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12 S. X. FEB. 18. 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 129 and soon after was one of the founders! The map itself is of great interest but com - of the two adjoining towns, Washington , ment on it must be left to Mr. John E. and Maysville. Pritchard, F.S.A., who has been the means Of this town of Washington, Collins, in his of the discovery of a very fine copy. ' History of Kentucky,' has this interesting j ROLAND AUSTIN. SCARLET HUNTING COAT. Why called " pink " ? Search in various works of refer- ence fails to reveal an explanation. ROLAND AUSTIN. PSEUDO-TITLES FOB " DUMMY " BOOKS. Many years ago there appeared in ' N & Q.' lists of sham titles, adapted for the backs of dummy books, laid upon sham shelves, masking doors in libraries. ' Extinct Titles' was one, 'Thoughts upon Wood' was another. For a row of folios at the bottom I remember s Auctorum ignotorum omnia quae non supersunt.' Can any old subscriber lists ? give the references to these EDWARD HERON-ALLEN. note : The most celebrated school in the west at the time was in Washington, 1807-12 ; that of Mrs. Louisa Caroline Warburton Fitzherbert Keats, sister of Sir George Fitzherbert of St. James's Square, London, and wife of Rev. Mr. Keats, a deaf and uninteresting old gentleman, relative of the great English poet, George (sic) Keats. Henry Lee was appointed Captain of Militia in 1786 by Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia; in 1787-8 he represented Bourbon Co. (now Mason Co.) in the Virginia Legislature, and in the latter year cast one of the 168 votes which ratified the Constitu- tion of the United States by the narrow majority of 10. He was surveyor of Mason Co. in 1789 ; was appointed, 1792, Lieu- tenant-Colonel by Governor Isaac Shelby, the first Governor of Kentucky ; and in the same year (in which Kentucky was made a separate State), Lee was one of the Com- missioners who selected Frankfort as the State capital. In November, 1 794, he was pla ced bv Presi- dent Washington in command of an army ! are many scattered about the country, raised to suppress an insurrection in the I LAURANCE M. WULCKO. western counties of Pennsylvania, and in 1798 was made Brigadier - General by Governor James Garrard He died at , MENT ._ T he following meagre paiticulars of Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky, Oct. 24, the chap i ains to the regiment aie known. Can any reader supply information as to the date and place of birth, education, and careers before appointment to and after leaving the regiment ? GRAVES OF POLISH EXILES IN BRITAIN. I should be glad to hear of any graves or memorials in the British Isles of Polish exiles. The only ones I know are those of Ostrowski, Nowosielski, Darasz, and Worcell in Highgate cemetery, and that of Stolzman at Haverigg, but no doubt there 142, Kinfauns Road, Goodmayes, Essex. REGIMENTAL CHAPLAINS, H.M. 84TH REGI- 1845, in his 89th year. W. CLARK DURANT. uertes. WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries

a order that answers may be sent to them direct.

" FIRDOR." In Arber's ' Term Cata- William Parry, Jan. 9, 1759, to Dec. 25, 1764 ; joined the Bengal Establishment Nov. 4, 1762 ; died in Calcutta, April 13, 1769. John Bethune, June 14, 1775, to 1783 ; died 1817. It is probable that he was domiciled in America both before and after logues,' i. 135 (1), is the following entry : this service In exact Map) or Delineation, of the City of Thomas Beamish, Nov. 2, 1793 Bristol and Suburbs thereof. In Pour Sheets,! Thomas Beaumont, March 1, 1794, to encompassed with a large Firdor shewing most of 1797. the principal Buildings therein contained. . . . Second Battalion, 84th Regiment. Alex- What is the meaning of " firdor "? Isthejander Mackenzie, July 12, 1777; trans- word met with elsewhere? The meaning j f erred to 77th Foot, 1782. which suggests itself is " border," but search j William Duncan, Aug. 1, 1782 (v. in dictionaries old and new is without re- j McKenzie transferred), to 1783. suit. Dr. Henry Bradley has kindly veri- ! (Both the above probably were domiciled fied " Arber " with the original and finds in America.) the spelling is correct so far as that is con- 1 John Mason, Nov. 15, 1794, to full cerned. Is it possible that the printer of the j pay, 1795 ; died on service in the Red original ' Term Catalogue ' made a mistake ? Sea, 1799. MAZINGABBE.