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11 S. XL JAN. 23, 1915.] NOTES AND Q UERIES.


and conferences to that end. With the recom- mendation of the sound spirituall and savoury worth of them to the sober and spirituall reader, by Vavasour Powell, Minister of the Gospell .... To which is added. The Manner of the discipline and practise of the Gathered Churches, &c. London. Printed for Robert Ibbitson. 1651."

The addition contains a typical " Covenant."

Space will not permit me to point out all the Walkerisms, so I will confine myself to one the attack on the Quakers render- ing it quite certain that Harvey could not have written the tract. After saying of Cromwell that he had to deal,

" by reason of his great place, with many of erring judgments, as well as others, the most obstinate of whom I have often heard him silence, discountenance their errors with the greatest detestation, especially when of fundamental consideration,"

the tract goes on to state as follows :

" As once, dealing with some of the Quakers, he rendered their opinions in the most dreadful yet truest character that I ever heard. Saying that they were such as took the Crown off the Head of Christ, disrobed Him of His priestly garments and denied His propheticall office by setting up a spirit of their own in the room of His ; by the whole utterly making voyd His mediatorship, Who is God blessed for ever. And that he had rather be buried alive under a heap of stones than in the least to countenance the same, and much more which I have now forgot."

It is, I think, well known that this does not in the least truthfully describe Cromwell's attitude towards the Quakers, and any one who refers to Walker's news-book, Severall (or Perfect] Proceedings, for the year 1655, will find a series of the vilest personal accusa- tions against both Fox and his followers. In particular (to leave accusations of im- morality out of the question) he wrote as follows on 28 May, 1655 :

" Some papers were scattered about West- minster Hall this day, that the Quakers do acknowledge that there is a Heaven and a Hell, the Scriptures to be a declaration from the Spirit, and a Resurrection and Justification by faith in Christ. But there is no name to it ; it is a libell. I should be glad to hear of their conversions, or of any of them, from their black errors to the truth .... For I do not remember that I ever met with one of them that would own these funda- mental truths."

The Quakers answered this accusation by a broadside entitled :

" Slanders and lyes, being cast upon the Children of Light, given forth to print from one Henry Walker, which R. Ibitson [sic] hath printed, that they deny the Resurrection and Heaven and Hell," &c.

But the condemnation placed by Walker in the mouth of Cromwell would seem to infer that the errors of the Quakers were

those that Walker attributed to thero] on 28 May, 1655 in fact, that they were " fundamental," to use the word employed in both accusation and condemnation.



IN * An Inventory of the Earl of Sussex's Goods at Easton Mauditt,' co. Northants,

taken in (Stowe MS. 779), is a list of

family portraits which, according to Whel- lan's ' General and Manorial History and Directory of Northamptonshire,' 1849, were disposed of by public sale, presumably some time previous to 1809, when, it is stated, the seat of the Yelvertons was taken down :-

No. 23. LORD'S BED CHAMBER. Lord Vise* Longueville S r John Talbot Lady Talbot

No. 26. DRESSING ROOM. Queen Mary, Daughter to Henry 4 th , King of


Lord Visc fc Longueville when a child Late E. of Sussex when a child Lady Hatton [Frances, daughter of Sir Henry

Yelverton, and wife of Christopher, Viscount

Hatton] Lady Ingram Daniel in the Lyons Den

No. 28. LITTLE DINING ROOM. Sir Henry Yelverton

No. 29. LONG GALLERY. 51 Prints of Noblemen's Seats


Dowager Dutchess of Marlborough

Lady Catherine Windham

M ra Susannah Yelverton [? wife of Sir Henry,

2nd Bart., or daughter of Henry, Viscount



Dutchess of Somerset

Lady Manchester [? Anne, daughter of Sir Chris- topher Yelverton, 1st Bart., and wife of Robert, 3rd Earl of Manchester]

Lady Scarborough

S r Henry Yelverton

Lady Grey

Lady Longueville

Earl of Sussex

Henry Pelham, Esq r , of Lewes [father of the wife of the 1st Earl of Sussex]

M rs Pelham of Stanmer [? mother of ditto]

No. 32. Queen Elizabeth Oliver Cromwell