunwich, St. Peter, 1539-1657. Add MS.

34,561. This church was destroyed by the

sea in 1688 and 1697.

Littlebourne, Kent, 1678-88. Add. MS. 23,748.. London, St. Peter's-in-the -Tower, 1613-17. Add

MS. 23,941.

Lyminge, Kent, 1544-1679. Add. MS. 33,732. Papworth Everard, J 565-1692. Add. MS. 31,854.. Pentir, Carnarvon, 1016-1712. Add MS. 32,644. Somerby, Leics, 1610-1715 (imperfect). Add..

MS. 24,802.

Staines, Middlesex, 1653-94. Egerton MS. 2,001.. Steventon, Berks, 1554-98. Harl. MS. 2,395. Unknown (near Boston), 1561-4 (six leaves )~

Add. MS. 34,632.

In the Diocesan Registry, Canterbury. Ivychxirch, 1564-1715.

At Somerset House. London, Mayfair Chapel, 1728-54.