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12 s.x. MAR. 25, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 227 record of the owner's great care of the oak stair- case, and the destruction of the Banbury inn is -accompanied by the sickening exhibition of it in London, and the expression of delight that it is not going to America. Side by side with these examples of Englishmen's care for their historic memorials is the introduction of a Government Bill for the protection of ancient monuments. What is needed is a Bill to prevent English people from being humbugs by pretending to care for their history. J. PAUL DE CASTRO. INSCRIPTIONS IN ASHWELLTHORPE CHURCH, Co. NORFOLK. The following copies of inscriptions are taken from the MSS. of Robert Chaplin of Hapton, Norfolk, written in '1753: The following large black marble stones lie on the floor of Lord Thorp's chapel, in Ashwelthorp Church. 1st. Knyvett's Arms. Here heth the Body of Dame Mary Knyvett wife to Sr. John Knyvett Knight of the Bath. Who departed this Life ye 18 of 1713 being in the 80 Year of her Age. 2d. The next Knyvett's Arms and Crest. Joannis Knyvett Baro hereditarius de Berners, a Caroli postliminio Eques Balnei, Antiquum Genus virtute insignivit, ad exteras <Jentes peregrinando selectismos condivit mores : Doctrinam coluit et occuluit, Ritu solenni adorvit Numen ; Regi fidelitatem late testatus, Altare ditavit Dei Eleemosynarius ; Optimis auspiciis uxorem duxit Mariam filiam Tho. Bedingfield Equitis, Conjugalis amoris nobile exemplar, sic Phoenix in Cineris reductus, Aeternam manans renovationem. Hie jacet. Obiit Julii 28 : 1673. 3d. On the next Knyvett's Arms. Here lyeth what was mortal of Muriel ye youngest Daughter of Sr. John Knyvett Knt. of the Bath, and Dame Mary his Wife, she dyed September the 8 Day 1688. 4th. The next is a large Floor Stone next Lord Thorpe's Tomb, which seem [sir] never to have had any inscription on it. 5th. Next the last is a very large stone, that had formerly arms, &c., laid in Brass into the stone ; all which are now torn away, only the following old Text words, on a Brass rim. fi.ia & heredu Edmund i Thorp Militis & dne Johanne quondam dne Skales consortis suae, quae obijt decimo die Mensis Novembri Anno Dni Millmo CCCXXXVI. 6th. This had arms, &c., laid into the stone in Brass, all wh. are now gone ; only a squre plate with the following in old Text. Jane Knyvett resteth here, the only heir by ryght, Of the Lord Berners that Syr John Boucher hight ; Twenty Years and & thre a widows lyffe she led ; Always kepyng howse vher rich and & pore were fede, Geutyll. juste, qnyet, vodye off debats & stryff, Ever doying [sir] goo^i. So tbur. she led her lyffe. Even unto the grave wher erth on erth doth lye. [The next line is erased.] The 17 of Feburary in an. dni. 1561. 7th. Next the last, is Knyvett 's Arms with a crescent for difference ; and : Deposita Nathanielis Knyvett Armigeri qui obiit loo. Die Novembris Anno Dni 1659. 8th. Knyvett's Arms and Crest. Hie situs est Thomas Knyvett Armiger Johannis de Balneo Equitis filius natu maximus. Qui nobilem a qua oriundus est Stirpem, non minus genorosa Indole, fide antiqua, spectaque omnibus humanitate, quam Ingenij acumine, acri judicio, et exquisita politiorum literarum scientia, expressit ; illustravit, Spem vero, quam boni omnes de illo conceperant, amplissi- mam, praecox Fatum, eripuit, Diuturni enim morbi dolpre fractus, vigente adhuc aetate, Caelebs animum Deo reddit 4to Kalend. Octob. 1693 aetatis suae 37mo. 9. The next has Knyvett's Crest & the Arms quartered. The 1st & 4th is Knyvett, the 2d. is Boucher ; and the 3d. quarterly. Hie jacet insignis heros Thomas Knyvett Armi- ger, Baro Hereditarius de Berners, Titulo a Jana filia Joannis Bourchier Baronis de Berners traducto, Virtutibus publiciis, privatis, sincera Numinis cultu, Moribur antiquis, prisca animi indole, et veteri prosapia illustris, leniori saeculo et felici Caroli secundi postlimino dignus, sed exhalanti Monarchae vix superstes, Distichon hocce Generosi animi specimen propris calamo exaratum, posteris legavit. Here lies loyal Knyvett, who hated anarchy, Lived a true protestant, & died with Monarchy. Obiit Junii 30 : 1658. 10. Knyvett's Arms. Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Mary Knyvett, ye third daughter of Sr. John Knyvett Knight of ye Bath, who departed this life the 29 Octobr. 1710 being of the age of 47 Years. WILFRED J. CHAMBERS. 45, Marine Parade, Lowestoft. [The Latin inscriptions have been printed literatim.] uerte*. WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries in order that answers may be sent to them direct. PORTRAIT OF LADY HARRINGTON. Has a portrait of Caroline, Countess of Harrington, wife of William, second Earl of Harrington, been reproduced in any book of memoirs in recent years ? There are pictures of her by Hudson and Cotes. HORACE BLEACKLEY.