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222 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 s.x. 1^25,1922. GLASS-PAINTERS OF YORK. (See 12 S. viii. and ix. passim ; x. 45, 184.) CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF YORK GLASS -PAINTERS. 1451. John Witton (vide 12 S. viii. 442). 1453. Robertus Hudson, glasyer. This artist either delayed taking up the freedom until long after he came of age or, what is more likely, he was the son of the Robert Hudson one of the workmen to whom John Chamber the elder bequeathed Is. Sd. (vide 12 S. viii. 128). Hudson, on the death of his master in 1437, passed into the employ of the younger John Chamber, who, dying in 1451, left him a similar sum of twenty pence. In 1463-4 he was in business for himself and appeared before the mayor with other master glass-painters, when new ordinances were granted in that year. In 1471 he was doing work for the Dean and Chapter (vide Fabric Rolls). 1455. Johannes Cok, glasyer. In 1463-4 he was one of the master glass-painters to whom new ordinances were granted, and in 1499 either he, or more probably a son of the same name, was doing work at the Minster (vide Fabric Rolls). 1458. Thomas Clerk, mentioned by Thomas Shirlay in his will made in 1456 (proved 1458; vide 12 S. viii. 365) as one of his " servants," to whom he bequeathed 3s. 4d., " if he be in my service at the time of my decease." Clerk was probably therefore one of the " ij serviencium Thomae Schirley " who were working at the Minster in 1443. He is mentioned by name in the roll of 1471, by which time he had passed into the employ of another master, probably Matthew Petty, who was doing the windows of the great lantern tower in that year (vide Fabric Rolls). 1459. Radulphus Shotilworth, glasyer. In 1463-4 he is enumerated in the list of master glass-painters to whom new ordinances were granted. Thomas Shutiworth, presumably his son, was free as a glass-painter in 1467, and " Tho. Shutilworth, husbandman, fil. Radulphi Shutil- worth glasier," was free of the city in 1496. If the Thomas Shutiworth free in 1467 was his son also, there were, as in the Chamber family, two brothers of the same Christian name. 1465. Robertus Priston, glasier (vide 12 S. viii. 485). 1465. Willelmus Birde, glasyer. 1466. Johannes More, glasyer. 1467. Thomas Shutiworth, glasyer (see Radul- phus Shotilworth, 1459, above). 1470. Johannis Pety, glasier (vide 12 S. ix. 61). 1470. Thomas Ne(w)som, fil. Johannis Ne(w)- som, glasier. His father, John Newsom, was free in 1442, and his grandfather, John Newsom, free hi 1418. They were all glass-painters, but evi- dently not in business on their own account. Thomas Newsom's father worked for Thomas Shirley and his grandfather for John Chamber the elder. He himself was in the employ of Thomas Shirwin (free 1473 ; died 1481 ; vide 12 S. viii. 407), who bequeathed him " two English tables of glass." [1471.] William Franklan, working at the Minster (vide Fabric Rolls). 1472. Thomas Smyth, ferrour. 1473. Thomas Shirwyn (vide 12 S. viii. [c. 1475.] Michael White (vide Thomas Hyne, 1485 seq.). 1478. Willelmus Martyn, glasyer. [1479.] William Petty, working at the Minster (vide 12 S. ix. 22). 1480. Thomas Inglissh, glasyer (v.12 S. viii. 324). 1481. Robertus Petty, glasyer (v. 12 S. x. 103). 1485. Thomas Hyne, glasier, nup. appr. Michaelis White. [1485.] Wm. Caldbeke, working at the Minster in this year (vide Fabric Rolls). John Calbek, glasier, evidently his son, was free in 1489. 1486. Willehnus Crayneburgh, glasier. 1489. Johannes Calbek, glasyer. Probably son of the Wm. Caldbeke working at the Minster in 1485. His name occurs several times in the St. Michael, Spurriergate, Churchwardens ' Ac- counts between the years 1523 and 1537, chiefly for mending and " helpyng," probably in taking down and refixing the " Roytt of Jesse " and other windows. Calbek at some time lived in Micklegate. as shown by the following item in the church accounts : " 1533. Item rassavid of John Caullbeke in glase yt he leyffte in ye hows in mykylgait when he whent frome yt & for helpyng of ij lityllwyndoys in ye kyrke over the alter 6s 8d. At that time, in the eyes of the law, glass in windows formed no part of the house and could be removed by the tenant on the expiration of his lease, " quar le meason est perfite sauns la glasse " (syr Robert Brooke, * La Grande Abridge- ment,' 1573, s.v. ' Chatteles '). Calbek, being a glasier, had evidently fitted himself up with glass windows in the home, and the churchwardens took them in lieu of rent to prevent him from taking them with him. Later in 1600 the church- wardens of the same church paid 6s. 8d. " to my Lady Beckwith for certain Glasse and trellices and Waintscott, which is in the Hause that Mr. Maskew dwelt in, which said Glass trelices and Wainskott is now to remain in the House as other Glasse and heir loomes dothe " (Croft, ' Excerpta Antiqua,' 1796). 1492. Ricardus Thomson, glasier (vide 12 S. ix. 163). 1495. Ricardus Tyson, glasier. 1496. Willehnus Thomson, glasier (vide 12 S. ix. 164). 1498. Willelmus Awger, glasier. Richard Awger, probably his brother, was working at the Minster in 1510 (vide Fabric Rolls). 1503. Johannes Adcoke, glasier. 1504. Robertus Bogge, glasier. He learnt his trade with Robert Preston (free 1465 ; died 1503). For an account of both him and Begge (see 12 S. viii. 485-7). He evidently succeeded Preston in his business and was established in Coney Street or elsewhere in the parish of St. Martin-le-Grand, for in the will of Thomas Draw- swerde, a man in a large way of business as a carver of rood-screens and similar church furnish- ings he carved the screen at Newark in 1508, competed for the figures on the tomb of Henry VII. at Westminster, and is believed to have been responsible for the statues of the English Kings on the screen at York ; was M.P. for the city and twice Lord Mayor the testator bequeathed " iij tenements lyeng in Sancte Martyne parishe nowe (1529) in the holdyng of Roberte Bog " and two others (Test. Ebor., Surtees Soc., vol. 79, p.