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NOTES AND Q UERIES. [ii s. XL JAN. 30, 1915.

We know Shelley's philosophy of nature differed somewhat from that of Wordsworth. But the spirit and diction of the lines below, from ' Hellas,' are very Words worthian, and are reminiscent of "Tintern Abbey.' Com- pare

A sense sublime

Of something far more deeply interfused Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, And the round ocean and the living air, And the blue sky, and in the mind of man : A motion and a spirit that impels All thinking things, all objects of all thoughts, And rolls through all things.

' Tintern Abbey,' 90 ff. and

. . . .that earth enwrapped Less in the beauty of its tender light Than in an atmosphere of living spirit Which interpenetrating all the .... ... .it rolls from realm to realm And age to age, and in its ebb and flow Impels the generations ....

' Hellas,' 20 ff.

In tempest of the omnipotence of God Which sweeps through all things. 102 ff.

WALTER GRAHAM. Columbia Universitv.


<See 11 S. x. 1, 43, 83, 122, 163, 205, 244, 284, 323, 362, 403, 442, 484; xi. 4, 43.)

1801. " Herman and Dorothea. A Poem, from the German of Goethe, By Thomas Holcroft. London : Printed for T. N. Longman and O. Bees, Paternoster Row, By Biggs and Cottle, Bristol, 1801." Octavo, xxii + 4+4- 211 pp.

This, one of the fruits of the Hamburg visit, was noticed in The Monthly Review, December. 1802 (39: 383), and in The British Critic for December, 1801 (18: 591). The only reprint of which I have record is the following :

  • ' Herman and Dorothea. A poem from the

German of Goethe. By Thomas Holcroft. Richmond : Printed at the Enquirer Press, 1805." Small octavo, xiv + 4+3-133 pp. Richmond, Virginia, must have been quite a publishing centre, for I find as early as 1789 the following at Richmond (cf. " Ame- rican Bibliography, by Charles Evans. Chicago : 1912," vol. vi. p. 445 ; vol. vii. p. 424) :

JOHN DIXON, Printer and Publisher. John Dixon and Thomas Nicolson, 1780-81 ; Dixon and Holt, 1783-5 ; Dixon and Holt, Printers to this Commonwealth, 1786-7 ; John Dixon, Printer to this Commonwealth, 1787-8.

JOHN DUNLOP, Printer and Publisher. John Dunlop and James Hayes, Printers to the Commonwealth, near the Treasury, 1782-6.

JAMES HAYES, Printer and Publisher. J. Hayes

at his Office, near the Governor's, 1786. JOHN HUNTER HOLT, Printer. Dixon and Holt

(q.v.), 1783-7. THOMAS NICOLSON, Printer and Publisher. Dixon

and Nicolson, 1780-81 ; Nicolson and Prentis,

1781-5 ; Thomas Nicolson, 1785-9. R. VILLIEBS, Author-Bookseller, 1788. W. ALLEN, Printer. A.t Mr. Hayes' Office, near

the Governor's, 1786 (q.v.). T. BREND, Bookseller. 1789. AUGUSTINE DAVIS, Printer and Publisher. Aug.

Davis, at the Post-Office, near the Bridge,

1786-9. WILLIAM PRENTIS, Printer. Nicolson and Prentis,

1781-5 (q.v.).

With so much publishing activity it is not, then, surprising to find an edition of Hol- croft. But the subject of The Enquirer Press still proves elusive. Cotton's ' Typo- graphical Gazetteer,' ser. 2, p. 278, says there was a weekly paper in Richmond in 1810. This was probably The Richmond Enquirer, vol. i. beginning in 1804.

Mr. H. J. Eckerirode, Archivist at the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va., writes to me as follows :

" The translation of ' Hermann and Dorothea ' printed by The Enquirer Press in 1805 does not appear to have been copyrighted. It is likely that The Enquirer bought the sheets and simplv put on its imprint, though it may have set up the formes too. I cannot vouch for this, but I am under the impression that The Enquirer did not do much original book-publishing.

" The first issue of the paper was on May 9, 1804, and the last in 1877. The publication was continuous with the exception of the period from April to October, 1865 for these five months it was suspended. In its later career it was con- solidated with The Examiner, and came out under the title of Enquirer and Examiner. It was at first and for many years a bi-weekly publication, but some time before the war it became a daily, and so continued until the end, though it also published special bi-weekly edi- tions for country circulation. This library has a pretty complete file of The Enquirer, and there is another file in the Library of Congress which has some breaks."

There is, though, the following from the same publishing house as the original im- print of the translation :

" Herma,nn and Dorothea : a Tale. Translated from the German of Goethe. London : Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Pater- noster-Row, By Mercier and Co. Northumber- land-Court, Strand. 1805." Duodecimo, front. + xii + l-U2 pp.

This has me much perplexed. It came from the same publishers as the one assigned to Holcroft, and even from the Mercier press in which Holcroft was at that time interested. And, strange to say, they bear the same engraving as a frontispiece : the blank- verse edition has it marked, " Published as