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NOTES AND QUERIES. in s. ix. JUNE is, wu.

the Dissenters' burial-ground here. No rstone marked the spot, the only indication -of his grave being a tablet on the cemetery wall. In 1909 steps were taken by the Non- conformists of North Wales to erect a suit- able memorial over his burial-place. This was unveiled by Mrs. Lloyd George on 10 April, 1912. It consists of a tall, spiral construction of polished red Peterhead granite, resting upon a granite base. Mrs. Tom Ellis presided over the ceremony, which was witnessed by several thousand people.

Information is desired respecting the following memorials : Bede, Sunderland ; Rev. C. Gordon, Aberdeen ; Canon Hoare, Tunbridge Wells ; Samuel Rutherford, Gate- house and Anwoth ; Rowland Hill, Hawk- stone ; Dr. Hanna, Belfast ; Rev. T. Cook, Ourbar ; Dean Colet, Hammersmith ;

Rowlands, Llangeitho ; Matthew Henry, Chester ; Dean Hook, Leeds.

JOHN T. PAGE. Long Itchington, Warwickshire.

(To be continued.)

ROBERT HEETE IN THE ' D.N.B.' In giving " 28 Feb., 1428," as the date of Heete's death, the ' D.N.B.' (xxv. 365) relied on a statement in Moberly's ' Life of Wyke- ham ' (1887), p. xii, n. 2 (p. xv, n. 3, in the second edition, 1893). But Moberly's read- ing of the entry in the Winchester College Register of Fellows, part of which he pur- ported to quote, was inaccurate. The original entry runs thus :

" Magister Heete de Wodestoke in com. Oxon. socius admissus et iuratus xiii die mensis Februarii A regni regis Henrici v u ix " [i.e., 13 Feb., 1421/2]! {Addition by another hand : ] " qui obiit penultimo die Februarii anno regni regis H. vi 44 xi mo " [not " 6 Hen. 6," as Moberly] " et " [here comes what seems to be really a marginal note : " iacet in introitu Capelle Coll."] " anno dm. rnillesimo cccc mo xxxii , litera dominicali D." li.e., 27 Feb., 1432/3].

This date for Heete's death, 27 Feb., 1432/3, does not rest merely upon the above entry, but is confirmed by other Winchester Oollege documents. For instance, the Bur- sars' Account Roll, Mich. 11 H. VI.-Mich., 12 H. VI. (1432-33), records that in that bursarial year Heete's stipend as a Fellow of the College was paid for the first quarter of the year and for ten further weeks ; and on the other hand the Roll includes

among the receipts the following item :

" Oblationes : Et de domino Willelmo Wyke sacrista Coll. hoc anno cum xiiis. iiiie?. de legatis m. Rob. Heete et m. Johannis Wyllyng' xxxiiis. iiiid."

Another small mistake which the ' D.N.B.' perpetuates is in the date when Heete became Fellow of New College, Oxford. On the authority of what is really an error or misprint in Kirby's ' Winchester Scholars ' (1888), p. 28, this date is given as " 1417." But the correct date is 1407. For Heete, having become a Scholar at Winchester in or about 1401, migrated to the sister foundation in or about 1405, and, after the customary two years' probation as Scholar there, was admitted as Fellow in 1407. For the dates here given I rely on the follow- ing Winchester College books :

1. Register of Winchester Scholars : "Nomina Scolarium admissorum Anno regni regis Henrici iiiiti ip [ w ith the later addition : " Et A mcccc i " ; and the yet later addition : " 1401 " ; but the regnal year 2 Hen. IV. actually

began on 30 Sept., 1400] [27th name: ]

" Bobertus Heete de Wodesoke [sic] in com. Oxon. re[cessit] ad Coll. Oxon. [i.e., to New College, Oxford] a predicti Regis vii " [which regnal year began on 30 Sept., 1405]. [Margmal"note: ] '" Socius Winton."

2. " Liber Successionis et Dignitatis " (an old manuscript book, compiled from records of New College, Oxford, of the Fellows of that College

down to the year 1640) : " Anno Dni. 1407

[5th name : ] Rob. Heete. De Com. Oxon. Lincoln. Dioc. [Decessio : ] 1421. [Gradus, &c. : ] Legum Eac. Capellanus Cantariae S. Trini- tatis Omnium Sanctorum Oxon. presentatus 1417.

Eermutat cum Rectore Kctlesiae par. S. Mildredse i Oxonia Anno Dni 1417."

At the end of the book just cited, there is the note :

" The Chauntry of the Holy Trinity in All Saints Church in Oxon. was the Presentation of New Coll. Oxon." H. C.

THE BATHOS IN FRENCH VERSE. The bathos has been well defined was it by Pope ? as " the art of sinking in poetry." First-rate examples of it are somewhat hard to find. But here is one, dated 1822, in the ' Livre Mystique ' of Alfred de Vigny, under the title ' Moi'se.' Moses ascends Mount Nebo, and there addresses his Maker :

Helas 1 je sais aussi tous les secrets des cieux, Et vous m'avez pret6 la force de vos yeux. Je commande a la nuit de d^chirer ses voiles ; Ma bouche par leur nom a compte" les 6toiles, Et, des qu'au firmament mon geste 1'appela, Chacune s'est h/itee en disant, *' Me voila." J' impose mes deux mains sur le front des nuages Pour tarir dans leurs flancs la source des orages ; J'engloutis les cites sous les sables mouvants ; Je renverse les monts sous les ailes des vents ; Mon pied infatigable est plus fort que 1'espace ; Le fleuve aux grandes eaux se range quand je

Et la voix de la mer se devant ma voix. Lorsque mon peuple souffre, ou qu'il hii faut des lois,