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ii s. ix. JUNE 20, 1914 ] NOTES AND QUERIES.


CROMWELL'S ILLEGITIMATE DAUGHTER, MRS. HARTOP (US. ix. 29, 94, 372, 452). Further references to Jonathan Hartop may be found in Easton's book on ' Health and Longevity,' p. 138 ; also in George Smeeton's ' Biographia Curiosa,' London, 1822, p. 9, which gives as a foot-note the extract from Easton's book.

The Rev. Edwin Evers, M.A., Vicar of Aldborough, to whom I wrote concerning Jonathan Hartop, very kindly informed me that his burial is not in the Aldborough Registers, and sent me an extract from a book entitled ' John Royston ' (a sketch during the Civil War in the North of Eng- land), by W. G. Wrightson, published in 1897 by Gay & Bird, London, and Mawson, Swan & Morgan, Newcastle, which runs as follows :

" Next to this piece of needlework comes the portrait of old Jonathan Hartop of Aldborough. Yes, he died in 1791, and was 138 years of age. When my father was a boy he walked some miles with him, on Christmas day, two years before his death, and he had some talks with him at other times. Although in his old age he lived at Aldborough, he was a native of London. He could remember the great fire, and several times over told my father how angry John Milton had been with him when he tried to make a present of 50Z. to the blind old Poet. His third wife was in some way connected with Oliver Cromwell, and it must have been through her that he caine into possession of Cooper's beautiful portrait of the Lord Protector. And then he knew John Royston and his wife Dorothy, and was never tired of telling all he knew about them, for he loved them much." Introduction, p. 3.

In Burke's 'Landed Gentry' (1850), iii. 90 : a Mr. Hartopp of Attercliffe, Yorks, merchant, married Sarah, second daughter of Joseph Deakin, or Dakeyne, gent., of Tinsley, co Yorks, and had issue one daugh- ter. This is most probably one of the wives of Jonathan Hartop. Joseph Deakin died in 1795.

I have been endeavouring for some time to trace the parents of Jonathan, but the Plague records are by no means complete ; in fact, I believe there are very few of them. Perhaps the Bills of Mortality, 1665 (in Grose, ' Antiq. Rep.,' v. 2, 1808), might throw some light on the subject. The descendants are equally hard to trace ; il they could be found, most likely his papers would be forthcoming, as also the portrait. The Gentleman's Magazine, vol. Ixxii part i., 1802, p. 424 (19 May), quotes word for word the paragraph from the Worcester newspaper of 2 April, 1790. It is to be found in the British Museum, and is wel worth reading ; but is too long for me to give here.

The Editor very justly points out, ante, . 453, the discrepancy in dates.

May I add a little to MR. A. R. BAYLEY'S lotes on Charles Fleetwood (b. 1618, d.

Oct., 1692, bur. in Bunhill Fields), who narried :

1. Frances, dau. and sole heir of Thomas mith of Winston, co. Norfolk (buried probably

_t Feltwell, Norfolk). By this marriage he had

Smith Fleetwood, b. 9 Feb., 1644, bapt. 29 July, 647, at Feltwell, who married Mary Hartopp, 6 Oct., 1666, at Feltwell. Smith Fleetwood

was buried at Stoke Newington, 4 Feb., 1708-9.

A.nd Elizabeth Fleetwood, who married Sir John lartopp (bapt. Buckminster, 31 Oct., 1637,

bur. at Stoke Newington, 11 April, 1722) 8 Nov.,

1666, &c.

2. Bridget Cromwell, eldest dau. of the Pro- /ector and widow of General Ireton, of which

marriage there was no surviving issue. She was buried at St. Anne's, Blackfriars, 1 July, 1662.

3. Mary, eldest dau. of Sir John Coke of Melbourne, co. Derby, the widow of Sir Edward

and mother of Sir John Hartopp mentioned above. This marriage took place at St. Anne's, Blackfriars, 14 Jan., 1664, but there was no issue. She died 17 Dec., 1684, and is buried in Bunhill Shields with Fleetwood. (Or, to be more correct, Fleetwood, who died in 1692, was buried by her ide.)

It is curious to note how a brother and a sister married a sister and a brother ; also how Fleetwood married his son-in-law's mother as his third wife.


85, Onslow Gardens, S.W.


  • 9, 434). It was Sir Richard Sackvillewho

was Chancellor of the Court of Augmentations and Crown Revenues. His appointment, which was for life, is dated 24 Aug., 2 Ed- ward VI., and can be seen on the Patent Roll for that date at the Public Record Office. In the State Papers, Domesti?, for Edward VI., vol. iv., No. 48, is an abstract of the rights and privileges granted to him in his commission. There is also an account of him in the * D.N.B.' He died 1566. E. A. FRY.

HUGH PETERS (11 S. vii. 4, 45, 84, 123, 163). A slight oversight has put the first extract at the second reference under " 24 March," when it ought to be 2 May. In ' The History of the Troubles and .Tryal of William Laud,' p. 203, we read :

" The same day [May 2] in prosecution ot the former Plot, March 24, it was moved in the House of Commons to send me to New England ; but it was rejected."


Yspytty Vicarage, Bettws-y-Coed.