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NOTES AND QUERIES. [11 s. XL JUNE 26, 1915.

SIB RICHARD BTJLKELEY, BART., OF IRE- LAND AND EwELL, SURREY. Can any reader tell me the date of the creation of this baronetcy, and when it became extinct, and to what branch of the Bulkeley family it belonged ? It is not mentioned in Burke of 1838, or in his ' Extinct Baronetage ' of 1841. Sir Richard Bulkeley, Bart., owned large estates in Ireland, and was patron of the living of Ewell, which he purchased in 1705. He is buried in a vault under the tower of the old church, Ewell, with his wife Lucy. The inscription, with arms and crest, is as follows :

" Here lyeth the Body of Sir Richard Bulkeley, Bart., who departed this life April ye 7 th , 1710, in the 47 th year of his age, and also of Lucy his wife, who departed this life October ye 9 th , 1710, in ye 47 th year of her age."

I should be glad to know the maiden name of Lady Bulkeley, and whether Sir Richard was the first and last baronet, and to receive any other information about him.


Ewell, Surrey.


1. Never grow old in the streets of gold. Can any one supply me with the rest of the poem in which these words occur ? It appeared in The Cornhill at the time of the Boer War. C. S. FRY.

Upton, Didcot.

2. Can any of your readers give me a copy of the poem ' Iiikerman.' or tell me where to obtain it ? The ' last stanza begins :

No was long as Franoe'and England shall give birth

to warlike men, These deeds will be remembered should the battle

burst again



should be much indebted to any correspon- dent for a list of such pictures.


DICKSON : BAILLTE : GORDON : SIMPSON. 1 seek genealogical details of the ancestry ot the above-named persons :

Dickson, died 1798, aged 94, was apine merchant in Edinburgh and St. Petersburg. He had three daughters (Christian names desired) and one son, Samuel Dickson, born 1749 died 1793, aged 44. He had by his wife Agnes daughter of Thomas Baillie of (?) Lamington by his wife Gordo-i five

sons : James, W.S., Samuel, W.S., Henry Gordon, W.S., Tom, and George; and two daughters : Helen, bom 1778, and Agnes, born 1793. It is thought that the first-named was a member of the Dickson of Hartree family.

An Isabella Dickson married at Calinton, Edinburgh, 26 Nov., 1790, James Simpson, born 1746/7, died 27 April, 1819. Was she a sister of the Samuel Dickson who died 1793 ? Particulars of the ancestry of James Simpson are also desired.

Please reply direct to


168, Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells.

VERGER'S STAFF. What is the customary manner of carrying the mace or staff by a verger in church processions ? A new verger having taken office in the church I attend, I am somewhat surprised to notice that he carries the verge in his left hand, and of course resting on his left shoulder, and, moreover, having the medallion at the head (circular, and about four inches in diameter and one inch in thickness) placed edgeways to the line of march.

In the time of the former verger I used not to be near enough to observe how he carried the mace, but I have always been imbued with the idea of avoiding everything left- handed, and so it seems to me the present practice cannot be correct. Perhaps some one cognizant of cathedral use would be good enough to enlighten me.

W. S. B. H.

STOKE POGES CHURCH : PICTURE. Can any reader inform me where I may find a coloured reproduction of an oil painting of this church, depicting it with its inside illumination shining through the windows, and snow all round the churchyard ?


SITE OF INSCRIPTION WANTED. Can any of your readers inform, me where this in- scription is to be found ?

Quis separabit meum atque tuura pendente vita. I was informed that it was on an inscribed stone in the Museum of Roman Remains at Chesters (Cilurnum), Northumberland, but a search for it has proved fruitless.


" JAGO," SHOREDITCH. Are there any descriptions of the Shoreditch " Jago Dis- trict " besides that contained in ' A Child of the Jago ' (Arthur Morrison) ?

J. ARDAGH. Dublin.