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, 1922.1 NOTES AND QUERIES. 283 register of Christ's College, Cambridge, six pages of type-measure lOfin. by 6|in., which contains the name of Robert Raikes, the full sheet being probably about 12| by 7. " son of Robert : born at Northallerton," The setting of the title is as follows : and the compiler, the late Master of Christ's, A Numb. 1. identifies him with the founder of the Gloucester Journal. [Woodcut] With the most material Foreign Advices, as 1 / (which would date the year of birth And the largest Account O f Home News. 1684), and his school as Eton. From the Journal. His age at entry (1701) is given tablet in St. Mary de Crypt Church. ! MONDAY, April 9.* [To be continued Weekly.] Gloucester, we know that the Robert Raikes rp he ^taring, an interesting feature, above of the Gloucester Journal died in his 68th the title? is used for Nos> l _ w A to Kj year, which would give 1690 as that of his | the letter j being om i t ted. After this the birth. Through the kindness of Mr. W.M.J. issues were num bered only. The price, Williams I have ascertained that no one , three halfpence, was printed onl yon Nos. 1, of the name of Raikes is given in Austen- 1 3> 4? 5> 147> and more or less continuously Leigh's 'Eton Collegers, and he kindly until Sept . 2 2, 1730; after then it was sends me the entry from Foster s Register omitte d f or many years. Including the issue of Admissions at Gray's Inn ' (which is for April 24, 1725, each week's paper corroborated from the original by the c on sis ted of six pages ; these were numbered Under-Treasurer of the Inn) as | on through vols. i.-iii., which ended with wVi ^ ne ?n ^ b A, Ra f ikeS nT a v nd h ? r f ! April 24, and the continuous pagination- Bob Raikes of North AHerton Co York gent w ] th ' the following 959 not Had Robert Raikes of Gloucester been , bei ng L numbered , a! it was completely connected with the Bar the fact could fiUe( f with ft Ust of thirteen "divisions," scarcely have escaped notice^ No doubt the ^ which the districts of the distr ibuters " ascription in the Christ s College Register I Q the were divided fpom . which it is was quite inadvertent and possibly arose f rom geen th ^ t F besides Gloucestershire, the paper Delusions rather hastily drawn from the circulated over the count ies of Wilts, Here- ^ D.N.B.' (which is cited), but it seems desir- ' ford Worcester> Warwick, Shropshire, Ox- able to draw attention to the compiler s ford Berk Monmouth) and in m ts note. The Northampton Mercury can hardly The mters > address below the woodcut , have been fairly established before Raikes which emblematical of Time> Prude nce, arid Dicey were looking farther afield, and d th carri of n is as follows they chose the city of Gloucester, where so j Gentlemen far no printing press had been set up (the The gp ^ at Advanta ges which the Art of imprint on the tract entitled Ihe Cooler PRINTING conveys to the LEARNED WORLD are of Glocester,' purporting to have been so well known, that to entertain you with a printed in the city in 1713, has been con- demned as spurious), and a district which offered every prospect of success. Here, long Discourse upon that Theme would be a needless and useless Attempt. We shall avoid all Prolixity of this Nature, and beg Leave to acquaint you with our Design at once, viz. That we intend to publish a Weekly News- Paper, (which under your Favour and Protection we presume to style, THE GLOUCESTER JOURNAL, a Neics p ^fi<^ - fir., and ) wherein we shall insert a just Relation of on March 10, 1721/2, a handbill, of which one copy happily exists, was issued, an- nouncing the forthcoming publication of -s. . .. in London, and all other Irading Cities and . n, . -, >, 4. r> 4-1 ,. v.,,* , T/^TT-D-^T.T ^4 Market Towns 50 Miles round. The Paper will be I ? ubt fll not : Gentl f men ' *J* ,^^1 7 suitable to all Degrees and Capacities, and will ! have . th .? Approbation of all .its Readers and s i.-j _-ii- 6 _ii ii-- /-,__ xi._i. ,r __ _ meet with Encouragement equal to its Merit. be collected with all the Care that Money or Industry is capable of procuring. meet with Encouragement equal The first office is described as " over- Four weeks later, on April 9, No. 1 of the against the Swan-Inn," the exact position Gloucester Journal was issued, and an j of which has not been located, but it was excellent production it proved. Raikes and i quite near the later offices and also the Dicey had evidently found that the small ' present one. quarto form which they had used hitherto j The Journal was conducted with enter - might be improved, and the new paper was ' * Ifc wlU be seen that the year was not printed, therefore issued in large size, consisting of, This was added with the issue of No. 3 (April 23).