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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. XL MAY 22, iwa

TRUE BLUE. On the south side of the churchyard at Little Brlckhill, Bucks, is a tomb with this inscription :

" Here lyeth the body of True Blue, who de- parted this life January y e 17, 1724/5, ageed 57. Also the body of P^leanor y e wife of True Blue, who departed this life January y e 2] , 1722/3, ageed 59." Sheahan's ' History of Buckinghamshire,' p. 500.

Lipscomb in his history of the same county states that True Blue was " a stranger who settled here, and acquired some property, which after his decease was disposed of." Has any fresh light been thrown on True Blue's identity since the above histories were written ?


35, Church Avenue, Druincondra, Dublin.

HAMPDJSN. I am anxious to discover the names of the parents and grandparents of William Hampden of Great Hampden. His son John was the celebrated " patriot " (1594-1643) slain at Chalgrove. I want farther information also about the wife of John Hampden Elizabeth Symeon. Who were her parents ? KATHLEEN WARD.

Beechwood, Killiney, co. Dublin.

NANCY DAWSON. Any particulars con- cerning this dancer would be welcome. I have a painting on glass depicting her in the exercise of her profession. A. CH.

HENRY LINTOT was the son of Barnaby Bernard Liiitot, the well - known publisher. What was his mother's maiden surname ? Who was his second wife ? The ' Diet. Nat. Biog.,' xxxiii. 333-5, does not answer these questions. G. F. B. B.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION WANTED. I should be glad to obtain further information about the following Old Westminsters : (1) Benjamin Portlock, Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb., 1689, and D.C.L. of Oxford Univ., 1702. (2) Henry Powell, K.S. 1681. (3) James Powell, son of Arthur Powell of CarshaJton, Surrey, scholar of Trin. Coll., Camb., 1700. (4) John Powell, K.S. 1689. (5) Thomas Powell, scholar of Trin. Coll., Camb., 1622. (6) Charles Pratt of Ch. Ch., Oxon, B.A. 1592, who was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 19 May, 1603. (7) Edward Price, son of the Rev. Hugh Price of St. Peter's Ba ; ley, Oxford, elected to Ch. Ch., Oxon, 1719. (8) Thomas Prichard of Trm. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1669. (9) Wil- liam Proman, K.S. 1669. (10) Allen Pule - ston, son of Gerard Puleston of London, scholar of Trin. Coll., Camb., 1719, who after- wards migrated to Ch. Ch., Oxon. (11) John Pyke, chaplain of Trin. Coll., Camb 1671-81. G. F. B. B. '

" GAZEBO." Near Turton Tower, within a- few miles of Bolton, there is such a building,, commanding wide views. This, I am told* is known locally as "The Gazing Booth." Is it possible that we have here the deriva- tion of this curious word rather than from " a possible Oriental origin," as suggested by the ' N.E.D.' ? THEO.

[See also ante, pp. 26, 114, 174.]

COPYRIGHT. Could any reader tell me- who are the publishers of Metcalfe's, G_ MacDonald's, and Paul Lawrence's verses ? I desire to obtain permission to make printed! extracts from their works. W. M. E. F.

AUTHORSHIP OF SERMONS. There have- come into my possession two MS. sermons- whose authors I should be glad to identify,, and, if desired, to present them to their successors.

One is on St. Luke xxiv. 46, and was- preached at Bishopston on Easter Day,, 24 March, 1694 ('i.e., 1695). St. Matthew xxviii. 15 was first written, but erased. The sermon was repeated at Bishopston on 9 April* 1699, end 16 April, 1704; an extra page was- then prefixed, and the whole passage St. Luke- xxiv. 3646 written out for the text, with the verses marked. It is numbered 80~ The handwriting is neat, deliberate, and picturesque ; the long s is constantly used ; the small g resembles that of Roman print ; and old-fashioned abbreviations abound,, some legal, as " y l " for "that," " w ch " for "which," " o r " for "our," " fpose '" for " purpose." A few corrections have- been made, apparently for the third time- of preaching ; and some passages have been, marked for omission by a pencil drawn through them. On the back are noted the- proper psalms and lessons for Easter Day- Crockford gives six parishes named Bishops- ton or Bishopstone, in five counties.

The other sermon, on Proverbs xii. 26,. is in as neat but rather more cursive a hand~ No date or place is recorded ; but on the back is written the following notice :

" Tomorrow being y e 30 ot January, y e Day on which y e Blessed K. Charles y e first was in- humanly murder'd by his Rebellious Subject* (which has been y e cause of all these national miseries we of this K. have felt)* : the Piety of our Fore-fathers & y e wisdom of our holy mother y* Church has set y e same Day apart for devotion & humiliation, to implore y e mercy of God to avert those Judgments hanging over this sinfull nation- for y* unparallell'd villany, & therefore we intend to keep it holy."

Evidently this must have been about th& same date as the other, viz., soon after the-.

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