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12 S. X.JAN. 7, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 9 before in * K. & Q.' ? The Latin heading of all the other psalms is a translation, i roughly, of the opening words. But in the j case of the 83rd Psalm the heading, Deus, quis similis, has nothing in common with i the opening words, " Hold not thy tongue." Verse 9 of the 89th Psalm contains the words, " Who is like unto thee ? " H. WILBEBFOBCE-BELL. EBGHUM OF EBGHUM, YOBKSHIBE. Can any reader tell me where I can find any [ account of this family, of whom Sir William de Erghum of Erghum (buried in St. Mary's, j Bridlington, in 1347) left by his wife Sybil (d. and h. of Sir Henry FitzAucher) three sons, William, Ralph and Aucher. Is there any pedigree or other account of them in any county or local history ? Have they been long extinct, and, if so, are they represented in the female line ? Burke' s j

  • Armory ' does not mention the name.

C. J. BBUCE ANGIEB. JOHN WESLEY'S FIBST PUBLICATION In the account of John Wesley in the 'D.N.B.' it is stated that the first book j he published was a translation of ' The j Imitation of Christ,' but no bibliographical details are given. In the writer's possession i is a leather-bound volume (4f by 2), with I the following title page : The | Christian's | Pattern : | or, a | Treatise | j of the. | Imitation of Christ | Translated from the Latin of Thomas a Kempis. | Compared with the Original, and | corrected throughout by j John Wesley, M.A., Fellow of Line. Coll. Oxon. London : | Printed for C. Rivington, | at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church- | Yard. MDCCXXXV. A plate faces the title page with a steel engraving of Our Lord on the Cross, and underneath in italics : Christ also suffered, leaving us ' an Example yt we should follow his steps. 1st St. Pet. 2., c. 2 I. It would be interesting to know if there was any earlier edition of this work. WILLIAM BBOWN. INDEX ECCLESIASTICUS. In 1890 there was published by Joseph Foster a volume of ' List of Clergy and their Benefices,' embracing the years 1800 to 1840 (Oxford, Parker ; Cambridge, Macmillan and Bowes). From pp. vii. and viii. of the Preface to that work, it is evident that the MS. for the preceding years, 1540 to 1800, was ready, i but I suppose was never printed. Wanted to know, the whereabouts of that MS. now and the terms on which it may be consulted. G. W. THE HOTEL VOUILLEMONT. Can any reader give me the approximate date on which the Hotel Vouillemont (now in the Rue Boissv cl'Anglas) was opened in Paris ? G. F. Pio NONO. Will some reader kindly let me have the date of the election of Pope Pius IX. and the date of his death ? G. F. [Pius IX. (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti) was elected June 16, 1846, and crowned June 21. He died Feb. 7, 1878.] THIBLWALL AND BTJNSEN. I am interested in the relations of Christian Bunsen, Prus- sian Ambassador to England 1840-54, to various English scholars. I would like^to know whether the correspondence of Connop Thirlwall is accessible, also that of Christian Bunsen. J. J. Perowne, in his Preface to his edition of ' Letters of Bishop Thirlwall,' says : "I have selected and arranged those I thought most likely to be of general interest." I am wondering whether he did not omit letters exchanged between Thirlwall and Bunsen. R. D. OWEN. BlOGBAPHICAL DETAILS OF ABTISTS SOUGHT. Information is sought as to bio- graphical details of the following water- colour artists, samples of whose work occur in my collection : 1. Bernard Evans (landscape). 2. Ernest Griset (caricature). 3. J. D. Harding (landscape). 4. H. A. Harper (landscape). 5. G. J. Knox (shipping). 6. R. T. Landells (sea subjects). 7. Paul Marny (street architecture). 8. R. H. Nibbs (boats). 9. C. Pearson (landscape). 10. E. Pugh (architecture). 11. N. Pocock (sea subjects). 12. T. S. Robbins (landscape). 13. H. R. Rose (figure subjects). 14. F. P. Searle (landscape). 15. Marianne Smallpiece (landscape). 16. J. T. Serres (ships). 17. E. Tucker (landscape). 18. B. B. Wadham (landscape). T. CANN HUGHES, F.S.A. Lancaster. THE ' ; ABYSSINIAN " CBOSS. Can any- one tell me the history of the " Abyssinian " cross that was carried in procession at Westminster Abbey on Armistice Day ? M. A. P.