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i2S.x.jAx.i4,i922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 27 Sword Blade Svnaonds Inn Corner of Exchange Alley and Birchiii Lane Chancery Lane . . Talbot 1777 Strand, south side, between 1677 Surrey Street and Naked Boy Court. 1708 1720 Talbot . . . . Whitechapel, south side, be- tween the " White Swan " and the" Bed Cow " Temple Eating House Near Temple Bar 1718 Larwood, p. 324. 1720 Daily Courant, Sept. 28; Oct. 31. 1748 Plan of Great Fire, B.E.A.C. ' N. & Q.,' Dec. 9, 1916, p. 461. Kept by Newington. 1757 Daily Advertiser, May 6. " Wanted, a journeyman apothecary, who hath been used to serve in a retail shop. As he will breakfast, dine and sup with his master, none need apply but sober genteel men, and such as can bear confinement. Enquire at Symond's Inn Coffee House, Chancery Lane." Daily Advertiser, June 2l. Ogilvy and Morgan's ' London Survey 'd.' ' A New View of London.' i. 81. Daily Courant, July 2. "At the Talbot Inn, the corner of Surrey Street, near the Maypole in the Strand, is a pair of able coach mares, a coach and chariot, to be sold, a penniworth, belonging to a fentleman lately deceased. Either he innkeeper or Michael the coachman will shew them." 1732 Parish Clerks' Bemarks of London,' p. 382. 1745 Bocque's ' Survey.' 1759 Public Advertiser, Mar. 1777 Daily Advertiser, June 21. 1789 ' Life's Painter of Variegated Charac- ters.' 1745 Bocque's ' Survey.' (To be continued.) Sadler's ' Masonic Facts Fictions,' 1887, p. 82. J. PAUL DE CASTRO. and A PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY. THE following account of a by-election at Southwark for the Long Parliament on March 15, 1666, was written to John Smyth of Nibley, Glos., by his son Edward Smyth, a bencher of the Middle Temple, one of His Majesty's judges for the circuit of South Wales and High Steward of the Borough of Southwark. From it one may gather that the open poll offered certain advantages, as Edward Smyth was able to estimate the number of his sup- porters and judge it expedient probably on the score of expense among other con- siderations to offer the seat to his opponent, Sir Thomas Clarges, a politician who achieved some reputation in his time. Sr I have at last determined my troublesome busines to the satisfaction of my friends and I think not to my owne disadvantage. On Tuesday, he bayliffe at 10H charge divided the Artilery ground in horsey downe intending to make the election there ye day following, wch the same night soe soone as ye pale was well up, was counter- manded by a letter from my lord Generall. The next morning two companies of foot were sent over, the one possessed the Hall ; where the writt was to be read, the other the Artilery f round 011 Horsey downe ; about 8 in ye morning r Tho Clarges had gotten a party about him by rideing from Horsey downe All up ye streetes to St Margaretts hill ; wch being added to that vast multitude wch he had amassed together from Newington, Lambeth, Westm &c were guessed at about 2000 : of wch about 500 were allowed by ye spectators to be inhabitants & able to passe ye poll : with these he possessed St Margaretts Hill soe full, that noe roome could be left for my friends ; about 9 of ye clock I gott on Horseback at ye further end of All the liberty below ye Tower, & rode up ye streets All the way to St Margaretts Hill : when ye writt was to be read : At ye meat market, I placed two sober men, to tell what number I had ; ye place being streight, & my company marching orderly 4 in a ranke, who agreed 1530 and some odd : and that when ye other party ! were garbled of All their unpollable men, I must ! necessarily carry it by great odds : when I came