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NOTES AND QUERIES. [11 s. XL JUNE 12, 1915.

OLD ETONIANS : ( 1 ) ARDEN. There is a boy of this name in the Eton School List of 1781 with the following note attached in The Gentleman's Magazine of January, 1832: " Son of an ingenious poet, the friend of Garrick." Can any reader identify for me the ingenious poet ? I might mention that The Gentleman's Magazine for 1785, p. 559, contains some verses on Warwick Castle, both " by the late Mr. Garrick " and by the Rev. Mr. Arden.

(2) LORD WALDEN. Who would the Lord Walden be who, according to the Index to the_' Musae Etonenses ' (ed. 1795), has some Latin verses written while at Eton, and dated 1756 ? R. A. A.-L.

LIEUT. EDWARD COLLYER, ROYAL ARTIL- LERY, resigned his commission in February, 1813. He entered Holy Orders. Is any- thing known of his clerical career ? Does his name appear in any edition of Crockford? J. H. LESLIE, Major, Royal Artillery

(retired list). 81, Kenwood Park Road, Sheffield.

GOATS WITH CATTLE. I should be glad of any light that can be thrown on the preva- lent idea that animals thrive better if a goat be kept with them. I have seen what there is in Folk-Lo;e Journal, vol. v. ; Denham Tracts, vol. ii. ; and 'Lincolnshire Folk-Lore' (F.L.S.). J. T. F.


A DUTCH PRAYER-BOOK. In August, 1744, the books of a famous collector, Is. le Long, were sold by auction at Amsterdam. Among them was a MS. prayer-book entitled : " Een gebeede Boexken "voor onser lieve Vrouwe ter Noodt te Ringsputte, of Heyloo." There is reason for believing that this book passed into the hands of an English collector. It may, therefore, possibly be found in some English library. Any information about it would be particularly valued. P. C.


Miss BARSANTI (MRS. RICHARD DALY). This once famous actress was of Italian parentage, and made her first appearance at Coyent Garden in an occasional Prelude, written by George Colman the elder, on 21 Sept., 1772 ('Thespian Dictionary' and J. Genest's ' English Stage,' v. 359, 360). In August, 1777, she married " a man of for- tune " named Lisley, and retired from the English stage. On 21 May, 1778, she plaved Clarinda in ' The Suspicious Husband for her own benefit, appearing in the bills as Miss Barsanti, " since her husband's family

would not allow her to call herself Mrs. Lisley " (J. Genest's ' English Stage,' v. 586). In the ' Recollections of John O'Keeffe,' ii. 43,, she is spoken of as Mrs. Lister. She became a widow, and married Richard Daly, the Dublin manager, and was a great support to his theatre ('Records of my Life,' John Taylor, ii. 113). What was her Christian name, and what was the date of her death?. HORACE BLEACKLEY.

MILNER PORTRAITS. I shall be much obliged if any reader of ' N. &'Q.' can enable me to find the portraits of William Milner of Leeds, who flourished about 1660, and Ruth his wife, ancestors of the present Sir Frederick Milner, Bart. The paintings were the property of Edward Hailstone of Walton Hall, near Wakefield, and were probably sold by auction after his death.

The information is desired for a literary purpose. E. BASIL LUPTON.

8, Queen Square, Leeds.

GEORGE WALLIS, ANTIQUARY AND GUN- SMITH OF HULL. I much wish to know of this man, of whom, I have a characteristic- portrait in a mezzotint engraving in colours,, by J. R. Smith, after J. Harrison, the- miniaturist, 1797.


Racketts, Hythe, Southampton.

C. F. ELLERMAN. I should be greatly obliged for any information about place of birth, dates, &c., of Charles F. Ellerman, author of ' Anglo -Belgic Ballads and Legends/ 1854. Many of these poems are dedicated to well-known people, such as Charles Dickens, Alfred Crowquill, the Earl of Car- lisle, &c. The author seems to have spent much time in Antwerp. He was also author of ' The Amnesty ; or, Alba in Flanders,* ' Reminiscences of Cuba,' ' Sanitary Reform and Agricultural Improvement,' ' Alphonso Barbo ; or, The Punishment of Death,' &c. RUSSELL MARKLAND.

REPUDIATION OF PUBLIC LOAN. About the year 1840 the State of either Massa- chusetts or New York repudiated its public- loan, I am told, many English investors being ruined therebj r . I should be grateful for any information relating thereto, or for the exact title of the loan in question.


"WELCH" OR "WELSH." It would be interesting to know when and by what authority the spelling of Welch, in con- nexion with the Royal Fusiliers, was changed to Welsh. t The printed record of the regiment