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214 NOTES AND QUERIES. [ 12 s.x. MAR! 18,1022. xviii. (3). Add Grand Magazine of Magazines, 1758,43. An interesting group of papers on p. 218 has escaped indexing. The dates are those in 'T.L.' : Derby Post-Man, 1720. Leeds Mercury, 1720. Ludlow Postman, 1719. Maidstone Mercury, 1725. Manchester Weekly Journal, 1725. Northampton Miscellany, 1721. Postmaster (Exeter), 1720. Reading Mercury, 1723. Suffolk Mercury, 1717. Weekly Mercury (Norwich), 1721. The following misplacements in the alpha- bets are noticed : PART I. Citizen, pp. ix.-x. (6 entries), placed after ' City' (58 entries). Cleave's (3 entries) after ' Clerkenwell.' ~* Commentator after ' Commercial ' (26 entries). Mephystopheles after ' Mercury.' Two cols, from its proper place. 'Mercury' to 'Merry' (13 titles), in col. 1 of p. xxix. instead of col. 3. PART II. 'Eagle' to ' Easingwold ' on p. x., instead of beginning letter E on p. ix. ' Hucknall ' to ' Huddersfield ' after Hull (some 40 entries). Sheffield group of titles (37) follow 'Shuttle' in col. 3, p. xxvii., instead of col. 2. ROLAND AUSTIN. OXFORDSHIRE MASONS (12 S. x. 89, 138, 194). A correction. Will you allow me at once to correct the date of marriage of Martha Beauchamp with Edward Strong, sen., inadvertently stated by me to hae been c. 1677, which should read 1675? Edward Strong, jun., the eldest child, was born Jan. 11, 1675/6. HENRY CURTIS. COL. MONTRESOR OF ..BELMONT (12 S. X. 170). The exact place and date of his death are somewhat doubtful. He is believed to have died of a fever on June 17, 1799, and was certainly buried in All Saints' Church, Maidstone, on June 19 (see The Maidstone Journal for June 18 and 25, 1799, and burial registers). It has frequently been stated that he died in Maidstone Gaol of prison fever, but I know of no authority for this statement. The records of the prison for the years 1790-99 were searched in 1892 and no mention of his name as a prisoner was found. He may have been living in Maidstone under surveillance. He had been chief engineer in America in .1775, and his accounts in respect to Army expenditure failed to pass the Commissioners of Public Accounts. From 1782 onwards to 1798 he was endeavouring to get the accounts audited and passed. This he failed to do, and as he declined to reimburse the Treasury his estate was seized after a suit in the Exchequer Court. Belmont was advertised for sale with the rest of his property, and I have a copy of the printed particulars of the sale on May 19, 1801. All the lots were disposed of except Belmont. As I am interested in the above I should be glad of MR. HULBURD'S reference to The Kentish Gazette. What is the authority for his being " Colonel " Montresor ? He appears to have been a captain on his retirement from the Army in March, 1779. The accounts were not finally cleared till the year 1825. * F. M. M. Camberley. JOSUAH SYLVESTER AND SOUTHAMPTON (12 S. x. 161). It is, I think, certain that, as suggested at the above reference, " the truely-honorable Mistris Cecilie Nevil " was the daughter of " the right noble, ver- tuous and learned lady, the Lady Marie Nevil." The evidence is stronger than the REV. C. F. RUSSELL'S statement might lead one to suppose. According to him the 1615 dedi- cation of Sylvester's ' Auto-Machia ' to Cecilie Nevil includes " a eulogistic sonnet " on her virtues, " describing her as the richly | endowed daughter of Minerva," Alia Minerva I being given as the anagram of Maria Nevila in the 1607 dedication to Lady Mary. My only copy of Sylvester is the 1641 edition of his works. In this the dedica- tion to Cecilie on p. 563 includes, not a sonnet but, six rhyming octosyllabic couplets, line 10 of which is : True Mirrour of MINERVA'S Spirit. But the relationship is not left to be an inference from these words. The poet, I after styling his dedicatee Fair Heir of all Your MOTHERS good (Wit, Virtue, Beauty, Bounty, Blood), includes : Among the Honours that accrue, By her decease divolv'd to You, Mine humble Service and This Song, I thus clearly stating that the daughter | succeeds her mother as patroness and j dedicatee. If further proof were needed