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12 S. X. MAR. 18, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 209 apples on the shore gave the King a hint, so that he was delivered from that treachery by God's help. Three of the traitors were caught, but two went free so long as we stayed there. The King summoned a great meeting below the Tower of London on a wide and level plain ; an astounding number of people gathered there. And the conspiracy having been enquired into, and the sentence pronounced, the traitors were broken on the wheel, limb by limb. Can any reader tell me whence this story arose or whether there is any truth in it? The State Papers, Domestic, throw no light on the matter, but as Jon's statements are in the main wonderfully accurate, he is hardly likely to have invented the whole account. The number of royal barges appears to be exaggerated. And where was the " wide and level plain " where the meeting was convened ? L. M. ANSTEY. HEBEBEBTUS DE MIDDLESEX. What is known concerning the career of this ecclesiastical personage ? With what place in the county is his name associated ? Ralph de Diceto merely mentions him as an English bishop in Calabria, Italy, who in 1185 was swallowed up by an earthquake (' Ymagines Historiarum,' Chronicles and Memorials Series, No. 68, vol. i., p. 37). S. J. MADGE. 69, Oakfield Road, Stroud Green, N.4. " DOWLE." By his will made 1546, William Gower of Bulton or Boughton, St. Johns-in-Bedwardine, Co. Wore., bequeathed '* to my son Harrie all things standing holie in the great chamber and the dowle chamber and the middle chamber." What was a " dowle chamber " ? ROBEBT GOWEB. BABBEL OBGANS IN '. CHURCHES. A number of country churches in the period which followed upon the abolition of the old orchestras and mixed choirs acquired a type of organ which was operated by a handle. One such organ still survives in the church of S taunt on, Nottinghamshire, not far from the vale of Belvoir. It has three barrels, each of which gave out twelve tunes, but it has not been workable for many years past. Who was the maker of these organs and when did he flourish ? R. THOMAS SCOT, MAYOB or DOVEB 1690. Was he the youngest son of Thomas Scot the regicide, by his third wife, Anne Bashe, daughter of Sir Ralph Bashe, K.B. ? Did he marry in 1660 Susanna Dell ? When did he die and where was he buried ? He was " a Dutch and Russian merchant trading with Hamburg," and became a banker at Dover, founding Latham's Bank and built the house. Any information sent direct will be grate- fully received. CONSTANCE RUSSELL. j Swallowfield Park, Reading. ' HISTOBIA OPPIDI HATFIELDIENSIS.' In the Lansdowne MSS. 899 reference is made to ' Historia Universalis Oppidi et Parochiae Hatfieldiensis ; or, Ye History and Antiquitys of ye Town and Parish of Hatfield, by Doncaster. In small Books, with many Copper Cutts. Book ye 6th, entitled Vitalis.' Can any reader kindly inform me where this book can be seen ? It is not in the British Museum. WILLIAM BULL. BRIGHTON : " THE CHALYBEATE," MBS. BUSHMAN'S SCHOOL. I have a pencil draw- ing entitled ' Cottage at the Chalybeate, Brighton,' made by my mother when at school in Brighton in the fifties. Where was " the Chalybeate," and does it still exist ? The cottage looks delightfully rural. The school referred to was kept by a Mrs. Bushman, and was situate in (I think) Brunswick Terrace in the King's Road. My mother once showed me the house, but I have forgotten the exact position. Perhaps some reader interested in old Brighton can say where this was, and how long the school was in existence. I have half a dozen pencil drawings, made by my mother at the time, of various rooms in the school. A girls' school at that date must have been very different from the modern school. For one thing, the pupils were always ad- dressed as " Miss ," instead of by their Christian names. G. H. WHITE. 23, Weighton Road, Anerley. GBAHAM OF MACKINSTON. Information desired re John Graham, born 1722, and Margaret, his sister, born 1717 (son and daughter of John Graham of Mackinston and Margaret his wife), and their children, if any. Also the parentage of John Graham, surgeon, of Paisley, afterwards in H.M. Forces, who died in Antigua. Please reply direct. J. H. BLOOM. M.A. 31, Veronica Road, Upper Tooting. S.W.I 7. WILLIAMS : SHAW. Any information con- cerning the family of Mary Ann Williams, who married, on Nov. 30, 1813, at St. Dun- stan-in-the-West, Captain Alexander Shaw