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12 S. X. JUNE 3,1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 435 ' THE -KING, THE BISHOP, AND THE SHEPHERD ' (12 S. x. 349, 397). I am much obliged to MB. WAINEWRIGHT and MR. SELF-WEEKS. ' King John and the Abbot of Canterbury ' is the ballad I had in my mind. My old Devonshire nurse used to say it to me, and it was she who called it ' The King, the Busshup, and the Shepherd.' W. COURTHOPE FORMAN. ARMSTRONG (12 S. x. 48, 257). -Neither John Armstrong, vicar of Tidenham, Glou- cestershire, from 1845 to after 1853, nor J. Armstrong of Wallsend, Northumberland, from 1830 to after same date, was the same as John Armstrong of St. John's, Cam- bridge. The last was admitted to deacon's orders by the Bishop of Lincoln in 1810, to the curacy of Melchbourne and Bletsoe in Bedfordshire, removing in the latter part of that year to the curacy of Edgware in Middlesex. In February, 1812, he was admitted to priest's orders by the Bishop of London, and was shortly afterwards appointed to the chaplaincy of Belize, British Honduras. I am more interested in the descent of John Armstrong, the farmer of Benfleet. Essex, than that of his son, the Rev. John Armstrong. I am the great-grandson of the former. (REV.) W. B. ARMSTRONG. Sm JOHN BOURNE (12 S. x. 367). -With the REV. J. R. FLETCHER'S permission. I transmit these notes which he has kindly sent me : Sir John's property at Battenhall and Wick Battenhall Manor and Park was the residence of the Prior of Worcester and granted to Sir John in 1544/5. He had one daughter, married to Sir Herbert Croft, and when they sold Upton-on- Severn to Sir Henry Bromley she was described as co-heiress of Anthony Bourne. But surely this means that she was grand- daughter, not daughter, of Sir John. Father Fletcher proceeds : There is no return of Bourne in any of the Visitations of Worcestershire, but there is one in the 1623 Visitation of Somersetshire : Bourne = This would make Gilbert nephew of Sir John, but in Glazebrook's ' Heraldry of Worcestershire v is a note referring to grant of same arms, as borne by Sir John, to Richard Bourne of Wells : "This Richard Bourne, says Harl. MS. 1507, was sometime of London, and Mr of ye Mar- chant Taylors : he was also brother to Gilbert Bourne, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and p'sident of ye Marches of Wales in ye tyme of Q. Mary : he was also cozen jerman to Sr. John Bourne, Secretary to Q. Mary (see also Harl. MSS. 1069, 1359)." With regard to Sir John's wife, I have a sus- picion that she may have been a Winter (Win- tour) of Huddington. It is only a suspicion founded on some records of Church patronage. Geo. Winter was patron of living of Broughton- Hachett, Co. Wor., in 1576,* " ex concessu Dorothea uxoris John Bourne mil." Living of Oddingley Patrons. Thomas Bourne, ex concess. John Bourne mil. 1556.* John Bourne, mil. 1557.* John Bourne mil. et Dorothea consors ejus. 1573.* King James " ratione attincture Robt. Winter." 1605.* Sir Geo. Winter mil. et bar. 1643.* Anthony Bourne sold Oddingley to Mr. Geo. Winter. There are no Winter returns in Worcestershire Visitations, but I believe there are rather full pedigrees of Winter (? from what date) in Harl. MSS. 1041 and 1566. I am unable to refer to them at present ; but it might be worth looking up. There seems an uncertainty as to date of Sir John's death. You put it 1570, which seems most probable, as Anthony sold Battenhall and Wick 1570/1. Glazebrook, following Nash, i, 224, says 1563 ; ' Victoria Hist, of Worcester- shire,' under ' Holt (sale by Anthony),' 1576. Nash has contradictory statements as to death of Anthony : vol. i., p. 558, " Ralph Hornyold, killed in Gloucestershire 23 Elizabeth," and a note adds, " killed in company with Mr. Anthony Bourne, who sold Holt, being shot by the falconer of two gentlemen whom he met there." But it may possibly mean that only Hornyold was killed. P. 194 says that " in time of James I. many- lands in Churchill came into hands of Anthony Bourne of Holt, son and heir to Sir John Bourne, knt." JOHN B. WAINEWBIGHT. Philip Bourne = Sir John Bourne, Secy, of State to Queen Mary Richard Bourne of = Sylvester, da. of Wyvelscombe, | Tybolde Co. Somerset, Gilber t Bourne, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Lord President of the Marches of Wales Date of appointment of rector.