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164 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 S. X. MAR. 4, 1922.

  • ' the rat-trap," and was conducted by the

Sisters of the Institute of Mary. In 1763 the Reverend Mother ("la directrice," vide Garnier, vi. 474) was Frances Gentil. Un- fortunately the list of pupils does not appear to have been preserved in the Catholic archives, but Casanova is corroborated by John Tay lor (vide ' Records of My Life,' i. 267), who states that Sophie Cornelys was placed in " a Roman Catholic seminary at Hammer- smith." Casanova speaks of visiting a " laby- rinthe " in Richmond Park (Garnier, vi. 528). Probably this was the " labyrinth full of intricate mazes " which Queen Caroline, wife of George II., had constructed in the gardens of Richmond Lodge around a Gothic building called Merlin's Cave. " M. Leigh," banker, mentioned in Garnier, vii. 63, may have been Mr. Lee, a member of the firm of Brassy, Lee and Co., Lombard ! Street. HORACE BLEACKLEY. PRINCIPAL LONDON COFFEE-HOUSES, TAVERNS, AND INNS IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. (See 12 S. vi. and vii. passim; ix. 85, 105, 143, 186, 226, 286, 306, 385, 426, 504, 525; x. 26, 66, 102.) (An asterisk denotes that the house still exists as a tavern, inn or public-house in many cases rebuilt.) Waghorn's . Watson's Webb's Welch Head Well and Beckett Welsh Trooper Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill Strand Smithfield Dyott Street, St. Giles . . Bethnal Green Road Hammersmith . Wenman's Punch- Near the Royal Exchange house West India . . Wheatsheaf.. Behind Royal Exchange Fleet Market Wheatsheaf . Wheatsheai. Wheatsheaf . White Bear . Drury Lane .. ^H.... Upper Tooting Oxford Street Basinghall Street, east side White Bear

  • White Bear

White Bear and Whetstone Bear Garden, South wark New End, Hampstead . . The Mall, Chiswick .. 1720 Daily Courant, July 8. 1774 Dartmouth MSS., 1887, i. 372. Report of House of Lords MSS., 1908, vol. iv. 1782 * Lives of the British Physicians,' 1830, p. 182. 1711 Post Bag, Feb. 24. Proposals for the Joynt Adventure in the 1,500,000 Lottery. Levander, A.Q.C., vol. xxix., 1916. Larwood, p. 8. Named after Saunders Welch, the High Constable of Holborn, and later a Justice of the Peace. Larwood, p. 374. 1745 Levander, A.Q.C., vol. xxix., 1916. Also known as The Welsh Goat. 1744 London Daily Post, Jan. 4. 1749 General Advertiser, July 19. 1776 J. T. Smith's 'Book for a Rainy Day,' 1905, p. 69. 1789 'Life's Painter of Variegated Characters/ London Museum : sketch by J. T. Wilson (A22048). 1789 ' Life's Painter of Variegated Characters.' 1677 Ogilvy and Morgan's ' London Survey'd.' 1708 ' A New View of London,' i. 5. 1732 ' Parish Clerks' Remarks of London,' p. 383. 1745 Rocque's ' Survey.' 1799 Harwood's ' Map of London.' Harben, p. 58. London Museum : pewter tankards (A 2747 and 2751). Kept by Richard King and after- wards by Thomas Ward. 1704 Baines's ' Hampstead,' p. 233. 1766 Hampstead and Highgate Express, Oct. 9, 1920. Thornbury, vi. 557.