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NOTES AND QUEKIES: & jWebtum of intercommunication FOR LITERARY MEN, GENERAL READERS, ETC. " When found, make a note of." CAPTAIN CUT-TUB. No. 200. FS] FEBRUARY 11, 1922. Registered as a Newspaper. CHATTO & WINDUS will shortly publish By SHANE LESLIE By C. E. MONTAGUE THE OPPIDAN, a novel of Eton. DISENCHANTMENT. A new work by The author of " Cardinal Manning " Mr. Montague is an event. Here and " The End of a Chapter " here he analyses our war experiences and continues his studies in our vanishing present discontents gently and moder- English society. Not so much a ately, but with a passionate desire school story as a panorama of Eton for truth, and in language of great life and manners. Cr. Svo. 8s. Qd. literary distinction. Cr. Svo. Is. net. By HARLEY GRANVILLE- By SIR HARRY JOHNSTON BARKER THE VENEEBINGS, a sequel to Charles TH ? EXEMPLARY THEATRE. The Dickens's novel, " Our Mutual author here sets out to discover the Friend," traversing, with a wealth true . oas s f the theatres use to of interest and detail, the Victorian society the only basis, he contends, scene from 1864 to 1901 in England, f?J!*f* ** Wl11 *>* worth while to France, and South Africa. Cr. Svo. b U the theatre f the f uture - Smatt Ss. Qd. net. Dem y 8vo - 9s - *- By BRET HARTE B ^LIVE BELL By RICHARD CLAPHAM By ARTEMUS WARD TROUT-FISHING FOR THE BEGINNER. THE COMPLETE WORKS. A re-issue A simple and practical handbook, in one volume of the works of this concise and comprehensive, designed popular American humorist, long out particularly for the learner. Cr. Svo of print. Cr. Svo. 5s. net. 3s. 6d. net.

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