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12S. X. MAR. 4, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 169 NIGGER MINSTRELSY. The Evening Standard, under this heading in its issue of Dec. 14 last, states that the late Mr. Gladstone " became proficient on the banjo, and used to sing ' Darktown Races ' with its ' Doo-da-doo-da ' refrain." Surely the name of the song was ' Camptown Races,' or something similar ? I remember it well, nearly 60 years ago, and do not remember the suggested title. I think the song com- menced " Camptown race-course, three miles long . . ." (or Camdown ?) Some weeks before the appearance of the note in the above newspaper I had inquired as to the song, something having caused it to haunt me. HERBERT SOTJTHAM. ' THE MARRYING MAN.' I recently picked up on a Farringdon Street twopenny barrow a volume * The Marrying Man : A Comedy in Three Acts,' by the author of ' Cousin Geoffrey ' (i.e., Mrs. Gordon Smythies) : printed for private circulation (and not in the British Museum). It was an adaptation from her novel of the same name, published in 1841 and dedicated to Theodore Hook. Was it ever performed ? It is not in Clarence's bibliography, ' The Stage Cyclo- paedia.' J. M. BULLOCH. 37, Bedford Square, W.C.I. COL. GORDON, R.E., LN THE CRIMEA. In a * Series of Historical Portraits photo- graphed in the Crimea, 1855,' by Roger Fenton (it is not in the British Museum), there is said to be a portrait of "Col. Gordon, R.E." Is this Major-General Edward Charles Acheson Gordon, R.E. (1827-1909), and what is the size of the portrait ? J. M. BULLOCH. 37, Bedford Square, W.C.I. " EUCEPHUS " AS A CHRISTIAN NAME. I have just interviewed a man of sixty - seven Who gives his " full Christian name " as above. He produced his marriage cer- tificate of forty years ago (from a register office in Hull), and in that the name is so spelt. Is this a real name or a corruption (e.g., of " Josephus ") ? My man tells me that he was left an orphan when he was seven or eight years old, and that he had "no friends," and had to "do for himself." It seems as though he had to " do for himself " even in the matter of a Christian name. (REV.) A. K. CHIGNELL. Charterhouse, Hull. [Is this not likely to be a corruption of Euse- bius?] WILLIAM GEORGE AUGUSTUS FITZHARD- ING, son of Augustus Fitzharding of London,. was admitted to Westminster School in September, 1823, aged 13, and placed on the foundation in 1825. Further particulars of his parentage and career are desired, and^also the date and place of his death. G. F. R. B. DESCENDANTS OF RICHARD PENDERELL. John Field of Lambeth Marsh (1743-1790) married as his second wife Sarah Burrows (1749-1797), who was said to be a descendant of Richard Penderell. On the strength of this descent the Fields added an oak tree to their coat of arms. Can anyone tell me where to find an ac- count of the Penderell family, so that I can see whether the Burrows tradition wa& correct 1 G. A. ANDERSON. HISTORICAL COPPER-PLATES. I have just bought a set of 12 copper-plates engraved by J. Harris, an engraver who worked at the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century. They appear to- be copies of old illuminated pictures. Can any reader tell me if they were ever published in a book and, if so, what was its title ? Size about 8 by 10 inches. The plates are- as under : 1. Battle at Newcastle-on-Tyne of the King of Scotland and against the Queen of England. 2. Coronation of Pope Boniface IX. 3. Oliver d'Auterme retaliates upon the Mariners of Ghent for his Brother's Death. 4. The Tilt field at St. Inglevere near Calais by three French Knights against all comers. 5. The Earl of Derby takes leave of the King of France and goes to his Cousin the Duke of Brittany. 6. Battle of Roche Darien and Charles of Blois taken prisoner by the English. 7. Richard pays a visit to his Uncle the Duke of Gloucester at his Castle of Fleshy. 8. The Siege of Tunis. 9. A Priest called John Ball stirs up great Commotions in England. 10. Wat Tyler killed by Walworth. 11. Isabella, daughter of the King of France^ given in marriage to King of England. 1 2. King Edward 's first Expedition against the Scots. ARTHUR W. WATERS. THE EXPRESSION "Up TO." When did this disagreeable and ungrammatieal phrase come into vogue ? The wonder and the pity are that it has worked its way inta all classes of society, and it is surely high time that it was " up to " them to dis- continue it. J. B. McGovERN. St. Stephen's Rectory, C.-on-M., Manchester.