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326 NOTES AND QUERIES. [i 2S .x. Portions of this building are very old, especially the tower, which shows some Saxon work, i.e., triangular headed E. door- way in belfry ; externally, long and short work; an arch under the tower, round- headed windows in upper part of tower now blocked. The Danes in one of their maraud- ing expeditions attempted to burn it in 1010, and the effect of that fire can be traced in the cracked and calcined stones. The other portions of the church were doubtless destroyed. The discovery of the foundations of an apse suggests that the Normans afterwards rebuilt the church with round-headed win- dows ; or it may have lain waste until the thirteenth century, when it was restored in the Early English style. When the apse was built, and when removed, no one knows, but the triple lancet window was removed by Dr. Hunt. From the thir- teenth century onwards few alterations can j be traced except that at some unknown i later date the old features of interest were j blocked up and the walls disfigured with i thick plaster and whitewash. In 1827 the removal of the bell turret and the erec- tion of the present semi-Norman parapet took place. The north aisle was added and the nave lengthened in 1846, and in 1851 the south aisle was commenced, during the incum- bency of the Rev. G. A. Burnaby. When the Rev. W. Hart-Smith became rector the thick plaster was removed from the walls and many hitherto unknown features of interest revealed. The Norman archway over the south entrance was brought from the church of St. Peter de Dunstaple. The fine west window was erected by the Town and County of Bedford in memory of Colonel Frederick Burnaby, born in St. Peter's old Rectory, w T ho fell at Abu Klea, Jan. 17, 1885. He was the son of the Rev. Gus- tavus Burnaby, M.A., rector 1835-1860. ! The present rector, the Rev. J. E. Gilbert, M.A.,has very kindly allowed me access to the registers, and I have thus been enabled to supply many of the missing dates on several of the partly obliterated inscrip- tions. BEDFORD, ST. PETER. . Visited May 20th, 1918. Commencing at west end and working round north side. This churchyard is kept in beautiful order. 1. On a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. 2J yds. past w. wall of churchyard and near a small boxtree. Gillies (sic) Henry Sharpe. son of George Henry Sharpe, Esq., I and Caroline his wife, born March 19th, 1831, de- parted March 26th, 1832. 2. l|ft. s.e. from 1, on a m.u.s. ; w.f.s. To the memory of John E. Badcliffe, who died July 22nd, 1840, aged 6 years 9 months. " But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not ; for of such is the kingdom of God." 3. 3ins. e. from 2 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.s. In memory of Lamley Grummett,* who died January 30, 179(0 ?), aged 83 years. " Hark . . . A . . ." 4. 1ft. n. from 3 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Sarah Platts, who departed this life on the llth of April, 1848. " Here lies what once in beauty's bloom Was every eye's delight, But now the tenant of a tomb Its form would shock our sight ; The soul that breathed within the clod Fled in the pride of youth ; Learn hence betimes to seek thy God And choose the way of truth." 5. Gins. n. from 4 on a s.u.s. ; w.f.e. . . . ory of . . . e of William . . . eparted ; all the rest perished. 6. 5ins. n. from 5 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of James Osborn, who departed this life April the 14th, 1845, aged 60 years ; and of Ann Osborn, wife of the above, who died June 1st, 1846, aged 62 years. Also of four grand-children who died in infancy. 7. If yd. w. from 6 on a s. ; w.f.e. and w. In memory of Helen, the wife of James Sadler, who departed this life on the 20th of June, 1838, aged 80 years. In memory of Grace, daughter of James and Helen Sadler, who died July 15th, 1803, aged 9 years. Also of James Sadler who died in June 1823, aged 60 years. The remains of the above are deposited in Howard Chapel Yard. 8. lyd. n. from 7 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Carver, who died April the 27th, 1809, aged 51 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, who died August the 19th, 1809, aged (4 ?)9 years. 9. lyd. n. from 8 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. To the memory of Abraham Carver, who died Septr. 5th , 1818, in the 32nd year of his age. I'O. 2|ft. n. from 9 on a s.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Elizabeth, wife of William Apthorpe, who died Novr. 23rd, 1851, aged 84 years. 11. 2ft. s.e. from 10 on a long ob. slab ; w.f.e. In affectionate remembrance of Mr. James William Willets, late of London, who departed this life on the 19 of August, 1850, aged 57 years. " Before I was afflicted I went astray but now have I kept thy word." " Thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me." Also of Celia (sic) Willets, wife of the above, who departed this life January 23rd, 1879, in the 79th year of her age. Win. 12. 1 Jft. n. from 6 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. Sacred to the memory of John, the son of Thomas and Elizth. Brandam, born September 1st, 1813, died August 8th, 1834. " Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near." Isaiah lv 6.

  • 1790, Feby. 3, Limbey Grummett.

[Limbey Grummit was churchwarden in 1777.1