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NOTES AND QUERIES. [iis.ix. JUNE 27,1914.

Walter Gilbey's book upon 'Animal Painters,' 2 vols., 1900. The following from the Fol- kard family history mentioned above may assist biographically :

" James Folkard was a son of Jeremiah by his second wife. Papers came into my hands which show that he was a veterinary surgeon at Beccles. He died 12 April, 1820. I am not certain as to issue, but there is every probability that Robert William Folkard of Beccles, an artist, who died 9 Nov., 1835, was a son of his. In that case a sister of this artist, Louisa Folkard, who was living a spinster at Wells-next- the-Sea, Norfolk, must also have been one of his children. This Louisa, as late as 20 March, 1878, took out letters of administration to her brother's estate to complete some title to property." A. Folkard's monograph, pt. ii. p. 91.


1S7, Piccadilly, W.

COWLARD (11 S. ix. 471). William Cow- lard of Balliol College. Oxford (for him see J. Foster's ' Alumni Oxonienses,' p. 307), son of Thomas Cowlard of Tiverton, was in succession Curate of Lamerton, Devon ; Vicar of Laneast, Cornwall; and from 1805, for several years, Master of the Launceston Grammar School, dying in 1844. His son, John Lethbridge Cowlard, was Town Clerk of Launceston from 1867 to 1874, dying in 1885; and the latter's son, Christopher Lethbridge Cowlard, was Mayor of that borough in 1882. DUNHEVED.

I find in Foster's ' Alumni Oxonienses ' the following :

" William Cowlard, s. Thomas of Tiverton, Devon, gent. Balliol Coll. matric. 7 July, 1798, age 1 18 ; B.A. 1802 ; P.C. Laneast, Cornwall, and Curate of Lamerton, Devon."

" Rev. William Cowlard, 2 s. John Lethbridge of Mudford, Cornwall, arm. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 17 Oct., 1863, aged 23 ; B.A. 1866, M.A.



The address of Mrs. Mary Cowlard will be found on p. 855 of the ' London Post Office Directory for 1914.' WM. H. PEET.

This name appears in the current volume of Crockford's ' Clerical Directory.'

C. D.

The name occurs at Shepperton.


I was a client some years ago of a firm of solicitors, Messrs. Cowlard & Chowne. Mr. Chowne is still alive, and, if desired, I could send your correspondent his address, as he would know as to Mr. Cowlard.

B. O. C.

There is at least one family of this name resident in Old Oxted, Surrey, albeit in humble circumstances, the head of the family being a cobbler. PIQUE.

[MB. ARCHIBALD SPARKE and YQREC also thanked for replies.]


Behold 1 the radiant Spring, In splendour decked anew, Down from her heaven of blue Returns on sunlit wing.

These are the opening lines of the second ' Ode to Spring ' by the Poet Laureate (bk. ii. 9 of his ' Shorter Poems ').


(US. ix. 429, 475.)

'The Mucking of Geordie's Byar,' with music, appears in ' Johnson's Scots Musical Museum ' (vol. i. p. 97 ; 1787), instituted in 1771.

There have been several songs set to the air of * The Mucking of Geordie's Byar.' Burns adopted it to his ' Adown Winding Nith,' written in honour of Miss Phillis or Philadelphia Macmurdo ; and the Rev. J. Nicol of Innerleithen used it for his ' Ha- lucket.' The circumstance which is said to have inspired the words was the complaint of a young lady who was disowned by her family for marrying beneath her, when she had to do menial work.

The first verse given by MR. IOLO WILLIAMS at the second reference is the refrain or chorus. My authority has as the first verse :

As I went over yon meadow,

And carelessly passed along, I listen'd with pleasure to Jenny

While mournfully singing this song :

" The mucking of Geordie's byar," &c.

The song consists of five verses, but the last quoted by MR. WILLIAMS, beginning " The mouse," &c., is not one of them.


DR. JOHN SAMUEL PHENE (11 S. ix. 407, 457). Inscription at foot of cross of granite in Kensworth Churchyard :

John Samuel

Phene", LL.D.

Died March 9th, 1912.

Aged 87.


At the second reference his age is given as 89. A. H. W. FYNMORE.


See also US. ii. 48.