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124 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 S. X. FEB. IS, curemt. Let the world judge when, they were | such as never impos'd upon any person whatso- ever. Being to appear from day to day upon sumons without end. And besides a guard of a I whole squadron of horse dayly attending the : bowse the whole summer long. And further to show of what perfidious prin- j ciples this Moorland is, and how he hath pro- ! fitted under Whitlock, Bradshaw, Cromwell, ; Thurloes and Scott's employments, He told Sir | Rich, by way of ostentation that himself and one Mrs Russell poyson'd old Noll with a jjossett, and ' laughing said that Thurloe had had a lick too though he miss'd of the effect, yet it laid him up I a great while at Mr. Lambe's in Stx Bartholp- 1 mews.* Also at another time he received 150 in j gold of an embassador for the copy of a paper j lying in Thurloes studdy and then also said to Sir Rich, to what purpose was it to serve the King when these embassadors would give as much at one time for a service done as theKing had to live on. Neavertheless he must find some way to appease the King for an unpardonable epistle he haekj printed to his books of his journey into Piedmont, slighting the King and his family and advancing that of Cromwells, and withall said that however he would not trust the king who was. revengeful and of a temper not to forgett injuryes, and this he said to Sir Rich, about a month agone. And that he had already ship't his goods to Diepe and written to his father in law in France to procure a protection from that king for Thurloe to live in Normandy, who was resolv'd to trust the king as little as he, For, he said, though the King should pardon Thurloe, yet that the bloud of Penrud- dock, Sir Henry Slingsby and Doctor Hewett, whose deaths with many others he had contriv'd would never be forgotten nor forgiven, but that he would be pistolled one time or other. Likewise Sir Rich, was continually importun'd by Moor- land, pretending he had it in order and instructions soe to do that he would begin a treaty and that purpose, lay a designe to introduce, and invite a party of the Kings from abroad or from home to a suppos'd surprise of a port, which should be a trapp to catch and destroy the undertakers. As they have effected upon him. And what vil- lainous use they have made of a cypher taken from him above two yeares since (and pretended by them to be lost) as to forging of letters and names and emptying upon him the whole synke of their intelligence, God knowes. Moorland having told him very lately at London that several persons that were concern'd as he call'd it, came to him to know whether it was true that Thurloe was j printing a particuler of all his intelligencers. Lastly whereas it is said that the said Sir Rich. W. was to have by way of contract 1200 a year from them for giving intelligence ; there is nothing more false then that ever there was any such offer made him. Which together with the rest afore- mentioned, he offers freely to make good either by oath or any other way shall be proposed to him. And is ready to give a further account of all perti- <mlars from the beginning to the ending of this unhappy negotiation. And if the said Moorland who, in this condition (as he supposeth) is as little to be credited as himself, can by any valid witnesses, make appear that Sir Rich, talk't with either Oliver or Richard Cromwell in all his life, he is ready to own all the accusation that is made against him. Note. Sir R. Willys was condemned for treason on May 15, 1660 (Historical Manuscripts Com- mission's Fifth Report, Appendix, p. 208). J. G. M.

  • " It's undoubted that he was ' velenato,' and

Jo. Thurlo the secretary, had a lick of it. Credo che quel Thurlo lo disse al Cavalier Rico. Willys " (Diary of Richard Symonds, Harl. MS. 991). COMMONWEALTH MARRIAGES AND BURIALS IN THE ALDEBURGH REGISTER BOOK. (See 12 S. x. 81, 104.) ANNO 1654. 1655. BAWKY & The purpose of marriage between BUSTIAN Mellis Bawky singleman, son of Erne Bawky widdow and Ailce Bustian singlewoman daughter of Anne the wife of John Waters, all this parish, was pub- lished three severall Lords days in the parish Church of Aldeburgh after the morning exercise was done viz, on the 21, & 28 days of January, & on the 4th day of February 1654 : And the sayd Mellis & Ailce were marryed on the 13th day of March 1654, by Mr Tho : Cheney Justice of Peace of this Corporation. BENNET & The purpose of marriage betweeiie MILBUBNE John Bennet singleman of this parish sonne of Marian Bennet of Kelshall widdow ; and Anne Lilburne* of this parish widdow ; was published 3 severall Lords days, in this parish Church after the morning exercise was done ; viz on the 21 & 28 day of January, and on the 4th of February 1654; and the John & Anne were marryed on the 22<1 day of February 1654, by Mr Tho : Cheney Justice of peace 'in this Corporation. BAWKY & The purpose of marriage between WEST. James Bawky widdower & Eliza- noe certif. beth West widdow, both of this parish, was published 3 severall Lords days, viz on the 21 & 28 days of January, and on the 4th day of February 1654, in the parish Church of Aldeburgh after the morninj Sermon was done ; and the sayd James ant Elizabeth were marryed on the 4th day of February without a certificat from the Register, by Mr Tho : Cheney Justice of Peace in this Corporation. TELFORD & The purpose of marriage between PULHAM. Edmund Telford widdower and Mary Pulham widdow both of this parish was published 3 severall Lords days in this parish Church after the morneing sermon was done, viz on the 11, 18, & 25th days of February 1654 ; and the sayd Edmund and Mary were marryed on the 27th day of February 1654, by Mr Edward Cocket Justice of peace in this Corporation.

  • So appears and probably correct, being a

well-known name in Aldeburgh.