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402 NOTES AND QUERIES. [i2S..x.MAY27, 1022. A CURIOUS DEED OF OBLIGATION OF this singular bond I have had an exacl copy among my papers for some years. As an example of a state of parochial super vision and control which has passed away it deserves permanent record, I think, in the pages of ' N. & Q.' At the top of the bond there is a double court stamp. The device is the Tudor rose within the encircling Garter and Motto Honi soit, &c. It is surmounted by a roya crown. Lower down, within the field of the stamp to the left, there is a capital F, and in base the price of the stamp vi PENCE. The bond is in Latin couched in quite medieval fashion, but the condition is in homely English, albeit writ by a legal hand with tautological exactitude. Bond and condition occupy one page of foolscap. The date of the instrument is July 26, 1705. "Novi'nt univ'si p'sentes nos Johem N et Andream N - de Leonard - Stanley in com' Glouc' Textores tener' et firmit' obligar' Joh'i Beard et Joh'i Hemmin Ecclesic Guardianis de Leonard- Stanley p'd' et Rob'to Sandford Gen'r'o et Joh'i Carpenter Pauperu' Curatoribus de ead' in Quadragint' Libris bone et leg'lis Monete Angl' sol vend' iisd' Joh'i Beard . Joh'i Hemmin Rob't' Sandford successor!!/ et Joh'i' Carpenter aut suis / cert' Attornat' Executorib' Admin' b' vel As- signat' suis ad quam quid' solut'onem bene et fidelit' faciend' obligamus nos et utrumq' n'rum p' se p'toto et in solido Hered' Executores et Adrnin'res ii'r's firmit' p'sentes sigiJlis n'ris sigillat'. Dat' vicesimo sexto die Julii Anno r'ni Dom'te n'rse Annae Dei gra' Angl' Scot' Franc' et Hib'nise R'nae fidei defensor' &c quart' Annoq' Dom'i 1705. " The Condition of this Obligation is such that whereas Rebecca ye Daughter of the said John N - and Sister of the. said Andrew N - is with child and intends (by God's permission) to be delivered of the same within y e above .said Parish of Leonard-Stanley Now if the said John N - and Andrew N - their heires and Executors or Admin's or any or either of them shall from time to time & at all times hereafter fully and clearly acquit discharge and save harmless as well the above-named John Beard John Hemmin Rob' Sandford and John Car- his mark ANDREW N penter Church-wardens & Overseers of the said Parish & their successors for y e time being as also all the Inhabitants & Parishioners of the said Parish which now are or hereafter shall be for y e time being and every of them of and from all and all manner of costs charges and expenses whoever which shall or may in any manner of wise at any time hereafter arise happen come grow or be imposed upon them or any of them for and by reason or means of the birth education or nourishing of the said child whether male or female And of & from all other actions suits charges troubles impeachments and demands who- ever touching and concerning the same That then this Obligation to be void & of none effect else to remain and abide in full force and virtue. Sealed and de- livered (y e impres- JOHN N- sion of y 9 double stamp appearing, the word also [suc- cessoribus] being interlined) first in y e presence of JNO TAYLOR. her mark X : MARY BURDOCK." Though the above -quo ted deed is of the usual form of bond with one surety (in this case the son) for the faithful performance of the duties specified, yet it is curious in respect of its bilingual character and of its extra- ordinary subject, while to the lay mind it seems also strange that the father of the expected child is nowhere defined. Perhaps the fair but frail Rebecca had been sojourn- ing in a far country, and had now returned, like the Prodigal Son, to her father's house. CHRISTENING, ANNO 1705 Sept. 17. Jno ye son of Rebecka N was baptized.* The principal and his son were apparently poor village weavers, so that the sum in which they bound themselves, viz., 40, representing in the days of Queen Anne a far larger sum, would have told heavily upon them ; but no doubt the estimate of the cost of the upbringing of the unwelcome hild had been fairly and thoroughly thought out. Of the witnesses, it is only necessary to add that John Taylor was the minister of the parish, and that, of the other persons lamed, Robert Sandford, gentleman, was ihe impropriator of the old Priory lands,

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