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come off during the removal. After the expenditure of much money and many weary months of labour, their researches were unsuccessful, and the two enterprising investigators returned disheartened to the United States. That is, briefly, my recol- lection of the incident.



" One of the most ancient Houses in this Lane is called the Leaden Porch, and belonged sometime to Sir John Mcrston, Kt., the first of Edward the Fourth : It is now called the Swan in Crooked Lane, possessed of Strangers, and for Selling of Rhenish Wine." Strype's edition of Stow's ' Survey of London,' 1720, book ii. p. 185.

Monuments in St. Michael's, Crooked Lane.

" Sir John Brudge Maior 1530 gave 50 pound for a House, called the College in Crooked Lane : He lyeth buried in St. Nicholas Hacon." Ibid., p. 18'6.

" Hard by this Saint Michael's Church, on the South Side thereof, in the Year 1560, on the fifth of July, through the shooting of a Gun, which brake into the House of one Adrian Arten, a Dutchman, and set fire on a Firkin and Barrel of Gun Powder, four Houses were blown up and divers others sore shattered, eleven Men and Women were slain, and sixteen so hurt and bruised, that they hardly escaped with their Life." Ibid., p. 187.

" In 1344 a tenement called the ' W T elhous in Crokedelan ' is spoken of."

" 'At one Mr. Packers in Crooked Lane, next the Dolphin, are very good Lodgings to be let, where there is freedom from Noise and a pretty Garden.' Advertisement, May 25, 1694." 'London Past and Present,' Wheatley and Cunningham, s.v. Crooked Lane,' vol. i. p. 476.


"FORWHY" (11 S. x. 509; xi. 35). May not the use of this expression by foreigners be due to an assumption that it is the translation of the French pourquoi ? It would thus be equivalent to " why," not " because."' Freeman has authority for the use of the word, as in Julian's ' Dictionary of Hymnology,' p. 44, the last verse of the 100th Psalm begins,

For why ? the Lord our God is good, taken from the original text of ' Daye' Psalter,' 1560-61, in which the Psalm ap- peared for the first time. I have heard the expression " I ; 11 tell you for why " used in London by an uneducated man, and but for its occurrence in the Psalm would have suggested its having crept into the language through the Huguenots, owing to their imperfect knowledge of English.

R. W. B.

OLD ETONIANS (11 S. x. 490). (4) William Orby Hunter, 1761-6. Robert Hunter,, Governor of Jamaica, married Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of Sir Tho. Orby of Croyland, co. Line. Baronet, and died 1734 r leaving an only son and heir, Tho. Orby Hunter, M.P. for Winchelsea, who died in 1769.

(7) Thomas Isherwood, 1755-62. Ann Isherwood of St. Botolph, Aldgate, widow. Will dated in 1763; eldest son Thos.,. youngest son James (P.C.C. 474 Caesar), James Isherwood of Aldersgate Street distiller. Will dated in 1779. My brother Thos. of Aldersgate Street, gent., and his. wife Susannah (P.C.C. , 263 Collins). Thos. Isherwood of Highgate, Esq. Will proved in 1780. My late brother James (P.C.C. 747 Abercrombie). Henry Isherwood (probably a near relative) was a wealthy brewer and M.P. for Windsor.

(8) Montague James, 1758-60. Col. Mon- tague James of Jamaica by Mary, daughter and coheir of Philip Haughton, had issue : 1. Philip, died 23 May, 1770. 2. Montague. 3. Thomas. 4. William, died 27 Feb., 1774. The latter three all entered Eton in 1758. On succeeding to the Haughton estates they took that surname before their own.

V. L. OLIVER. Sunninghill.

(11 S. xi. 9.)

Theophilus Lane. Theophilus is a fre- quent name among the Lanes of Hereford,, but only two of the name seem to fit the Eton entry of " Theophilus Lane, admitted 26 Jan., 1761, left 1763." One is the Rev Theophilus Lane, son of Canon William Lane of Hereford. This Theophilus died 16 June, 1816. The date of his birth is unknown to me, but his father died in June, 1752. I have a note, however, of uncertain autho- rity, that Theophilus was born in 1740, in which case he would be too old for Eton in 1761. The other Theophilus was the eldest son of Theophilus Lane (1719-92) by his first wife, Juliana Rodd of the Rodd. This Theophilus also died in 1816. I do not know the date of his birth, but his younger brother, Robert Lane of Ryelands, married in 1777.


Donganstown, Wicklow.

FIELDING'S ' TOM JONES ' : ITS GEO- GRAPHY (US. ix. 507; x. 191, 253, 292, 372 ; xi. 12).- PROF. BENSLY asks whether Fielding's father served at the battle of Malplaquet. As the colonel's daughter