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12 S. X. JUKE 10, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 445 write CCCXCVIIII, i.e., 399 a passione, the puzzle is solved harmoniously ; for that datum indicates A.D. 427-428, the true year of the Saxon advent and of the consulship of Felix and Taurus. As Nennius mis- guidedly dated the Saxon advent in A.D. 375 or thereabouts, he had some reason to synchronize GuorAnneg with GuorThegirn and Hengist. The latter did receive or occupy the kingdom of Kent, but that reason is quite insufficient for making GuorAnneg its king. Cair GuorAnnegon, then, is Ancaster, the city that the Saxon Andaeg, son of Gesseg, the Annun Du, King of the " Greeks " of Lincolnshire, possessed in the third quarter of the fourth century and left his name to. These " Greeks " were, of course, the Creacas of Widsith. The Alemannic status of Ane- caster reappears in Layamon (c. 1205), who tells as that Childeric the Caiser of the Alemanni possessed a castle " in Lincolne's felde " ; cp. ' N. & Q.,' 12 S. vii. 228, col. 2. ALFRED ANSCOMBE. 30, Albany Road, Stroud Green, N. 4. SIMSON FAMILY. I AM compiling a genealogical tree of a family of Simson, which, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, was noted for the number of its members who became ministers of religion. I desire the names of the wives and husbands, and particulars of the descend- ants, of a number of the members of the family, and I should be grateful to any reader who may be able and willing, to give me any information. The family of Simson is a branch of the great Clan Fraser. It would appear that Gilbert de Fraser (temp. Alexander I.), who had lands in East Hales, East Lothian, and elsewhere, had three sons, the youngest of whom, Simon de Fraser, married Marion, a daughter of Walter, first Great Steward of Scotland. His fourth son, Alexander, was known as MacShemie, or son of Simon, and called himself Simson. He settled in Fife, having obtained from Duncan, sixth Earl of Fife (fifth in descent from Macduff), a grant of lands in the Royal Forest, which became known as the Falkelen, he having been appointed Royal Falconer to King Alexander II. His son, Alexander, acquired by marriage the lands of Blairstruie, &c., and was father of Simon Simson, whose eldest son, Simon Symson, inherited Falkland. Robert, the second son, was a bailie of Peebles, and John, the third son, was a bailie of Lanark. Simon's eldest son, James, succeeded at Falkland, John, the third son, being a bailie of Rutherglen. The above Robert Simson was father of John Symson, " custumar of Baiif 1375." The above James had three sons, the eldest of whom, John, was father of John, Robert, Thomas and Richard. 1. John Symsone, who succeeded to Falkland, sold his lands to King James II. He was a bailie of Crail, Fifeshire. 2. Robert Symsone was Clerk of the Closet to the King. 3. Thomas Symsoune was of Knockhill. He was " Receiver of Ferms and Grains for the Crown " in the county of Fife, for which he had " grassum " of Auchtermuchty Mill ; Steward and Chamberlain of the Royal Earldom of Fife 1471-88 ; Governor of Stirling Castle, which he held for the Prince (James IV.). He was slain at the Battle of Sauchieburn, 1488, 4. Richard Simsone was " Buyer to the King's Household," " for which he had ' farm ' of Fruchy Mill for daily wage.'* From these four brothers are probably descended all the Fife and Lothian families of Simson, Symson and Simpson. The first of the family of Simson in whom I am interested was the Rev. Andrew Simson, who died in 1589, and I should be glad to learn from which of the four brothers mentioned above he was descended. The Rev. Andrew Simson was master of the Grammar School in Perth 1550-60 ; minister and master of Dunning and Cargill 1562 ; Dunbar 1564-82, and Dalkeith 1582. He married Violet Adamson (dau. of Adam Constance, or Const on, a baker in Perth, who was magistrate of that city 1541, and died Oct. 23, 1570), sister of the Rev. Patrick Adamson, A.M. (born 1536, died 1591 ; grad. St. Andrews University 1558 ; mini- ster of Ceres 1560 ; travelled in France, studied law and became an advocate ; returned to the Church ; minister of Paisley 1572 ; chaplain to the Regent, James, Earl of Morton, 1574 ; archbishop of St. Andrews 1576). The Rev. Andrew Simson, by his wife, Violet Adamson, had issue : 1 . Matthew Simson, Professor of Humanity at Glasgow University. 2. Rev. Archibald Simson (born 1564, died December, 1628). He married Eliza-