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Notes and Queries, July 31, 1915. SUBJECT INDEX.


Books recently published:

Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts relating to English Affairs Venice Northern Italy, edited by A. B. Hinds, 410, 475

Carpenters, Records of the Worshipful Com- pany of, Vol. II., 370

Churchward's (A.), M.D., The Arcana of Freemasonry, 483

Clergy Directory, 1915, 160

County Folk-Lore : Vol. VII. Fife, 239

Courtney's (W. P.) Johnson, 503

ox's (J. C.) The English Parish Church, 391

Cummings's (W. H.) Handel, the Duke of Chandos, ' The Harmonious Blacksmith,' 160

Dobell's (B.) Sonnets and Lyrics, 484

English Language, A Guide to, edited by H. C. O'Neill, 463

Fleetwood Family Records, edited by R. W. Buss, 179

Fraser's (G. M.) The Aberdonians, and Other Lowland Scots, 99

German Culture, edited by Prof. W. P. Paterson, 290

Gypsy Lore Society, Journal of the, Vol. VII. Part IV., 178

Harrison's (H.) Surnames of the United King- dom, 484

Harrison's (S. E. ) The Cirencester Vestry Book during the Seventeenth Century, 160

Haslemere Bygone Haslemere, edited by

E. W. Swanton, 138

Hawes's ( J. W. ) Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth,

Massachusetts, 99 Herrick (Robert), The Poems of, edited by

F. W. Moorman, 443

Hill's (G. F.) The Development of Arabic

Numerals in Europe, 443 Historical Documents, English, of the Ninth

and Tenth Centuries, edited by F. E.

Harmer, 79 Humphreys's (A. L.) Materials for the History

of the Town and Parish of Wellington,

Somerset, Parts I.-IV., 118 Jenkinson's (H.) Palaeography and the

Practical Study of Court Hand, 411 Jonson's (B.) A Tale of a Tub, edited by

F. M. Snell, 411 .Jugeler (Jack), edited by W. H. Williams,

M.A., 483 Keynes's (G.) Bibliography of the Works of

Dr. John Donne, Dean of St. Paul's, 79 JLee's (A. L.) Old Roads and Early Abbeys,

120 Lloyd's (T.) The Making of the Roman

People, 331 Mackintosh's (R.) Albrecht Ritschl and his

School, 179 .Macray's (W. D.) A Register of the Members

of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford:

Fellows, Vol. VIII., 239 Manners's (E.) Elizabeth Hooton, First

Quaker Woman Preacher, 391 Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, 80,

484 Morris's (H. N.) Flaxman, Blake, Coleridge,

and other Men of Genius influenced by

Swedenborg, 179, 276 JMundy (Peter), The Travels of, in Europe and

Asia, 1608 67, edited by Lieut.-Col. Sir R.

Carnac Temple, 38

Books recently published:

New English Dictionary on Historical Principles : Spring Squoyle, by W. A. Craigie ; St Standard, by H. Bradley, 351

New English Dictionary on Historical Principles : Su Subterraneous, by C. T. Onions, 59

Nicodemus, The Gospel of, and Kindred Documents, translated by A. Westcott, 219 Nobility, Titled, of Europe, compiled and

edited by the Marquis of Ruvigny, 12 Palmer's (A. S.) The Samson-Saga and its

Place in Comparative Religion, 462 Petit-Dutaillis's (C.) Studies and Notes on

Stubbs's Constitutional History, 424 Reed's (E. A.) Hinduism in Europe and

America, 272

Rivers's (W. H. R.) Percy Sladen Trust Ex- pedition to Melanesia, 331 Roberta's (R. G.) The Place- Names of Sussex ,

351, 389 Saunders's (M.) The Mystery in the Drood

Family, 38

Swift (Jonathan), The Correspondence of, edited by F. E. Ball, Vols. V. and VI., 311 Tacitus, The Histories of, English Translation

by G. G. Ramsay, 258 War, Five Articles *on, 352 Whitaker's Almanack, 1915, 19 Whitaker's Peerage, 1915, 19 Who's Who, 1915, 60 Booksellers' Catalogues, 140, 180, 220, 260, 292,

332, 412, 464, 504 Booksellers, provincial, of the seventeenth century,

45 ; of Cirencester, 141

"Born," " bornesteyd "= barns tead, 1063, 417 Borrow (G.), and " the Lion and the Unicorn," 417 ;

and De Vega's ghost story, 417, 498 Borrows (W.) M.A., drawing of monument of,


Borstal, derivation of the name, 13, 35, 54 Bosbury, offerings to the vicar, 1635-41, 263 Bosworth Field, the standard-bearer at, 208 Botany : fire and new-birth, 12 Boteler family, arms of, 399, 496 Botolph Lane, Lombard merchants in, c. 1480, 8 Boucher family of Somerset, 451 Bourn Bridge, Cambridgeshire, the inns at, 379 Bourne (Cardinal) with the British army in

France, 166

' BrabanQonne,' translation of the, 297, 423 Bradbury (Thomas), Lord Mayor, 1509, 52, 112 Braddon (Mary E.), 1837-1915, her 'Phantom Fortune,' 130, 175 ; bibliography of her works, 175, 227, 282, 366

Branks, engraving of a woman wearing the, 263 Brantome, translation of his works before 1612,

267 Breedon (Lieut. J.), Royal Reg. Artillery, d. 1795,

Breval (M. de), 1671, his Christian name, 322, 423 1 Brighton Customs Book,' its whereabouts, 148 Brisac (Lieut. W. H.), Royal Reg. Artillery,

retired 1819, 131 British Isles, statues and memorials in, ^4, 14o,

275, 428, 476

Bronte (Rev. Patrick), his marriage, 378 Brook (G. V.) engraving of, as Philip of France, 7,

59, 72