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NOTES AND QUERIES. [u s. ix. FEB. 14, 1914.

The supplementary data will be found useful and suggestive by other investigators, and the Index is

a he author is certainly to be congratulated on the illustrations. In addition to some really beau- tiful old portraits, he has introduced several from nineteenth-century photographs. These, though ot family interest, are usually a blot upon a book from the artistic point of view ; but here the treatment of the reproductions is so soft as to render them remarkably satisfactory.

Holborn and London Citizens. Edited by J. C.

Whitebrook. (A. W. Cannon & Co.) KNOWING- how difficult it is to trace eighteenth- century pedigrees, the editor has put forth this booklet in the hope that he has afforded a number of clues to future searchers, and contri- buted somewhat to the neglected history of London boroughs and schools. It is a record of the entries and apprenticeships of pupils, and of the names of the managers and masters, of St. Andrew's School, Holborn, and of the Navi- gation School of Mr. Joseph Neale, and gives Trades, Streets, and Places from 1725 to 1736. Mr. Whitebrook has the good practice of enlisting sympathy from others in his work : the indexes of names, places, and trades, and notes upon the Navigation School, are due to his wife, while the boys and girls of St. Andrew's School have helped in arranging and classifying.

MR. CECIL CLARKE writes : "In continuation of my remarks at 11. S. viii. 446, it may be of interest to mention that I have recently been privileged to inspect a rough plan of the proposed scheme of changes to be effected in the large area now cleared from portions of Upper Brook, Park, and Green Streets, Park Lane. When completed these altera- tions should certainly form a great, if not unique, attraction to this fashionable locality ; for a large part of the space available is being laid out by the Duke of Westminster as gardens, to be surrounded by the many fine mansions in course of building. These grounds are to be of the Old-English style as adopted in Kensington Gardens. I have heard, also, they are to be for the public use. If so, it would be a very generous act on the part of his Grace, and one likely to be highly appreciated."


MR. P. M. BARNARD of Tuiibridge Wells sends his Catalogue 84 of tracts, broadsides, ballads, &c. (709 items), arranged chronologically and covering the years 1557-1888. It includes a large number of tracts on the Civil War, trade (Mun's ' Discourse of Trade,' 1621, SI. 15s.), America, and other matters ; Crashaw's ' Fatall Vesper,' 1623, 3Z. 15s. ; Goad's

  • Dolefull Even-Song,' 1623, 3L 5s. ; tracts on the

Cavaliers and Roundheads, the Popish Plot, the Standing Army controversy, 1698, and Smugglers and Robbers ; a copy of Owen's Weekly Chronicle for 13-20 Oct., 1759, with an account of the capture of Quebec and the death of Wolfe ; chapbooks, &c. A number of broadsides and ballads of various dates cover a variety of subjects. Many of the tracts are offered at a low price.

WE have received from Mr. B. T. Batsford a very interesting and well-illustrated catalogue of prints of views in Rome and Psestum by Piranesi,

which is preceded by an Introduction on the en- graver's life and work. It is not definitely men- tioned what is the state of the prints offered, though the writer of the Introduction very pro- perly points out the worthlessness of many of the prints, from outworn plates, with which the market has been glutted. The list, which runs to 119 items, may be taken to include the best known and finest of Piranesi's engravings.

MESSRS. MAGGS'S Catalogue 319 contains no fewer than 1,879 items, and of these first editions, "Association" books, books with coloured plates, and works on sports and pastimes a large propor- tion are of first-rate value. Most of the great names of the nineteenth century are represented among them. The pages devoted to Thackeray are specially interesting. They describe a collection of original drawings for ' The Book of Snobs ' being the jotting down of his preliminary ideas, which in their published form had been modified by Punch 21QI. ; and the following from Lady Ritchie's col- lection : a series of ten drawings in water-colour, pen, ink, and pencil miscellaneous subjects 1101. ; a pencil drawing of ' Miss Raby, Dr. Birch's Niece,' 20Z. ; eight of the drawings for ' Mrs. Per- kins' Ball ' (pen - and - ink and pencil), 2WI. ; six water-colour drawings for the Paris Sketch- book,' 2101. ; and ten drawings, in water-colour, pen-and-ink, and pencil, for Punch, 1851. These are all in sunk mounts and bound in morocco by Riviere. The Browning items, again, are very attractive, and they include Browning's own copy of ' Bells and Pomegranates ' eight numbers, first editions, in one volume, 1841 with a note in his hand explaining the occasion of certain alterations made in MS. in this copy of ' Colombo's Birthday,' 105/. There are corrections of the authors', too, in the copy of " Men and Women" presented to his wife " Good Friday, 1856, Paris" 65Z. Messrs. Maggs have also Mrs. Browning's Greek Bible, 1828, 251., and the Comte de Ripert Monclar's drawing of Browning, 1837, 15Z. 15s. Under Scott there are some twenty-four items, of which the most important is a complete set of first editions of the Waverley Novels, 1814-32, 55QI. Under Shelley there is a good first edition of 'St. Irvyne, or the Rosicrucian ' (521. 10s.), and a first edition of ' Hellas '(51. 5s.); but the best item is an uncut copy of the first edition of 'Queen Mab,' bearing title-page, dedication to " Harriet," and printer's imprint, IQQl. The ' Sports and Pastimes section comprises a good representative series of works, from among which we may mention an uncut set of The Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, 1822-28, 110Z. ; arid John Bol's 'Venationis, Piscationis, et Avicupii Typi,' 1582, 42J.

[Notices of other Catalogues held over.]

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