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272 NOTES AND QUERIES. ri2.s.x. APRIL 8,1022. Berks, who was baptized there Oct. 27, 1622, and married before Dec. 25, 1652. I have a number of abstracts of Pocock wills (dealing with Berks), which I shall be pleased to exchange for the above informa- tion. A. STEPHENS DYER. 207, Kingston Road, Teddington. GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS. - - I should be grateful if someone would tell me the mean- ing of Quasi Olivero currente, a proverbial expression (according to Brewer) in Giraldus, ii. 293, and iii. 88 ; also the meaning of Incedere cornutus and Tant giwe li purcel come volt li chael, i. 218. If any reader versed in medieval Latin would be willing to help me over other difficulties I should be very grateful. E. N. DEW. Monmouth. HERALDIC AND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETIES IN AMERICA.- I should be glad of informa- tion as to any such societies, and as to any journals published by them. I can find only those named in Clegg's ' Directory,' !894. E . E . COPE. Finchampstead, Berks. LEDBURY, HEREFORD.- Will someone kindly send me the names of manorial owners prior to 1480 ? Finchampstead, Berks. E. E. COPE. LACKLAND FAMILY. -I should be grate- j ful for any genealogical information or I reference to a family or persons bearing the surname Lackland prior to the eighteenth century. The few persons known to bear this name I to-day are believed to be descendants of I one and the same stock living in the neigh- bourhood of Newcastle-on-Tyne during the I eighteenth century. Will correspondents kindly reply direct | to the under-mentioned address ? FREDERIC CROOKS. Eccleston Park, Prescot, Lanes. " DUTCH HAND -COLOURED PRINTS." I have in my possession two small pictures (6in. by 5in.), which are an heirloom in our family and which I have been brought up to regard as something precious. They have always been styled " Dutch Hand-coloured Prints," ! and seem to belong to the beginning of the nineteenth century. I have endeavoured to find out something about them from books, but have never seen any mention of such things. Can any reader tell me anything about them ? G. H. COBB. 6, Bear, Oxford. OLD CHRISTMAS CAROL. -Can anyone tell me anything about the following song ? It has been sung at Christmas time for many years by the villagers of a parish in North Wiltshire. PEDWARDINE FAMILY. Wanted, pedigree Leader before 1500, previous to the marriage with the Darcy heiress, and notes of any other branches of the Pedwardine family. E. E. COPE. Finchampstead, Berks. NORTH OF WALKERINGHAM. Can any reader give information concerning the family of North of Walker ingham, Notting- hamshire. They are mentioned in Thorston's ' History of Nottinghamshire.' Possibly some other county history or local records would give a more detailed account. Henry North must have died about 1700, and his son John about 1735. The latter had a daughter, Laetitia, who married John Dowling of Holborn, and her granddaughter, Agaeta Johnson, married the Hon. Charles Yorke, son of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. Another daughter, Mary North, married Joseph Powell, and her granddaughter Sarah married Isaac Ruxton. (MRS.) A. N. GAMBLE. Gorse Cottage, Hook Heath, Woking. Chorus Leader , Chorus Leader., Chorus Leader : Leader , Chorus Leader . Chorus Leader , Chorus One, one, what be one ? One be a good and a righteous man. Save poor souls and the rest amen ! Two, two, what be two ? Two be a sacred Unity, Two be a Unity. One be a good and a righteous man. Save poor souls and the rest amen ! Three, three, what be three ? Three be the Holy Trinity, Three be the Trinity. Two be a Unity, &c. Four, four, what be four ? Four be the bright Star of Heaven, Four be the Star of Heaven. Three be the Trinity, &c. Five, five, what be five ? Five be a good man alive, Five be a man alive. Four be the Star of Heaven, &c. Six, six, what be six ? Six be the blessed Crucifix, Six be the Crucifix. Five be a man alive, &c. Seven, seven, what be seven ? Seven be the Queen of Heaven, Seven be the Queen of Heaven. Six be the Crucifix, &c. RAY EDRIDGE. [This has been a good deal discussed in our