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11 8. XL JAN. 30, 1915.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


WOODHOTJSE, SHOEMAKER AND POET. Mrs. Piozzi reports " the celebrity of Mr. Woodhouse, a shoemaker, whose verses were at that time the subject of common dis- course." It was to this fortunate mortal that Johnson addressed the famous words, " Give nights and days to Addison if you mean to be a good writer, and, what is of more worth, an honest man." Can any one oblige me with particulars of his writings, lend mo any of them to look over, or tell me anything more about him ?

M. L. B. BRESLAJI. Percy House, South Hackney.

' GUIDE TO IRISH FICTION.' (See ante, pp. 47, 68.) I am engaged upon the second edition of my ' Guide to Irish Fiction,' the first edition of which appeared in 1910 (Longmans). I have a list of novels of Irish interest about which I have not yet been able to obtain any information. I should be grateful to any readers of ' N. & Q. ' who would send rne particulars of these books, or communicate with me direct, so that I might write to them personally and invite their kind co-operation. I should also be most grateful to any who happen to possess copies of my first edition, if they would point out any mistakes and omissions in it.

McGovern. Imelda, or Retribution : a Romance of Kilkee.

Mcln tosh .The Last Forward.

McLean (A. J.). Eman More.

MacLeod and Thomson. -Songs and Tales of St. Columba and his Age.

MacWalter (J. C.). Tales of Ireland and the Irish.

Mapother. The Donalds : an Irish Story.

Markham. The Avenged Bride : a Tale of the Glens of Antrim.

Maturin. The Wild Irish Boy.

Montgomery. Mervyn Grey, or Life in the R.I.C.

Moore. The Family of Glencarra : a Tale of the Irish Rebellion.

O'Byrne. The Sisters and Green Magic.

O'Kelly. Blind Maureen, and Other Stories.

O'Neill (J.). Handerahan the Fairy Man.

Parnell. Maurice and Bergetta, or the Priest of Rahery.

Pelham. Sheila Donovan : a Priest's Love Story.

Percival. The Irish Dove.

Porter (A. M.). Honor O'Hara.

Power, Miss, Countess of Blessington. Country Quarters : a Novel.

Prevost. Le Doyen de Kellerine.

STEPHEN J. BROWN, S.J. Milltown Park, Dublin.

[The Countess of Blessington's 'Country Quar- ters' is noticed in the account of her in the 'D.N.B.,' 8.v. Blessington.]

(To be continued.)


(1) Beginning

There's an isle far off under India's skies, Where the mariner oft at eve descries . . Ending

And the giant sea had his own again.

(2) Beginning

The dismal yew and cypress tall Wave o'er the churchyard lone. Ending

Hoarse-dashing rolls the salt sea wave Over our perished darling's grave.

(3) Beginning

Of some the dust is Irish earth Among their own they rest. Ending

Is all that remains of the Irish Brigade.

J. G. S.

RICHARD NEVE. Is anything known of the author of " The City and Countrey Purchaser, and Builder's Dictionary : or

the Compleat Builder's Guide By T. N.

Philomath. London, 1703," 288 pp., 8vo ? Second and third editions were issued in 1726 and 1736, the title-page of each giving the author's name in full as " Richard Neve, Philomath " ; and the third having a Preface in which the latter is more than once named as author, and as having," by great Industry, by personal Enquiry, and by long experi- ence," procured materials for the work, which had, in 1736, " been deriv'd down by lawful purchase, and valuable considerations, to the present Proprietors."

Neve seems to have been especially con- versant with the building trade as carried on in Sussex, and in a less degree in Kent, and also well acquainted with similar work ki London, giving detailed directions for varied operations, and many specimen bills of charges. I find nothing of Richard Neve in books of reference, except a mention, in The Gentleman's Magazine, of the death, on 11 April, 1764, of "Richard Neve, Esq., at Bath," which may, or may not, be applic- able. A " Richard Neve " appears as author of " The Merry Companion ; or, Delights for the Ingenious. . . .composed for the innocent Diversion of Youth," London, 1716 ; second edition, 1721 ; but I doubt if the laborious compiler of the technical work of 1703 was the same hand that put together the last-named book, which seems in places scarcely adapted to " innocent Diversion of Youth." The British Museum ' Catalogue of Engraved British. Portraits,' 1912, refers to a woodcut portrait of " Robert Neve, juggler," in a