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1-2 S. X. MAR. 11. 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 197 sources like directories, conteinp raiy mar- riage announcements and others which cannot lie. I shall be pleased to send a copy to anyone who furnishes me with his name and address. The general tenor of my investigations is to show that Menken as was a good woman and that her poems have been admired by all competent critics who read them. Amongst the number are William Michael Rossetti, Clement Scott, Charles Knight, Justin McCarthy and T. A. Brown. J. H. MOORE. 99, Edith Road, Kensington, W. PSEUDO -TITLES FOB " DUMMY BOOKS " (12 S. x. 129, 173). The current mania for inventing these has resulted in such clever examples that perhaps you will allow a few to be perpetuated in your pages, such ' Nil Desperandum,' by Percy Vere. ' The Explorer,' by Seymour Land. ' The Broken Window,' by Eva Stone. 'The Modern Lawyer,' by Eliza Lott. ' The Appointment,' by Simeon Munday. ' A Race against Time,' by Luke Sharpe.. ' Postscripts,' by Adeline Moore. Regarding the inquiry of MB. ANEUBIN FAMA. WILLIAMS at the first reference as to ^ the illustrations of Adah Isaacs Menken's | hill still contains some of these ; an illustra- ' Infelicia,' it may be of interest to your cor- j tion and complete list will be found in respondent to know that the volume was Robert Langton's ' Childhood and Youth of published by John Camden Hotten in Charles Dickens ' (1912, pp. 122-127). Many London in 1867. The poems which the j i ar ge houses, e.g., Oakley Court, near Wind- volume contains were arranged for publica- ! sor , contain these " dummies " for conceal- tion and put through the press by John men t of safes, &c. J. ABDAGH. Thomson, who was Swinburne's private secretary. An account of the publication AVEBY ALDWOBTH (12 S. ix. 449). In of this volume with three letters by Menken the reg i s ters of St. Mildred Poultry occurs is given in Richard Northcott's 'Adah the following marriage: " Jan. 8, 1630/31, Isaacs Menken (London, 1921), pp. 39-41. Averey Aldworth, gentleman, of St. Martin' s- Regarding the portrait she says, m the first i n -the-Fields, and Margaret Gunning, of of the letters quoted : " The proofs ot the Ailesford, Co. Kent." Admin, of the will portrait you sent me are wonderfully well of Andrew Bridges (referred to by your engraved." In the last of the three letters I quer ist) was granted, first to Thos. she says : " I am satisfied with all you have j Gunning, in 1631. Admin, of Thos. Deane, done except the portrait ; I do not find it of Reading, Berks, granted d.b.n. to to be in character with the volume . . .'Margaret Aldworth. (P.C.C., 1631.) H. G. HABBISON. the picture is certainly not beautiful.' It is said " that the original [newspaper] American clippings used by the London EIGHTEENTH-CENTUBY POETBY (12 S. x. printers are now in the possession of that 91, 108, 137, 176). William Colepeper was popular dramatist and ardent playgoer Mr. j baptized at Hollingbourne, Kent, Feb. 8, George R. Sims, to whom they were pre- ! 1665/6. In 1709 he married, at St. Paul's

-, .-, J . r . n^L-^^A^i T?i; r ,r>'Usvi-'u r^n ^( a-*- iT^4-;^.'r, ;, 

sented by Andrew Chatto, then associated with Hotten." Unfortunately for your inquirer no mention is made concerning the engraver of the illustration. GEO. WATSON COLE. The Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Gabriel, California. REGIMENTAL CHAPLAINS, H.M. 65TH REGI- MENT (12 S. x. 109). John Arrow (b. 1732; d. 1789); married Rebecca Whitehead (b. 1741 ; d. 1784); vicar of Lowestoft 1773 (see Illustrated News, Feb. 24, 1877). A kinsman of Churchill's friend and neigh- Cathedral, Elizabeth Gill, of St. Martin's-in- the-Fields. He appears to have been buried at Hollingbourne, Oct. 8, 1727. These dates are not given in the ' D.N.B.' H. G. HABBISON. ST. MICHAEL'S, GUEBNSEY (12 S. x. 130). Warner was no doubt misled by Dicey, who,, in his ' History of Guernsey,' gives the name of Rem. de Tombe as being present at the consecration of this church. ' La Dedication des glises de Pile de Guernesey ' does not mention his name, but gives the name of :< Hon'ble Sire Peter hour alluded to by him in his satire of j Carbaret, Cure de la Chapelle de Monte ' The Ghost,' a fact not commented upon by any editor of his works (see Book II., 1. 119; Book III., 1. 210). JAMES ABBOW. Tombe " as being present at the ceremony. Mont Tumba or Tomba was the ancient name of the rock upon which the Abbey of" Mont St. Michel was built in the eighth